Dell XPS 13 ultrabook hands on

Uploaded by nomobile on 11.01.2012

Intel booth on CES 2012 has strange lighting. Yes, it's effective, glamorous and so on,
but it's awful for making videos, 'cause our white balance goes crazy! =)
But right here we found one of the best ultrabooks of '2nd wave' — Dell XPS 13.
Looks like this.
Keys of island type...
Material is pleasant to touch. Feels like it's rubberized.
Most ultrabooks are made of aluminium, Tohiba's one is made of magnesium, but this gadget isn't made of metal...
exept the lid. It's made of aluminium.
But here we have soft touch plastic. It is... I don't konow... cozy, maybe?
Touchpad is perfect! Sensetivity, buttons, they're like silken.
Space and Shift are big enough, and the rest of buttons I think are a little bit bigger than usual.
This laptop has such unusual bottom. It's rare case when bottom is as interesting as lid.
Battery, of course isn't removable.
This is ventilation...
Here we have mini DisplayPort, USB... some button — it doesn't have any caption, so I don't want to push it in order not to erase everything for example =)
Here is charging jack, one more USB, and audio jack
It seems to be no USB 3.0 in this laptop, but maybe they just didn't mark it properly.
There's also no HDMI here as well as Ethernet port and card reader.
Two USB ports only... it'll be rather hard to work.
But still I really like this laptop.
It's very light — about 1.3 kilos.
What about thickness?.. I think it's about 16 mm.
It doesn't resemble the rest of ultrabooks. Good for Dell!
And there's nothing surprising in it, cause they show us this laptop 6 months later than other brands — Acer, Asus, Toshiba and Lenovo.
Good job, Dell! It's really interesting product, and now its success depends on the price.
If it'll cost about $900, I think it'd be in demand.