Gönülçelen )) Episode 48 - Part 4/6 [English Subtitles]

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When I was a kid I was quite bad tempered
When I got angry I would start crying
and no one could stop me
Then my dad used to take me out in the garden
and I would calm down
He would then boats saying
the soil took all her negative energy away and made her calm
The soil has a calming effect
yeah but an aggressive person like me
would have to walk barefoot 24 hours a day
I was not talking about you I was talking about myself
yeah yeah I got the message
I really was talking about myself
Of course, of course
Oh you're bad, why do you say this?
Oh.. you are so beautiful..
shall I pick you up..
No.. It seems you enjoy being here
The sun is right above you.. The weather is beautiful..
and we always work indoors..
I am jealous of you flower..
Are you tired?
come in
you bought a fishing hook?
so you love fishing
I've never gone fishing before
But I always wanted to go.. So I bought it
open it
Levent what is this?
an electric drill
I know, but what’s with the electric drill?
well I thought I might need it around the house..
well I don’t know..
I know
I think you're depressed
I thought shopping was a cure was it not?
so was it a cure?
sort of.. I will put these in water
so what are we doing?
you can read out the list..
and I will check if I have everything ready
Come on
ok. 3-4 zucchini
Yes.. Present!
Green onions
What milk?
I was joking there is no milk in the list
you'll pay the price for this
I'll make you pay
Yes the assistant brought it
I'm not your assistant
ok how about apprentice?
Poppy seeds
I am very hungry
me too
baking powder
You look so wonderful
Are you serious?
I've never seen you more elegant Nakiye
do you think I'm overdressed?
Nakiye, so little time is left before your date
and you're still asking these questions
just go.. go..
you will be late
You're right, I will go now
How will he be?? I wonder
you'll see him when you go.. don't let the man waiting Nakiye
are the roads still closed
don't upset yourself to this degree
the more you hurst, the more I hurt
you should hurt, I hope you get depressed, God willing
Ok I made a mistake no need to keep reminding me
this is nothing you for what you did to me
I would have crushed you normally, but I'm tired now
listen girl
how about we talk a walk together
I don't want
we will buy some seeds if you want to
What shall I do now?
I can not do that
Gülnaz where's Balçiçek?
I tried convincing her to distract herself, but do not want to
she just wanna sit down and call Jafer every minute
I feel sad for her
Look.. Cobra's singer is coming
if Sude is the singer, therefore I'm Ajda Pekkan
No dear
look, I won't feel jealous of her because Cobra won't look at her
I can not even imagine that
she was supposed to be in the rehearsal
Sude how are you?
And you ask?
I'll certainly ask what happened girl?
you tricked me
How did I trick you?
you said Cobra will call me, make me a singer and go up on stage
But he did not come or call
Cobra said he will go see you so you can start rehearsing
No, what rehearsal! Cobra did not call me yet
What is happening? Did he start playing his stupid tricks on me?
Mrs. Saime, can I use your phone?
Go ahead, of course
now we will understand
Very beautiful
continue, continue..
Yes Mrs. Saime
Cobrettin this is Gülnaz
tell me my rose
I'm worried how is the rehearsal going?
You seem like you're rehearsing some beautiful songs
I'm fine my rose.. We're refearsing with some friends
In order to earn a living for our family
I have to hang up now
Wait a minute, I want to ask you something
How is Sude? Is she singing well?
Sude, God protect her.. she's like a Bulbul
she's really good
I'm very pleased to work with her
Gülnaz I want to tell you that I love you so much
You should know that
ok I don't want to bother you go back to work
Thank you
the asshole says that he's doing Sude's rehearsal
He is lying and this is clear
with whom is he now, then?
who is it going to be? Puse certainly
Come on Aunt Kadriye.. get up
get up.. We will go to him
Gülnaz, what will you do?
Mrs. Saime don't worry
We've a friend that needs some work done to her hair
we will take care of her hair and come back
we said we would work but it's like we are on vacation
Why? are you not happy about being here?
No.. I'm not complaining
I just wanted to voice out the fact
that we're not working
We are sight seeing
We can work here also
I told you I could not play the harmonica
"Even more distant to me than before"
"This love in my heart is an ongoing pain"
"The sorrow of my soul"
"Filled my eyes with tears"
"I cry in sorrow"
"I do not know what happened to me"
How many minutes left?
From 30 to 40 minutes
After approximately 40 minutes will have a delicious meal
you finished cooking, why don't you remove your apron?
Why? It doesn't suit me?
It's very dirty
the more the aproon is dirty the more the food will be delicious
you mean the food that we cooked together
No.. What did you do?
I brought the parsley and helped with the ingredients
ok, let us say that we did it together
How are things going with your teaching?
Not bad, but the problem is at home
at home?
I don't know if you would like to hear it, but I'll tell you
- Murat left the house - what?
He took Hasret and left
You know Mrs. Nesrin and her position of Hasret
The same old story
Mrs. Nesrin never liked Hasret
I don't think she will change the way she thinks
I have tried talking to her several times
I defended Hasret but as you said
she won't change the way she thinks
it means she's alone with Mr. Ethem
Mr. Ethem has left home also
so you mean you want us to live separated
For a short period at least it would be better for us
Ethem how can you leave me alone?
I'm not leaning you alone Nesrin
I just want to have some peace that's all
so this doesn't mean you left me alone?
Dear Nesrin, do you know what I really want?
I want you to be alone so you can think about what happened
I understand
If I think a bit I would know my fault right?
Please do not start again
I'm not starting again Ethem
hello Levent
Violin play
Buse calmly.. calmly
Keep it up.. very good
This is
Very beautiful
not aunty I'm the faulty one
Why am I looking at other girls
Ah Cobra!!! I will finish you!!
Calm down girl don't exhaust all your energy
aunt kadriye
I've enough energy for both of them and I'll finish Cobra and Buse
Gülnaz I have a plan
what plan?
Look now we will go to a place where Cobra's working
let us dress up elegantly tonight
Because I have a surprise for you
You are great my friends
wait a minute
buse just look
it's very simple.. Do you get it?
you'll dance and and also sing .. sing but move, OK??
you have to let your hair down, for the show to be complete
the song is great but we need to present it with a show
you got it? the show is important
Mr. Cobra come closer to me and explain it more
Why did not you understand?
little would be better
you'll move your hair like this.. to the back
good but move it toward the audience not me
Excuse me
One, two, one, two
I will show you how the one, two would be
Stop girl
Calm down
Revenge should be like Barbounia
eat it hot and it doesn't have any taste
but if you eat it cold you won't have enough of it
But can't you see the singing.. the dancing.. the show..
Calm down.. let us find the backstage area
wait and see
all the milk his mom breastfeeded him will come out of his nose
come come
when did you come back
I did not go
I mean I went but I came back
what do you mean?
I got very excited Mrs. Nesrin
I got scared and i was about to faint
what can I do?? I came back
do you know why I made this surprise?
No.. You said it is a surprise
so I do not know
so you do not remember