Slovakia's Got Talent - Belching boy Patrik Lesko

Uploaded by zvolencan1 on 27.10.2008

Hi, my name is Patrik Leško, and I live in Prešov.
Your name is Patrik? And you live in Prešov?
And what ability do you have? What's your talent?
- I can belch. - What?
He can belch.
I can belch.
- Can you belch? - Everybody can belch.
- I mean forced belching. - Can you belch with some meaning?
I can belch names.
- Interesting. - Without drinking? Just like that?
And only names or even other things?
Only names.
- All right. - Let's belch!
So we should give you a name and you will belch it here?
So our names first. Paľo.
Paľo Habera.
Well, this...
Are you the mother?
- Say my name. - Maroš Kramár.
- But as your son. - I can't do that.
Is it not in your family?
I even didn't know he had attended on a casting in Prešov.
- He had run from home. - You don't even know he is here.
I know that. But not that he was there.
That would be something if he belched you 3 million, right?
Can we ask—this is a short one, so let's try it even with the surname.
Jan Kraus.
Patrik, as The Rolling Stones cannot exist wihtout Mick Jagger,
also Slovakia's Got Talent couldn't go on, if you weren't there.
Patrik, I think you're the reason, why the Star Wars should continue.
You're pure sci-fi, it's unbelievable.
I also would like to see you again with this strange ability.
I think there is no doubt:
there have not been many people here who hit with such a power.
I'm just thinking, if you won this competition by chance...
...and came to the meeting of all european talents...
But you definitely go on and God knows where you will come to.
How do you do that? That inhale.
I come, take breath in and belch out.
And could you say in here "Slovakia's got talent"?
At first I had absolutely no idea of what... and then...
- But he is a great type. - He looks like "no harm".
Killing machine.
Childy killing machine.
Well, how's the jury?
If that belching boy won Slovakia's Got Talent,
Slovakia might be excluded from European Union.
He will belch out 3 million, that's amazing!