Assorted gems, 29회 EP29 #05

Uploaded by MBCClassic on 22.03.2012

Oh I see. Take care.
Who told you that?
Jooyon. She’s concerned about you.
Well, I’m…
Ok fine. Let’s say I earned it.
But what did my parents do wrong to have that shame?
What does he want?
Didn’t you completely break up with him?
He was tenacious.
My mom gave him money on condition that he would let me go.
Nevertheless, he spoiled my wedding.
Be careful of men.
There are lots of trashes.
I didn’t expect his blessing on my marriage.
But at least, he should have kept promise once he accepted the money, right?
Does he ask you to marry him?
No. He said he’s over with me.
He’s a real lowlife.
I was fool to have believed him.
We can’t tell a man until we experience him.
It may not be easy but try to get over him.
I will. I’m leaving Korea. I’ll stay with my aunt in the U.S.
I’m thinking about studying there.
That’s a good idea.
Let’s drink to our fill today.
Is he handsome in person, too?
He is, in a modern standard, not in the old standard.
Am I a modern handsome man or the other?
Middle handsome.
There’s no such a term.
Thanks to my smart daughter, I was able to meet a celebrity in person.
You can see tons of them when you go to the TV station with her.
Oh, that’s right.
Is that your mother?

Isn’t it Gangji?
I think so.
Oh, what should we do?
I am not home yet.
You should reap what you sowed.
Wait. A so-called father-in-law can’t apologize to the daughter-in-law.
I can’t apologize to her either.
Yes, you can.
Oh, I’m coming.
Welcome. Did you come alone?
Yes. Isn’t grandma home?
No. She went to the spa. Have a seat.

What wrong with you, Heja.
Coming, after I change.
Didn’t you have a fight with Coral because of us?
Good evening.
Give her some fruits.
It’s ok. I already had.
Don’t walk around alone at night.
Father, what time do you leave work tomorrow?
Huh? Around 4: 30 in the afternoon. Why?
Buy me hand-made noodle, please.
Sure! Do you like hand-made noodle?
Oh, I can make it for you.
But you must be tired from work.
Not at all.
Wait, maybe you are…
Is there any other food you want to have?
I am eating well at home.
Well, what I mean is…
Oh no...
It’s not what you think.
I know a nice noodle restaurant.
I just want to him to buy me noodle after I have him measured at a hanbok shop.
Is that ok with you?
Yes. I should have prepared a hanbok for you. I didn’t think that far.
No, no.
I stole, I mean I tried on Coral’s hanbok for fun.
You know I am the only son so I am a bit…
I am mischievous sometimes, huh?
You’ll get familiar with me. I like joking and…
But I went too far this time, huh?
It’s ok. We are family.
Anyway, promise me that you will date with me tomorrow.
Of course I will.
Can I?
Gangji, it’s ok. Hanbok is expensive.
I have money.
You wouldn’t have money.
I’ve saved the money I got as gifts since I was little.
I’ve also saved the wages my mother paid me.
Don’t waste the precious money, ok?
It’s not wasting. It’s buying my father-in-law a hanbok.
I’m fine.
If you really want to get a new hanbok, do it for Coral, and I’ll take his old one.
Listen to me.
We rarely wear hanbok, ok?
On a New Year day and a thanksgiving day.
Father. Let’s meet at Abgoojung Mall at 5:30 p.m. The hanbok shop is around there.
Did Coral agree?
I don’t think so.
He did.
Thank you, Gangji.
I am speechless.
You are making me more embarrassed, father.
Honey, there must be a ruckus in heaven.
Looking for an angel, my daughter-in-law…
Oh, father…
Let’s enter a TV talent show.
Showing what talent?
Can you dance?
Dancing like this?
That’s not a talent.
You know the latest hit dance.
If old people like us dance the dance, people will be amazed.
Are you getting senile? You must be kidding.
I heard this at the senior club. An old lady entered a song competition...
...with her grandson.
And she received a performance fee and prizes. Huge prizes.
Do they pay a performance fee? How much?
I didn’t ask, because I was not interested at that time.
Look, it must be at least several hundred bucks.
And they also received additional prizes.
What were those things again…
You know I’m poor at dancing.
We have a teacher.
Sammy, my neighbor girl.
The Sammy I looked after?
Yeah! She’s amazing at dancing after singers.
Why yes, she’s talented.
Tigers leave only their names, T.I.G.E.R., when they die,
but through his achievements, a man’s skins live on.
My skins will go bad soon.
We’ve spent our lives doing house chores. Why not become famous before we die?
We can earn money and appear on TV! Doesn’t it sound good?
Hey, not anybody can appear on TV!
That’s true.
Let’s give it a try. We can practice 30 minutes a day for a week.
The dance is quite easy to learn.
I don’t think so.
Well, the basic movements are…
Hey look.
Is that a dance?
Doesn’t look difficult, huh?
So, Jedoug…
How is he? Is he working hard?
He quit.
Just because.
Didn’t you love each other?
Both his and your eyes were telling you were in love.
You know I’m a love expert.
Did you kick him out?
No. He just left.
He had a charm.
Is that why you are so saggy?
I am not saggy.
Your eyes look lifeless.
I thought it over and over. We need to take an action for damage.
Don’t. She is the friend of Ruby’s sister, and I have something as well.
She could know about Ruby and me.
It’s our fault to have been taken in by her background.
And you are to blame mostly�