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hi everybody
it's not so much what you can "read" about Tory Burch
there is a lot that has been written about her
oprah winfrey the hard work that she did before oprah winfrey
and the fact that she's able staff collection after to collection
merchandise the collection in such a way that it's saleable
in what's called excessive lol
the american woman
the japanese woman soon to become the south
american woman for global warming
now what does this come from
her travels does it come from the fact that she
say it's apparent that this credit comes from southampton and then it comes to
fifth avenue
in any event it is
comparable and accessible
there are
jesse's of
boutiques there over five hundred specialty and department stores where
you can find
the tory birch
the logo
however what i found was that even though we can relate to her
without logo or
over maybe even color somehow we associate
in the way you get
she takes something as far away as marrakech in she brings it into
something french and then she brings it into american beachside
and how well she
is gable to edit herself
and still stay what's called still state troopers
to on
to the brand i'd find
extremely fascinating
potthurst everyday life
out fascinating her inspiration star
simply fascinating
creates mended surround uncle a woman's aesthetic she creates minutes around
who cheat com
is actually has a beautiful videos on youtube that described much better than
i could really
who she is in and and
she wears diet
she wears tory burch and such a as it would be describe such an authentic way
but she knows for instance the anti was looking to see about the two most recent
who takes that were opened one on pine street in
one in rome
and some hail she's able to be the bond st woman
and of course and she goes to maligned in and and somehow she's
able to magically put windows together that do represent
on the account anesthetic with her brand
i find her
when the most fascinating people that i study of course i've been very familiar
with the reverb ballerina pot
uh... slipper
most of us are are
it's everywhere in every couple in the recent not to have a pair
and and she's price things so that you can
find yourself with with the pair she has tremendous following now and mt
and bedevil t logo i think is probably very well known and one reason why a
brothel internet is that
what appears to be very man was actually
rooted in things that are very old and and so has she puts her glean bonnet
ait you know i every really
and just don't know enough under enough about her
onto finding out
where this is now whip where
and we are nowhere comes from that
it's like how far can you take it
um i'm very excited to do more research unknown the people that she surrounded
by such as her deck repair
etc working on her house in southampton and then of course he was assigned to do
the flagship store if i'm not mistaken it's going to be opening up in august
and so as we
i work along side
you tether at the bt purple we're just going to talk more about for a purchase
if you like to regurgitate micrometer discover something more about her lying
please let me know comment below
and that that i put together this sam
anti anything yet
that seemed to me just in a five minute up
grab this graph that to on at least i put the frame together to discuss to
reproach tory burch thank you very very much
for the collections that you bring
ask i went through i think that what insights six years hudson
past six years with that
our research
and i believe that the court first collection that i looked at was the two
thousand six collection
and it's terrible com has
and beautifully archived for u and so tonight is our series on three perch
and that we look forward to the fall
collection company stores in your every
but when they visit report and will be wearing three perch for spring and
summer and so we say goodbye to you and we'll talk to you tomorrow alone