N°2 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 400fps VaVAnN

Uploaded by vavann56 on 23.10.2010

Thanks to everyone who posts a comment on my first video
Thanks to you guys there is a 2nd video
500mm Zoom Camera
Scenario "Vip" a column players come to me
and the security of my MK23 is blocked
panic on board!
one player Out by voice, but it only works once
I'm disassembling my gun
sooo ..... nothing works
It's time to run
"Can whe pass before you?"
"There is one guy I can see he's head"
"He is on your left after the embankment"
"Shoot Him"
"No, I'm going to hurt him"
People are saying that snipers hurt
I think i'm a sniper pretty reasonable
If you take one bb in your head anyway
I thought I was far enough or I was aiming some thing else or I do shit:)
I was stuck so I came back 20meters
Luky shot! I saw some thing move
lol :)
Now I'm too far? LOL
how! I didn't see you ..
I missed! :(
It's time to shoot him or he will be to close
aprox 20meter (65feet)
observing around
one more :)
Oh? did he see me?
One single luky shot.
oh shit! :)
Men In Black again! so witch one first?
... it will be you ...
replica out
again I avoid firingin the face, he does not see me yet, wait
Dym (friend sniper): "I can not see him"
"I'll shoot im if he get up again"
"you watch on right?"
this is what i was waiting for
"replica Out"
Dym at MK23
CQB at marui MK23
"I shot a lot a enemies"
"really?" :)
"it was huge"
"trough the window!"
"Crap there gone"
impacts of the balls in pants
"shit! they are incredible"
"I didn't toutch you?"
"didn't feel it ... honestly"
"anyway i'm Out, but honestly i didn't feel anything"
"So i'm out to"
mission "defend the missile"
smoke cap noise , not good!
"can you catch it?"
"takes it takes it"
"Throw it trow it"
our two ghillies are designed to resist fire as our gloves
"I need help here"
"What a motherfucker"
"Lol Okey .."
"like that!"
"just like that"