Rigatoni with Italian Sausage

Uploaded by JohnsonvilleKitchens on 01.03.2012

Today we are going to take everyday rigatoni and turn it into something
really special,
with the help of Johnsonville Italian Sausage links.
Now first we're going to cook up the links
I found the best way to do that
is in a pan,
over medium heat,
with about a quarter of
a cup of water in it.
Put the lid on.
Now, you're gong to let that braise for about ten minutes.
Just long enough to get the water to cook off. Because when that happens,
that's when the magic starts.
This is where we get that
sear that we like so much. That caramelized, almost
sweet flavor, on the outside
that we associate with great Italian sausage. Once these are cooked up
properly, we're going
to take it over here
and we’re going to cut it up into coins.
Now I like using kind of
a diagonal slice
because it gives a great presentation.
Then when that’s done,
we're going to come over here to three of my
favorite flavors.
We have red pepper, garlic, and olive oil sautéing over here.
Give that a few tosses,
and when it's cooked to your liking
add Johnsonville Italian Sausage.
Now we’re going to caramelize
the flat sides of those pieces.
Give them that sear that we love so much that it’s not just on the edges.
And this is where we get the aroma of those great ingredients coming at us.
fennel seed, garlic.
This smells fantastic.
Once that’s cooked,
you’re going to add your pasta sauce.
Now, this is where we let those Italian sausage flavors
just blend and meld with the sauce.
And when that
is cooked to your liking
just take your rigatoni
and spoon it over the top.
Doesn’t that sausage look fantastic?
Especially with those chunks of red pepper peaking out.
Then to make it really special,
top it off with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.
And there, you have got an Italian classic that your family will love.
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