TL;DR - Do Foreigners Have to Be Fashionable in Korea?

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kristia rachmawati asks
I'm just curious
one of my Korean friends told me style is a very important there
and especially for the foreigners to be able to fit in
As for you two guys, has there anything changed in you since you moved to Korea
that would never happened if you lived in Canada?
Hmmmm... Complicated question
So we're going to break this apart into just two parts
Did we changed
and is there any pressure for foreigners to change to fit in style wise
Korean women always makes an effort to look good
even if they are grocery shopping or students
They always look really did up
I know, some people will think this as a really negative part of Korean society
but as an average normal person,
come to school wearing really beautiful nice dresses
or ruffles or have their hair little permed with curls
I was wearing my T-shirts and my jeans that I normally wear
I thought, I can't pull off that look
I can't do it, it doesn't fit me
I'm so scared...should I buy this? I don't know
I see my co-teacher is wearing this, I'm not sure if I can do myself
Oh..! I remember that they, you came from work
the most scarring, traumatizing day of my life
There was a co-teacher in my school
and she came to school, she had her dress puffing up
and her hands like this and her palms were opened like this
She was walking all day like this, and I was like
She's really pulling off this really cute, dressy girly looky thing
Anyways, that one dress inspired me to move on
The biggest change with you was that you actually wear makeup now
while in Canada you never wore makeup whatsoever
You were pretty much anti-makeup when you were back in Canada
Yah, I was pretty anti-makeup
Hey, Martina you should do makeup tutorial because I don't know what i'm doing
I think Korea changed me in a sense of what I wanna be more feminine
I want to embrace my femininity, if you will my Junsu sexuality
You your femininity with Junsu sexuality?
No, I'm just saying that Junsu is embracing his sexuality....RUN FOR IT!!!
Now, it wasn't a negative pressure, actually Korea has the opposite affect on foreigners
I never had been so complimented in my whole entire life
but after saying a lot of compliments, I thought
People thought I was a super model and I was just thinking like,
You are a supermodel in my eyes your eye I am

but in Cananda, I AM NOT!
I think you're really pretty
Thanks ducky, I think we should get married
Do you wanna get married and have little fuzzy puppies?
Let's do that!
Let's get a cat too!
And let's name it Dr.Meemersworth
When it came to like crazy pink hair and crazy accessories and stuff
You're not wearing any earrings in this video??
What are you even doing?
I don't know what happened...
And that's more like it
HAHAHA I had earrings this whole time
I felt so naked...
Anyways, weird accessories and weird hair stuff like that has always been my style
but it was more like a rock punky kinda gothic look, right?
As a positive thing, not a negative thing I decided
If they can do it, I can do it
I'm gonna make an effort
Now, I feel like I can pull off dresses
But I don't still perk my eyebrows, that was an extra detail
but now, here I am with my makeups on and hair did!
As for me, I was actually inspired by Korean fashion because
Korean guys dress so well,
I thought to myself, Yeah wanna wear this stuff as well
but the problem is that I'm too big for this country
to fit in anything stylish and whenever I try to put on a sweater
I just never fit, so I thought to myself..
What's the point....What's the point going to out
But although the sexy Korea belly shirt looks good on you
Whooh~ yah belly shirts
That's an actual shirt that I own
Anyhow, now fortune enough when I go back to Cananda once in awhile
I go with an empty suit case and fill it up with much fashionable clothing as possible
and when your manly European burns through those
then throw them to the garbage and buy new ones
That is now a power to be proud of
Why not?
Now for the second part of the question
It's true that style is very important to Korean people
but we don't think it's true that foreigners has to be stylish in order to fit in
I would disagree with that
because no matter how stylish you are, no matter how fluent you are in Korean
you'll always viewed as an outsider
Even if you are wearing the exact same outfit from another Korean girl or another Korean guy
you'll always have foreigner status attached to you
And I would always say that foreign statue gives you more freedom
because a lot of Korean friends of mine says
I wish I could dye my hair like Simon or
I could I have pink hair
I'm like...Why don't you?
They'll like, "Korean society won't accept me"
But you could do it! You're a foreigner
Yah, if I've done my hair in pink, I'm knew as the funky and cool
and can wear low cut short or I could wear more exposed shoulders
I've just realized that I'm not showing lots of chest in this TL;DR also
We can fix that
Hey, easy this is PG audience
Is it?
To us, I think Korean pressure people to fit in to Korean society
To be stylish is different from the one for foreigner to fit than to be stylish
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