How to sell personal training

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bjbj How to sell personal training. Hi everybody this is Jonathan your fitness business management
expert and in this video I m going to specifically address the personal trainers that are new
to the industry and more than likely your starting off in a gym more so than a studio.
I want to give you the five main tips that I would give to any trainer starting off to
see success early. Number one is going to be know your stuff. Now, from the other days
we re just looking the part is going to be your only way to get your client, I do think
that it still plays a part in the whole client-getting process. But we deal with so many chronic
diseases and so many different avenues of fitness that it helps if you are well rounded
and you have to consistently study after consistently, stay on top of what s new and give yourself
a chance to experience different types of training so that you are more valuable to
any potential client. Number two, becoming an early bird. I was actually just talking
to a bunch of trainers in my old stomping grounds that just started and they were hanging
out there at 2:00 PM and then I said, What are you doing here? Nobody is here at this
time they said, Well, you know right now have a meeting which I understood but generally
they were hanging out from like 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM because those were the prime time
hours. While they are the prime time hours fortune patrons there is a low percentage
of qualified personal training clients I believe that come in that timeframe. Moreover, if
you are new to personal training you will probably come to find that the experienced
trainers get fake clients a little bit often than you do. That s just part of the game
and that s something to be expected because if a salesperson sales a personal training
package they want to know that the new client is going to enjoy themselves and this trainer
is probably paid their dues or they are just the cool with the sales people that may just
happen a little bit. But you want to put yourself in a position where there is less competition
with other trainers and there is a better chance of you closing clients and that occurs
at like 5:00 in the morning because that s when your professionals are going to be going
to the gyms. These are probably the most dedicated people that you are ever going to meet. While
the gym might not be as populated I would say a far large portion of the people that
are actually in the gym would work as personal training clients. If the gym I set with a
gym that offers complimentary sessions I m sorry they didn t get many because the trainers
that are there in the morning probably have clients already and they didn t have anybody
to do their comp sessions so they are right there more than often I believe they come
from a higher income bracket than the people that you see at the prime time who are going
to be mainly composed of nine to fivers, college kids, it s going to be a large mix. Whereas,
at 5:30 in the morning you are going to find really dedicated people who are professionals.
So get yourself up early in the morning and then talk to them. I will go over how you
talk to them in a little bit. Number three, if you can t be a complete genius at least
be very happy and let me explain about this. When I was a personal trainer I was not a
guy that smiled a whole lot I m still not that guy, I m just not Mr. Happy go lucky.
When I m choosing my clients I m incredibly happy to see them and I do show them appreciation
but I think about this other trainer whose name is Jessie and he was just like a Colgate
commercial 24 hours a day. Now, he knew his stuff but it just helped that he was always
friendly. I think actually going back to the gym and seeing the new batch of trainers walk
around a lot of them tend to walk around with a scowl or looking confused or looking like
they have nothing to do. That to the client says, well this guy must not really be worth
my time. Even to this day if I go to the gym and I see Jesse walking around, he s smiling
and he s high fiving somebody and people are attracted to that. So if you are not somebody
that has a love of information just group and start spiting unbelievable terms and fix
somebody s posture on the spot, put a smile on your face, fix your face because people
are watching you. They are going to judge you far before you ever come up to them because
people watch trainers in the gym. Next very important this could be number one. Learn
to box all right. Now it s not so much becoming a boxer but understanding how to do work with
focus meant because I say one of the number one reasons why people suffer from chronic
diseases it starts from stress. Nowadays there is no outlet to release stress. Generally
you want to just hit something but what are you going to hit? You are going to punch a
wall, break your hand; you can t hit anybody at work. So just you having that ability to
give them an opportunity to release stress I guarantee if you have a flyer up in the
gym and it said, Spend 15 minutes with John working, do some boxing training for free,
get some focus meant work if you know what you are doing people will fall in love with
you because there is no opportunity to release that stress and moreover, now allow your trainers
take the time to do that they usually focus on their routine. So having this specialization
that it scarce only makes you more valuable in the eyes of the clients. So make sure to
learn how to box. I can t tell you how many times other trainers clients watched me with
my client and said, How come we don t box? the trainer says, Well I don t do that Can
we box with him or can I box with him? what are they going to do and it s not mean steal
other people s clients I m just saying you want to give yourself a competitive advantage.
So do so first by being there with no other trainers there -- excuse my text message.
Be in the gym when no other trainer is there and number two learn to box, offer a skill
that under no circumstances that people can train on their own. They can go to a boxing
class where they will be air punching, they can go over to the heavy bag but there is
nobody talking to them, there is nobody urging them on kind of like pushing their buttons.
The face-to-face interactions with working with focus meant is vast and different from
working with a heavy bag or a speed bag or double hand bag. So get your skills up and
you can even create a training session around boxing and I guarantee you you will have much
more people waiting for you than you do before. Next is going to be advice, don t criticize.
I can t tell you how many times I walk through the gym and this is various gyms and trainers
all use the same line if they are trying to pick up a client off the floor they either
say, Hey, you are doing it wrong or Do you want to train with me? let me tell you saying,
Hey, you are doing it wrong is a big turn off it s just saying the trainer translates
to the clients as, Hey, I am arrogant I just like to tell people what to do The other one
that trainers like to use, Hey, do you want to train with me really just says, Hey I want
to try to sell you something like patrons of the gym know the deal. So if you use either
of those two lines it s going to work. But I have great news for you because I have the
two lines that you always want to use on clients when you are trying to pick up clients off
the floor and it s almost completely full proof. The first line -- get out your pen
and paper is excuse me, would you mind if I offer you some advice? Now, how is that
different from you are doing it wrong? First it puts you in a position of knowledge and
expertise and second it s not offense, it s saying, Hey, I m the best thing since sliced
bread and nothing that you are doing is working. Can I offer you some advice? also gives them
a choice and more than likely they ll get a yes. So this goes back to rule number one.
If you are going to say something like that know your stuff and you should be able to
give really god advice. t ask somebody can I offer you advice if they are doing their
steps perfectly with great form and don t say, Hey I saw you five minutes ago over there
usually it s you are trying to pick up a girl and you didn t know what to say. But have
something that you are that they are doing at the moment that s fixable, why it s wrong,
what you can know, what you can do to fix it and how good it will help them. That will
them open up the door of a conversation you can go over goals. Now there are some clients
in the gym that just tend to like to tend to suck up all your time and ask a million
questions never signed up for a personal training. I suggest that you employ the two and a half
minutes rule. You start talking you give them two and a half minutes to ask whatever they
want and then you are going to have to cut them off at some point and say, Hey, listen
I guess you have a lot of questions why don t we book one-on-one because I have to make
sure to walk the floor tell a bunch of people well do you want to have a one-on-one no,
you know what? Don t try to have a one-on-one right the and there. Schedule an appointment,
run and get your book and then walk around with the book for the rest of the day and
then you can call them for their one-on-one experience. If they are serious they will
see you and they will actually take you as credible somebody that is going to give you
advice as opposed to who is just trying to sell you something. Now, the other thing that
you can do that really just kind of lands us back to the appointment book thing. Walk
around with an appointment book all the time and speak to everybody, not so much on the
free weight area I mean you can but typically toward the machines the people at the machines
generally don t know what they are doing and if they did they d give their free weight
area a shot. So I think you are more likely to see success in the free weight circuit
area or even the cardio area. All you ve got to do is walk up and say, Excuse me, hi my
name is Jonathan. I was walking around to make sure that everybody got their complimentary
sessions have you gotten yours? If they say yes, great schedule them for more one-on-one.
If they say no, if they say they haven t gotten their comp sessions schedule them for one-on-one,
if they say they have got their comp sessions move on or they may even say yeah but I didn
t really get anything out of it. Listen you re going to come across in personal training
more nos than yeses so you are going to have to work off of a volume and that s why I say
do it five to three because you are going to be around more people that are likely to
be able to afford personal training. So ask questions, then just go through it. You know
after you go through the comp sessions if you don t get the sale for personal training
go right back to work I ll go over he sales process in a later video. But those are your
two almost like 98% guarantee for a positive reaction response. I ve seen trainer trying
to say, Hey, you want to train with me? then the client is no, no, no. Well whatever when
you are ready to get a real training session just let me know and they never hear from
the client again. So can I offer some advice but know your stuff before you ask that because
you want to give them valuable information. If you tell them stuff they already know you
are automatically discounted but if you tell them something they don t know all of a sudden
is hey, this is the guy of value. Then you can maybe sneak in, Hey, you look a little
bit off what are you stressed about? so you are going to ask that at some point, if you
ever want to box all my clients love it and it s just another door for you to open for
them so that they can walk into your expertise. Now, I m going to talk about some politicking
that you will want to do when you are at the gym. If you are new to a gym what you should
be doing is you should be getting the classes of the most popular aerobics instructors.
Why? Because they genuinely talk to the clients and since they teach a little bit something
they get pad directly to the gym there is more trust there. I can t tell you how many
times I have gotten clients referred to me by a spin instructor or an aerobics instructor
after you take their class, Hey man that was awesome. By the way my name is John I just
started at the gym and want to workout sometime Give the instructor a free session; you want
to give somebody a free session? Give it to the instructor and blow their minds and then
always drop the line, Hey if you know anybody that s looking for a personal trainer let
me know because they get people all the time that asks them for training or that might
have asked about personal trainers and you want to give them a great resource. So definitely
go to the most popular aerobics classes and get cool with the aerobics instructor. Number
two; get cool with the front desk staff. If they are friendly right now gyms I guess for
whatever reason it s smart to higher really attractive girls in the front desk and that
s fine but they also tend to sell shakes and handle little problems that members have and
members can make them their go-to people. So you also want to get cool with the front
desk girls and not in a flirtatious kind of well maybe in kind of flirtatious kind of
way. But in such a way that they understand that you are a great trainer so that whenever
it comes up, hey clients will ask how you stay in shape, Well I train with John over
there, you should probably give him a shot ve gotten referrals from them. Last but not
least and of course, you want to rub elbows with some of the salespeople and you don t
have to give them a workout. You probably should it couldn t hurt but I m just dropping
by to give them an hello, they have a thankless job. They have to call, list all day long.
So anything that you can do to brighten their day. If you re getting coffee get them a coffee.
You want them to think about you when they have somebody that is looking for a personal
trainer, you know what? Bobby might be available. I know a great guy they don t even know how
to do training but they know a great person named Bobby that they are going to refer their
clients to just because they like them. That s kind of what the gyms are like. So don t
take it personally when you find that the trainer has been there for a little while
get s a lot of clients without even trying and its aid you are giving a stack of papers
of people to class or you ve just given them floor and said, Hey walk the floor s just
like that, it s the nature of the business, it s nature of the biz once you ve proven
yourself you will get clients just coming to you or you will have your sales manager
personal training manager feeding you clients but until then you ve got to eat. So take
notes on this piece of advice. I wouldn t give it to you if I didn t think it works
and let me know how it works for you. So remember if you have any questions, comments and concerns
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