Over the Rainbow, 10회, EP10, #01

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Wow, this is huge!
It's humongous!
What were the conditions for the TV ad?
- Home video, your song... - No, what's the 3rd one?
We shouldn't cause any problems during the contractual period.
That'll be hard.
Can you kiss for me?
We haven't seen Heesu and Rex together.
Aren't you hiding them from the media?
Why would I do such a thing?
Well, I tend to respect their privacy.
It's been rumored it's a strategy.
Are they costarring in a TV ad?
I would've told you earlier it they were.
- Excuse me for a sec. - Sure.
- Don't you think so? - Yeah.
- Don't you remember me? - No, not at all...
- Did you audition at Pride? - I'm the backup dancer you fired.
How have you been?
That's right, you were the backup dancer.
Which group do you dance for?
I'm preparing to become a singer.
- I'll be performing later. - Singer? How?
I'm utilizing my experience as a backup dancer to make it big on my own.
- I also perform. - Yes, youth is beautiful.
It'll be tough though. In Korea, you can't become a celebrity...
I wanna break the cycle.
The bigger the challenge, sweeter the success.
Do you want to challenge my company?
I was a bit harsh on you in the past...
Were you? I don't remember.
If I want to succeed as a singer, I shouldn't dwell over the past.
- MBS 30th Anniversary Show - ♪ Are you ready ♪
♪ Call me whenever you're lonely ♪
♪ I'll have a special ring tone for you ♪
♪ Whenever you're hungry or don't have a ride ♪
♪ Call me anytime and anywhere, and I'll come pick you up ♪
♪ I can't live without you ♪
♪ You need a guy like me ♪
Okay, great job!
You need to prep for the performance.
I'll see you after the show.
Many singers must be here.
Do you like shows?
Don't get me wrong, it's only a show.
♪ The girl in my dreams was you ♪
♪ I want you ♪
♪ I only want you ♪
♪ My love ♪
♪ Look at me ♪
♪ I want you ♪
- What are you trying to pull? - Stand aside.
- So it'll have nothing to do with you. - Rex!
Do you wanna be ruined together?
Angela, aren't we friends?
Can you do me a favor?
I'll do whatever you want me to do.
Put him on my back!
- What about the stage? - You fainted, just lie down.
- What about the performance? - What do you mean?
It just ended.
Don't worry and rest.
It's all over.
You'll go to the army, Smarty will go back to school,
and I'll throw a birthday bash for my father...
Hey man!
Rest up.
Rest up.
I'm gonna sleep�