Obama Spoof - Deep Thoughts - Episode 526 - "Bridge to Nowhere" (Parody) - Best Obama Impersonator

Uploaded by ObamaPress on 23.06.2009

The Audacity of Thought w. Barack Obama - Episode 526 The Bridge To Nowhere
Music: "Grand Fantasie" from "Die Walkure." Performed by the United States Marine Band - R. Wagner (Public Domain)
You know, I . . .
Always thought that the "Bridge to Nowhere."
Was a metaphor for the neurotransmitters in Sarah Palin's Brain.
Because in order to think,
. . . the neurotransmitters transmit electrical impulses
. . . in the brain from one neuron to another.
And it travels across the synaptic gap in the brain.
But it turned out that . . .
. . . it was an actual bridge!
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