VICE and Project X's Party Legends: Ken Jeong

Uploaded by vice on Feb 10, 2012


Hi, I'm Ken Jeong.
And it's one of my favorite party stories ever, from my
bachelor party.
I used to be a physician before I became an actor.
All of my friends were doctors, and on my bachelor
party we went to Vegas.
And you couldn't get somebody more geeky and more
ill-equipped to party in Vegas than me and my crew.
Then went to a strip club.
And the strippers couldn't be less threatened by us or less
turned on by us.
Just imagine a bunch of doctors having no
idea how to have fun.
You've got these big tittied women just
grinding on your laps.
You have no idea what to do.
And then one of my friends was getting a lap dance, and the
stripper was complaining of some stomach
pains she had had.
And my buddy was like, what do you think
it could be, Miracle?
It is your gallbladder?
Have you had your appendix taken out?
And he actually figures out that the stripper has got
irritable bowel syndrome.
And I literally hear him going, well, you know,
Miracle, in irritable bowel you get
constipation and diarrhea.
An hour later, there's literally like a line of
chicks just waiting to be examined.
And he's like, oh, that's a yeast infection.
But that's, OK.
It doesn't mean you're bad person, honestly.
I worry about STDs, so may want to take some doxycycline,
Sweet Sensation.
Oh, you're just pregnant.
You're just pregnant.
And they're asking, so when's the big day?
Where are you going?
Oh, New Zealand?
Oh, that's awesome.
It just felt like a group of friends, except our friend are
just grinding on us.
So at the end of the night, it was just so pleasant.
We hugged it out, and we went on our merry way.
Oh, and my buddy wrote a prescription for irritable
bowel syndrome.
You don't want a gassy stripper.
It was one of the funniest [BLEEP]
nights of my life.
We were out of our element, and we went back to what we do
best, being dorks.