Folge 4092 Teil 2 .... Rebecca + Marlene

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Love. Love. Love. Oh great.
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( knocking at the door )
Justus? I don't need anything. Thanks!
( knocking at the door )
I tried to phone you.
I was showering.
I was really nasty to you earlier on and I can understand that you didn't answer the phone, but-
Didn't you listen to me? I didn't answer, because I didn't hear the phone.
I still have to tell you something.
Actually everything is said between us.
Nope, I see that differently.
Please, I don't wanna hear another rebuff.
I've crossed a line and I did get it.
So let's leave it at that, okay?
That's not why I'm here.
( doorbell ringing )
=Are you still expecting someone? =Nope. =No.
I don't know anyone.
Good evening, Ms. Wolf. Excuse me for interrupting, I wanted to see Marlene.
Uhm, Marlene isn't here. But come in anyway!
Thank you, but isn't today your... big asparagus party?
Yes... uhm, well Marlene WAS here, but then she left suddenly.
Can it be that you had a fight?
Well, you surely aren't the only one who's sorry.
Marlene is surely already in Königsbrunn and is waiting for you.
Well then, have a wonderful evening.
Uhum, thanks!
I... I wanna tell you, that I miss you.
As a friend. Rebecca, as a GOOD friend!
That sounded different though, earlier on.
Cause I was stupid.
I WANT this friendship! And in fact exactly like you offered it to me.
I don't want this everlasting back and forth anymore, Marlene.
For that I do genuinely want to apologize.
Perhaps we should just really accept that our friendship is over.
Uh, why?! We really hit it off with each other!
Yes, untill I had to start hiding my feelings.
My god! I was stressed because of Tristan, cause he thinks I have a thing with Christian and I can't tell him the truth!
You are his SISTER!
Should I betray you?!
Yes, I shouldn't have brought you into this situation.
You were honest... that's... okay.
Where is this sudden change of heart coming from?
Earlier on when...
when I brushed you off, then...
then I realized, how MUCH you mean to me.
I just can't stand it anymore.
Always one step forward and then two back again, I... I can't take it anymore, you know?
I am sorry. I really NEVER wanted to hurt you.
Yes. Today you did. But I even can't resent you for it.
But please, just look after your relationship with Tristan now and just forget...
what I told you about me and my feelings, okay?
= Rebecca. = No! We should really leave it at that.
Go now, please.
( bumping sound )
Justus. What are you doing there?
Many apologies. I've unfortunately... lost a button.
And that one you're searching for now in my suite?
Not solely. At least I can narrow down my search onto this floor.
Oh! May I put the flowers in the vase?
I assume they are for Ms. von Lahnstein. She surely will be delighted with them.
Say, did you accidentally find Ms. von Lahnstein during your search?
I haven't seen her since this afternoon.
Are you sure, that she didn't come back in between?
Of course!
Such an idiot!
Which part of "please go" didn't you understand?
I can't.
Not like that... in dispute.
Just find yourself another friend. What could be so difficult about it?
Cause... no one else is like you.
Marlene, this thing with the two of us, it doesn't work.
We can't be friends anymore!
Why not?
You know it perfectly well! You saw the letter. I wrote everything to you.
Maybe you haven't noticed, but I do have my limits too and they've been reached now!
If we... if we go on like that, then...
I'm so sorry.
I really never wanted to hurt you.
Then go now.
I can't.
= A whisky, straight up. = Uhum.
Just chalk it up on my room.
Uh... I just had the number in my head.
Your name will do me fine.
Mann. Christian Mann.
So. The Media Harbour Suite.
If you'd just sign here.
Of course.

I want to talk with Marlene - right now!
What? What Marlene? Marlene isn't here!
Let's finally end this here. It's just simply undignified.
What's it about? Have I missed something?