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Where I Live The Mecay House
Hi I'm Suzie Mecay, welcome to our beach house in Santa Barbara, California.
We are from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota got a little cold,
and my husband came home one day and said he had had enough.
We bought this house eleven years ago, it was a beach shack,
it was in tough shape. Our children did not want to move in at all, actually.
When we brought them here for the first time, our second oldest daughter started crying,
she couldn't believe that we would even think about it,
we promised her that we would clean it up and
make it live-able and they didn't believe us at all.
This is definitely a house that is filled with light.
My favorite room in the house is the kitchen, I love to cook,
and I'm pretty much there all the time.
We wanted to achieve a casual classic lifestyle
so pretty much everything's white. It starts with white and goes from there.
Then I add different neutral tones and I layer everything.
It's pretty much organic in here, we have seagrasses,
we have all different outdoor fibers that we bring inside
for texture and color.
We live an outside lifestyle. When we wake up in the morning,
the paper's brought outside, the coffee's brought outside,
pretty much every day it's open the doors the minute we wake up, and
walk outside and start your day.
For the outside we did different seating areas,
we did dining areas, we did lounge areas.
In furnishing the desk, we did a lot of teak furniture,
because it holds up well in the weather.
I wanted something that didn't look aged, and we also did a covered, outside living room,
we heated the floors, we did lamps and couches and chairs,
and everything that we needed to be comfortable outside,
which we've enjoyed a lot.
I loved having Pottery Barn here to do photo shoots,
they set up outdoor living areas and areas I would never
have even thought to do, they brought in all their new products
for the up and coming season, which was so fun to see,
they used the inside of my house as porch areas,
bedroom area, living areas, and the way that they changed it
and used it gave me new fresh ideas of what I could do around my house.
It was just fun for us to see what they did.
I think I never want to move from this house. It has pretty much everything that I
want in a house, it has
the ocean, which I love, it has everything white, which I love,
and it's just a great spot for me to be.
I think I'm gonna stay here for a long time.
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