Do Video Games Reveal Plans for Martial Law, FEMA Camps, and the NWO?

Uploaded by 19justinbrown88 on 29.04.2011

Against the wall!
Robert Jacobs, why are you so reluctant to serve your country... its time of need.
We understand that you have lost everything...
...but you must take heart in what patriotism can bring you.
Our glorious leader, Kim Jong-Un will teach you to unlock your...'s natural resources, bringing prosperity to all. It is our gift to you.
But, you! You have forced us to examine your dedication to America's cause.
Take him away!
Keep moving! Eyes forward! Stay in line!
Get up! Get up! Move!
I said: do not speak!
Get on the bus!
(In Korean:) See to this one.
(In Korean:) I'll take it from here.
(In Korean:) Sit down and shut up.
(Outside Soldier:) You are under arrest. Arms behind your head!
(Outside Civilian:) Let me go! I haven't done anything.
(Other Prisoner:) Hey...Dude, are you a pilot too? They're rounding us all up for some reason.
(Other Prisoner:) They have my family. If I don't do what they tell me, I'll never see them again.
(Other Prisoner:) Did you hear the Voice of Freedom's broadcast last night? He says happening all over the state.
(Other Prisoner:) Every time the resistance gains some ground, the KPA comes down on the rest of us.
(Other Prisoner:) More fuel for the labor camps. Never gonna see most of those people again.
(Loudspeaker:) Keep your hands empty and visible at all times.
(Checkpoint Guard in Korean:) Passengers and destination?
(Bus Driver in Korean:) Pilots for re-education. I'm taking them to facility 1138.
(Loudspeaker:) Do no allow insurgents to hide among you.
(Loudspeaker:) Disobedience will be punished swiftly and without mercy.
(Loudspeaker:) Please have your papers ready to present to the police.
(Other Prisoner:) Ever notice how quick the bodies disappear? Mass graves... That's what I've heard.