DRIFIRE Military Shopping Mama Fire Retardant Clothing Video

Uploaded by DRIFIREWEAR on 29.07.2009

The armed forces is a different brotherhood, or more accurately - a family.
It seems like there's always something coming up, whether it's a trip that my husband has
to go on, or a move. A common misconception is that fighter pilots
are flying out by themselves, but that's definately not the case.
You always have a wingman. You always have someone that is there for
you. Every flight has different stresses associated
with it. There's lots of g-forces.
Lots of meneuvering. There's lots of muscle strain on your body.
It's exciting, but it's challenging. It's always hard to stay dry.
The flight suits are very heavy. They don't breathe at all.
That's probably one of the main reasons you sweat so much when flying.
It's important to me that he's comfortable, and that's one less distraction when he's
flying. With Drifire, I'm really excited.
Now I have a product that's going to keep me dry like I like to be.
It definately makes me reassured to know he's comfortable, and to know he's wearing something
that is fire resistant when he's flying. It's kind of the best of both worlds.
It does keep me dry, and if I'm sweating excessively, it does a good job of keeping up.
Usually a cotton t-shirt is soaking wet, and if we're flying in the summer, it's very uncomfortable.
My husband put the odor containing quality to the test when he didn't shower, and flew
3 times over the course of one weekend in South Carolina.
I flew two times on Saturday, and I came home. Wearing the same shirt, he went jogging and
tried to hug me, and it was actually ok. I wore it for 3 flights and a 3 mile run.
It didn't have that smell that all my other normal cotton t-shirts would have after going
through the same thing. It doesn't feel uncomfortable or too stiff
or anything. I think Drifire undershirts or underwear would
be a great gift. As a gift, it would be a great gift.
It's worth the investment to get it.