Safety Message: 101 Critical Days of Summer

Uploaded by FortDetrickUSAG on 22.05.2012

Hello, I'm Colonel Darden, Garrison Commander, here at Fort Detrick.
I want to take some time today and talk about safety
as we start moving towards the one hundred and one critical days of summer.
This is an exciting and busy time of year for many of us.
As the weather gets warmer
we start spending more time outside on the road, in our cars, and on our motorcycles.
Generally we take more time to have fun with family and friends.
This is also the time when accidents or injuries can occur,
which is why I'm talking to you.
The Army and the Fort Detrick safety office have a number of tools and
programs available to help keep your family and your friends safe during the
summer months.
Safety is a team sport
and if we use the tools available on the website
we can all enjoy our summer without incident.
You can find the safety tips at
safety is paramount to everything we do
whether it's here at work, or at home.
Throughout all of our daily activities we need to put safety first.
Enjoy yourselves and be safe because one injury is to many.
we at Fort Detrick are one team serving one mission
and we can do that without you.
Thank you for your time.
From me and my family to you and yours
have a safe and enjoyable summer .