Time to fly south - Cancun Mexico

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Say hello Dale. "Hello Dale"
In many ways less than three years ago
this flight from Kelowna, British Columbia to Toronto
was a start of my YOLO experiences.
YOLO - You only live once.
Y - O - L - O Think of all it. You only live once.
This is it.
This is your life. What you do with it,
is entirely up to you.
For me it was a YOLO experience becauseI stood outside of the box outside of my comfort zone
I had always try to keep evaluate things before I did them
Weigh them out all in different ways and make sure that there was always something in the
back. you know just in case. Just in case
But when I took this trip
less than three years ago,
my place of employment was on strike.
They had shut down
I was out of work for well over a month before departing.
There was a threat that the company would
close completely.
I’d been planning on doing a trip. I had
wanted to do this
and I was weighing out all of the different options. Suddenly it occurred to me
why I was
doing all the travel.
The things that have happened in my life
Where my wife of almost twenty years had passed away,
literally overnight from a brain aneurysm.
The future of this not promised to anyone so sometimes,
You have to jump
In with feet.
Weight out the consequences but take that chance.
So I took the chance
Now if anyone has watched our videos he's you know that on this flight there was even
an in-flight
medical emergency with one of the passengers
You never know what life will bring to you
but sometimes you have to take a chance. The reason I'm talking about this, is that
I’m very
aware of how the economy has gone down the toilet
I've made videos about it, I've talked about it.
It bothers the heck out of me. I’d never would have imagined.
Not only three years ago, but two years ago all the things that would take place
It’s big overwhelming.
But still with a 10% unemployment,
it still means that 90% of the people are working.
But what now has happened is that there's a mindset, and that mindset is that
I've got to be cautious I've got to be careful
I can't take any chances or risks because I might end up losing my job
Well I’ve got news for you. Step outside your door you might be hit by a car
If you get up in the morning and you get into your bathtube, you might slip and fall
Anything can happen
The thing that can't happen is
your life experiences.
Things that you have inside of you could never be taken away.
I could never have
predicted all the things that have happened in the ensuing, less than three years from this
Meeting Cindy - for us to start traveling together
and again
taking another step outside the comfort zone
Less than two years ago
we started on our six weeks six destination trip
and at that time
we both quit our jobs.
My job I'd had for fifteen years. I quit
and I said I'm going to take a chance. I'm going to see what's going to happen
And it has been an amazing experience.
So yes I want you to get out and travel. And to accomplish this, Cindy and I are
going to start traveling once again
back down to the Carribean. We're going to be hitting all different destinations all different experiences
and what we want to do is show you
through the videos that there is a world out there
there's a life out there and you have to be on that merry-go-round reach for the golden ring
You've got to go for it man, because this is your only life
I don't care if you're twenty years old and I don't care if you're
fifty years old
sitting around
and watching your life go away is not the way to live, not for anyone
and when big companies
cause these financial catastrophes
that have such a
devastating effect on so many people
it's time to just once in a while say, what the heck it's about me. It is about me.
I deserve things I'm not going to let them
dictate what I do when I do it and how I do it.
If I have a job
and I'm able to live my life, I'm going to live it
to the best of my abilities that's what I am about. (END Joe's Narration)
(start tour narration) presents or offers to the goddess of fertility moon and love
The Mayan Goddess (???)
These presents has the form of women and when the Spanish arrived, they found them in the dish
And because of the form they had, they called the island, Isla Mujeres
You want to drink something right now we have the open bar service, water, beer
fanta, fresca
you can have tequilla
Bathroom services right for the ladies, left for the boys. (END Guide)
(JOE) There's a very high probability that the first place we'll return to in the Caribbean will
be Cancun and the Riviera Maya area
I absolutely love this but what is really exciting up for Cindy myself about this area
now is we're familiar somewhat with the area but now we're meeting
fantastic people from that area
so if everything works out that we we're hoping to
we're going to be able to present awesome tours from
all different areas where people
who are from the area are going to be able to tell you about this fantastic location
We're going to be trying to bring our videos up that extra notch. Remember Emeril from
the cooking shows? BAM!
We're going to bring it up a notch.
We're going to be trying bring our videos up that extra notch each travel each experience
We want to be giving you twitters telling you about all the different exciting
things from
anything and everything I mean that's
it's just about
getting out getting motivated to get off the butt
get out from behind the computer screen and get down there and have a great time
and enjoy your life
enjoy it
put yourself
on the catamaran.
I absolutely love the area of the Riviera Maya and Cancun
I think it is phenomenonly beautiful
I’ve talked and talked about
the crystal clear aqua-blue water.
I mean you can't turquoise aqua I mean it is breathtaking
but there are so many other more activities to take in this area
so many more things that even we don't know about
but locals do
and one of the things that we're going to be trying to do
in our destination now is
enlist the help of locals take us on tours
because I think that Cancun would have some awesome cultural things
museums - so many different things besides
just the beaches and the
nightclubs and all things like that Cancun is a family destination
of course you know you can take great tours on catamarans
pirate cruises
there's great restaurants.
They have a jazz festival coming up really soon.
Imagine this, a jazz festival. And for Cindy & myself
that has a special meaning because this summer we were covering the rareearth jazz and blues
festival in British Columbia and we even had Buddy Guy, one of the world's greatest guitarists
in our car and
It's just absolutely amazing.
so I’m not sure if we'll be able to be down there for the jazz festival
but if we are we will be covering
whatever is going on
Come out! Get down. See the videos and
make that decision that you're going to all live your life again not going to let other people dictate
to you
It's up to you. If you want to stay home
and watch life go by - do it.
But if you say I deserve it, it's about me
It's about my life -then get out
and live it.
Get out and see all the wonders of the world
thank you. (END)