Interning at Google - Kathy: Assoc. Product Management Intern

Uploaded by lifeatgoogle on 07.03.2008

Kathy: The associate product management program is a very unique, cool program
where there are just about 20 or so of us interning this summer. Though we're
really technical and we have computer science backgrounds, most of us do not
code. We do at lot of product design. Umm, it's a product management position
so we work with marketing, we work with user -- user design, we work with
partners, we work with engineers. Since most of us, not all of us, are here for
only about three months, umm, when you get here things move fast. You die --
kind of dive right in, umm, and they give you a lot of responsibility which is
really exciting. One of the cool things about working at Google is, umm, when
they're clearly really big products that everybody sees like Gmail, and
Calendar, and Blogger but we're also working on products, umm, that might not be
available to the public yet and I get to design new features for it, work with
other engineering interns, figure out new specks for the product and you get to
do that all while working with all these people all across the company because
we have complete access to everyone. So being at Google is just a very unique
experience where, you know, you dive right in, you're given responsibilities of
someone who's full-time and having that responsibility as an intern is awesome
being able to learn so much from talking to partners and from working with
people from all over the company and given that responsibility to just pull a
whole entire product or whole entire feature together in one summer is really
neat. My name is Kathy Pham, I am a computer science major at Georgia Tech and
I am an associate product management intern.