Google I/O Sandbox Case Study: WebFilings

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 21.06.2011

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Dan Murray: Well, at WebFilings,
we produce software that helps a company to streamline their SEC reporting process.
And it's been a really labor intensive process for decades
using older tools, word processors, and spreadsheet applications.
And so our product provides a web-based word processor and spreadsheet application
that really helps to shave a lot of time off the overall process.

Well, we started working with AppEngine right after it launched in 2008.
And we were really excited about cloud computing
and what cloud computing was gonna do just in general for software,
engineering software development.
And AppEngine really, from the scalability perspective,
we knew, we were gonna grow very quickly
and we have to date grown very fast over the past year.
And we looked at Google AppEngine's ability to scale really predictably, linearly with load.
That was really important in the beginning.
We also spent time looking at Google
and looking at Google AppEngine's approach to security,
knowing that our customers really wanted something that would be
really solid from a security standpoint and very reliable
because the information that they're producing has to be very accurate,
very timely, and it also--.
These companies are putting pre-release financial information
into Google's cloud in GAE through our product.
And so, you can imagine if that information ever got out,
that it could be very, very harmful to customers.
So, we've taken a really strong approach to security ourselves,
and then also just being on the Google foundation
just gives us and our customers peace of mind.
Google, with Google AppEngine's provide a platform
that takes the infrastructure management off of our hands.
We don't have to worry about it.
So, it's easy for us to build and deploy apps.
And for us right now,
it's about execution and making sure that we're scaling our business,
while AppEngine provides the ability to scale technology and platform.
So the future for us is really how do we evolve the product
and find new ways to help our customers save time in areas of financial reporting?