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How are you?
Shall l tell you? - No, no.
You look fine enough.
Teacher has arrived.
Good morning, sir. - Good morning.
Sit down.
Ratan, switch on the fan. - Yes, sir.
Roll number one. - Yes, sir.
Two. - Yes, sir.
Three. - Yes, sir.
Number four.
Switch off the fan.
Whose prank was this?
Tell me. Otherwise, l will punish the entire class.
l am observing a fast today.
Vinod. - l don't know, sir.
Kishore. - l don't know, Teacher.
That means the entire class has played this prank.
Mohan, l know you are a good boy.
You never lie.
Tell me who is it. - Ranjeet, Teacher.
He is lying, Teacher.
Don't lie.
l know you are the most mischievous in the class.
Come here.
Come here.
The entire world can reform, but not loafers like you.
You will always remain a loafer.
Show me your hand. - But Teacher..
Show me your hand.
You idiot.
You gossipy person. - Listen, Ranjeet, don't abuse me.
Why you..
You are an idiot. Your father is an idiot.
And your grandfather is an isiot too.
Go and provoke him some more.
l only told the truth. - Who are you to speak the truth?
Your father is in the jail, and you speak the truth.
Look, Ranjeet, l am warning you again.
Don't you dare abuse my father.
Not just your father.. - Again.
You dare hit me. - Yes, l will, what will you do?
Who are you?
l.. l..
Will you hand me over to the police?
Don't be scared, Ranjeet.
Until you are with me, the police cannot even touch you.
l know how to play hide-and-seek with the police.
l will teach it to you too.
Would you like to learn? - Yes, l will.
Good boy. Shake hands.
Surprising, are you a man or a the train?
You dropped all my apples and broke my bottle of alcohol too.
Give me money.
l am sorry, it is my mistake. The police are after me.
Let me go. Please let me go, Baba. Please forgive me.
After a long time, someone has called me Baba.
The police are after you.
Sit, sit here.
The police cannot harm you.
Here, eat my apple.
Not even the military can touch you.
This apple is so magical.
Eat it, eat it. Eat it. Don't worry, eat it.
Eat it, eat it.
Eat it.
Brother, have you seen anyone running from here?
Wearing a blue colour sweater.
No, l haven't seen anyone.
Have you? No, we haven't.
Come on.
Oh, Brother. The police are really surprising.
They are always running about.
Did you see the magic of my apple?
Baba, you have helped me.
l will never forget your favour all my life.
Come with me. - But where?
Come. - But will l get to drink there?
You will get everything, and not just alcohol.
Come on.
My necklace.
Good evening, Uncle. - Hello, Ranjeet, you have returned.
Yes, Uncle. l have, but the police troubled me a lot today.
They chased me for miles.
There is nothing new in it.
lt is their job to chase, and yours to evade them.
But where were you?
l had gone to see off princess Ratan Nagar.
She has left you a small gift.
Uncle, isn't this the necklace..
..you have been eyeing for a long time.
Yes. How wonderful!
Wonderful. lt is so beautiful.
Ranjeet, but how did you steal it?
Sleight of the hand.
Not just the necklace from the princess' neck..
..with your permission, l can steal the stars and the moon.
Bravo, Ranjeet.
l am very proud of you.
Son, sometimes l think my intuition was so right.
Remember, son, it was such a beautiful coincidence..
..when we both met.
That's the past, Uncle.
That has been erased from my memory now.
Now, l only think about the future.
Ranjeet, have a drink.
Thank you, Uncle. l will drink in the card room.
l didn't get time to go there since morning.
Do l have the permission? - Sure, my son, sure.
Thank you.
''Where is he?''
''That crazy.''
''The one who made me his target.''
''His target.''
''Where is he?''
''Where is he?''
''Where is he?''
''That crazy.''
''The one who made me his target.''
''His target.''
''l will not spare him, l will break his heart.''
''Listen everyone. l will give my heart to him.''
''Where is he?''
''That crazy.''
''The one who made me his target.''
''His target.''
''My charms will blow you off your feet.''
''My charms will blow you off your feet.''
''l don't have to entice you.''
''There is someone else who is crazy for me.''
''He is unknown, but he is my old friend.''
''Where is he?''
''That crazy.''
''The one who made me his target.''
''His target.''
''He can evade my flattery, he can evade my attacks.''
''But how long will he not meet me?''
''Once he is employed, he will accept me..''
''One day surely he will meet me and become my beloved..''
''His target.''
''Where is he?''
''Where is he?''
Hey, mister, give me the cards.
Which cards?
Everything goes in this club, but not cheating.
These cards. - But these cards.. - You cheat!
Ranjeet, sir has called you immediately.
Rakesh. - Yes, sir.
Throw this idiot out.
Okay, sir. - l am sorry, friends.
Please carry on.
Uncle, you called me.
Yes, Ranjeet, we just received a telegram from our foreign agent.
Tonight at 12 o'clock, a boat is arriving at Madh lsland.
lt is bringing a parcel from Africa.
You will have to go and collect it.
Right now. - l know you are very tired.
But this deal is very important.
That's why this task cannot be handed over to anyone else.
l will go.
Give this money to that man, and.. bring the parcel.
Code word. - Black Horse.
Bye, Uncle. - Good luck to you.
Thank you.
Hello, this is Rakesh speaking, is..
Hello, sir, are you going out?
Shall l come with you?
There is no need.
The sonnet goes like this. - Yes.
''You understand one thing after making me understand..''
''A man becomes helpless after falling in love..''
Wow. Wow. - Listen to the next sonnet.
l remembered everything before you arrived.
l will remember everything again, once you leave.
Wow. Wow.
How nice, Baba. You know, it was such nice sonnet.
Ranjeet, you? What is the matter? - My apple.
But l have closed the shop.
Baba, l am going for a very important job.
lf l don't get the apple, l won't be able to complete my task.
ls that so? Then l will open the shop for you.
Here, it's open.
Here is your apple.
Codeword. - Black horse.
Come in.
What's this, the police again?
Not police, Uncle, on my way back..
..some people tried to stop me.
l think this is Pratap's doing.
No, impossible. He cannot do such a foolish thing.
l don't believe it too, but l have my doubts.
lf you try to lie, l will kill you.
Tell me the truth, who do you work for?
Who were you calling?
No one. - Shut up.
Only you can be the betrayer here.
Tell me quickly, otherwise l will kill you.
Tell me. - l work for Pratap.
He has sent me here.
Why? - Because he is jealous of your success.
And my job is to give him information.
So that he can take advantage of your every plan.
Just like you were attacked at Madh lsland.
You all are such strong men, and he was alone.
Still he thrashed you.
You should be ashamed.
But boss.. - Don't talk, you idiot.
l don't want to see your faces.
You idiot.
l have come to handover another idiot of yours.
Who is this fool?
Very good.
Despite being wrong, you are acting smugly.
Can't you recognise the spy sent by you?
Don't talk nonsense. - Don't yell. l can yell louder than you.
Because of your jealousy, you have tried to hurt me before.
That's wrong.
lt's not wrong, that's the fact.
The world is a big place learn to find your own prey.
lf you ever try to obstruct my path again..
..l will not spare you.
You are threatening me in my own area.
Ranjeet, you are forgetting where you are right now.
And who are you talking to?
Oh, yes, l had forgotten that l am talking..
..to the goon of the area, Pratap.
What did you say?
To remember such a brave man, l will take this chain.
Even we know how to use guns.
Ask your men to play with toys.
Good night, Pratap.
ldiot. Betrayer. You told him everything.
l will not spare you.
Catch that idiot.
Catch him, you idiots.
Catch him, you idiots. Go. Catch him.
Speak softly. Anju, otherwise mother will wake up.
What is it, why are you so worried?
Some people are behind me, my life is in danger.
Who are they, tell me.
No one, l will tell you later.
Listen, mother should not know. - l won't let you go.
They will come here too, Anju. - Brother, spend the night..
..at my friend's house today.
We will deal with the rest later. Come with me.
Come with me. - Leave me.
Leave my brother.
Move aside. - Let go of my brother.
Move. - Let go of me.
You idiot. Rogue.
Pratap is so powerful that he will find you even in hell.
You dare betray me.
You idiot.
l will not spare you.
Take him away. Take him away.
Brother. Brother.
Brother. - Anju, why did you come here?
For God's sake please go away from here. - Brother.
Who is this girl?
She is Rakesh's sister.
She was threatening to go to the police.
So, l brought her here.
Oh, l see.
The sister is more dangerous than the brother.
Foolish girl, if you try to play with fire..
..you will burn your delicate hands.
Do you know who l am?
Whoever you are, l don't care.
Please spare my brother.
Those who stab Pratap Singh in the back..
..either get blinded or are crippled.
l will kill that idiot.
No, please release my brother.
l beg of you, l plead to you.
Have mercy on us.
Mercy. No one takes mercy on anyone in this world.
Everyone makes a deal.
lf you want, you can make a deal for you brother too.
Deal. - Yes, a deal.
You have a nice face, you have a nice name..
..and you are young too.
lf you agree to what l say, you can save your brother. - What is it?
lf you complete the task your brother couldn't..
Then we will hand him over to you.
Think about it tonight, answer me in the morning.
But don't squeal to anyone.
Or it will not be good for you.
lt won't be good for brother's life.
Here is your letter. - Letter.
Yes. - l have been waiting for this letter for so long.
Here is your reward.
An apple for one letter.
Baba, what if two-four letters come all together?
Who will write so many letters to this poor man?
Only one is enough. - Tell me one thing, Baba. - Yes.
Why do all your letters arrive at our junior sir's address?
Don't you have your own home?
Ranjeet never asked me this till today, who are you?
Don't get angry, Baba, l just asked.
Go, go. - Goodbye.
Brother, do you sell these apples? - No, no.
Then have you kept it for decoration? - l do sell it.
lt costs Rs.12 a dozen, tell me how much do you want? - Rs.12 a dozen.
Brother, these days you get dozen mangoes for Rs.5.
Surely. Because those are mangoes and these are apples.
Do one thing, when these turn into mangoes..
..l will buy it. - Fine, go. - Fine.
Brother. Forget about a dozen.
Tell me, how much will you give me a single apple for?
Re.1 . - Re.1 .
Cut it into half and give me.
All l have is 50 paisa.
Do one thing, go straight. There is a watermelon seller ahead.
He will listen to your request.
There is a watermelon seller. - Yes, there is.
Good idea. - Go.
He doesn't even let me read the letter.
He's strange. l'll go home and read it.
'Dear Father, l am angry with you. Very angry.'
'lf l would have been there, l would have argued with you..'
'..such that you would've remembered me in your whole life.'
'l know you don't get time from your work.'
'But that doesn't mean that you don't reply to my letter.'
'Seems like you don't love me at all.'
How do l tell you dear how much l love you..
'ls all your wealth and money to keep us away from each other?'
'l am in the hostel and you are in the hotel.'
'Why don't you buy a good house, Father?'
'Where l and my friends can come and visit.'
l have a house, but it is not worthy of you.
This is..
l will write a letter too.
'Dear Rupa.'
'When you laugh, my heart is filled with joy.'
'When you cry, my heart plunges into sorrows.'
'Because l am your father and your mother too.'
'Don't worry about me.'
'The hotel l stay in is one of the biggest in Mumbai.'
'l don't have any problems here.'
'You can say that it is my own house.'
'You won't stay far away from me for long.'
'As soon as you finish your studies..'
'..l will call you to live with me.'
'And then you will always stay with me.'
Father. You are so nice, Father.
Meena. Meena listen.
Meena. Meena. - What happened? Hey, what's going on?
Don't ask me, my father's letter has arrived.
Do you know what's written in it? - What's written?
lt is very pleasing news.
After finishing my studies, l will go live with my father.
Hello, Anju.
Very nice, you are looking gorgeous than ever.
lt's good that you have arrived.
l have thought about a very beautiful task for you.
And l am sure you will do it.
l will try.
Do you recognise him?
His name is Ranjeet.
The owner of Playboy club.
Nothing is impossible for him.
All you have to do is make acquaintance with him.
Befriend him.
And if necessary, make him fall in love with you.
Do you know how to drive a car? - Yes.
Here's the key.
Today onwards, this car is yours.
But who are you..
..who do you work for, he shouldn't know that.
ls that clear? - Yes.
Just a minute.
This is for the petrol for the car.
Thank you.
The wind blowing..
Father. - Ranjeet, you are leaving early for work today.
Baba, l have a lot of work today.
Then shall l give you four-five apples?
Just one apple, Baba.
Excuse me.
Benson cigar is your brand.
Do you have? - Yes.
Thank you very much.
Would you..
Would you like to have another cigar?
l don't mind.
Thank you very much.
Excuse me, madam.
Have you bought this road?
Stop it. l say stop it.
Stop it.
Now, l realised that you can hear.
l thought you are.. - Deaf, isn't it? - Yes.
lf you find the car of your horn so melodious..
..then do one thing, check my car.
And l will sit here and blow the horn of your car.
Do you think l am a mechanic or a worker?
Of course not, you look like a very descent man.
But.. if you aren't any of them..
..then you must surely know one thing.
Please push the car. - What do you mean?
You don't even know that. - No problem.
Sit in the car, l will push it.
lf l had known that, then would l have heard your horn for so long?
What did you think.. l was doing it for waste? -Absolutely.
Come on, l will take a look.
l am sorry. - What's happening to you?
Start the car.
Okay. - You seem very different, but you turned out to be a mechanic.
Give this junk in scrap.
Uncle, would you like to have a cigar?
Sure, Ranjeet, sure.
ln the morning, divide them in three shares..
..and send one to Mr. Puri in Delhi.
One to Mr. Sinha in Kolkata.. and one to..
..Mr. Chopra in Jaipur.
Okay. - Okay, Uncle.
Brother. What is the rate of your apples today?
Same as yesterday.
What was it yesterday? - Same as today.
Yesterday. - Today.
Yesterday. - Today.
Fine. l will come day after tomorrow.
l will come day after tomorrow. - Okay.
Listen.. -Yes, madam. - ls Ranjeet sir there?
Junior sir is in the restaurant.
Excuse me, madam, can l help you?
l want to meet Ranjeet. - Ranjeet.
Who are you? - Who do you think l am?
Please forgive me, my eyesight is a bit weak.
These days boys appear as girls to me too.
Then get your eyesight treated.
l am a girl, and my name is Anju.
Look, madam, whether you are Anju or Manju..
What work do you have with Mr. Ranjeet?
ls this Mr. Ranjeet's restaurant or the C.l.D office?
Look, l am his relative and l have arrived from London.
London. Then you must have come in the Jumbo Jet.
No. l have come on the cycle. - Sir.
Ranjeet, your gorgeous relative has come..
..from London on a cycle.
Did you recognise me?
You declared us old relatives, and that too from London.
My memory is not that weak.
l have seen you somewhere before.
You had fixed my car.
But l had not invited you to come here.
Tell me, why did you take the trouble?
To get rid of your trouble.
Here is your purse.
lt was lying on the road.
lt contained your address, and Rs.2600.
Take a look, are they fine?
l never count my money. Thank you.
You are such a selfish person.
No tea, no coffee no nothing.
Madam, l don't have time for all this.
But there is something called humanity, Mr. Ranjeet.
Even enemies don't behave like this with their guests.
But no matter.
lt was my fault that l came here.
Wait a minute.
Come here.
What would you like to drink? Soft drink. - Whiskey.
No, l won't drink anything, but l will eat.
And that too, dinner.
Come here.
Give madam all she can eat.
Bravo. Bravo. So, you had dinner with him too.
Wonderful. Very well done indeed.
But you have seen only his outer appearance.
To know what is in his heart, you have to go closer to him.
What do you mean? - l mean, you have to strengthen..
..the bond of friendship.
Where does he go, who does he meet, what does he think?
You will have to observe everything carefully.
No problem, just like that.
Johnny! - Why are you screaming?
Why are you after me?
You are intelligent, you can know that much.
And you are getting restless as if l am a spy..
..and l am following you to know your secret.
Who are you, what are you and why, l don't want to know that.
''l am a pearl necklace.''
''l am a branch of flowers.''
''l am beautiful fairy.''
''l have forgotten the world for you. l have been waiting for you.''
''l have forgotten the world for you. l have been waiting for you.''
''l am a pearl necklace.''
''l am a branch of flower.''
''l am beautiful fairy.''
''l have forgotten the world for you. l have been waiting for you.''
''l have been restless for so long.''
''Why are you looking away from me?''
''Take a look at me.''
''l have been restless for so long.''
''Why are you looking away from me?''
''Take a look at me.''
''lf l get infuriated, l won't calm down.''
''l am a sparkler stick.''
''l have forgotten the world for you. l have been waiting for you.''
''l am a pearl necklace.''
''l am a branch of flowers.''
''l am beautiful fairy.''
''l have forgotten the world for you. l have been waiting for you.''
''Who am l, l am your desire.''
''l am a special beauty.''
''You are fortunate to have me.''
''Who am l, your desire.''
''l am a special beauty.''
''You are fortunate to have me.''
''lf l leave, you will never get me again.''
''l am destiny.''
''l have forgotten the world for you. l have been waiting for you.''
''l am a pearl necklace.''
''l am a branch of flowers.''
''l am beautiful fairy.''
''l have forgotten the world for you. l have been waiting for you.''
''l have forgotten the world for you. l have been waiting for you.''
Greetings, Baba. - Greetings.
Take your letter. - Here, reward. - Thank you.
'Father, you replied to my letter, but l am still angry with you.'
'Because you didn't come to meet me.'
'These days, we are having holidays.'
'The entire hostel is empty.'
'l am the only one who cannot go anywhere.'
'l cannot tolerate it anymore, Father.'
'Either come meet me during the holidays.'
'Or else l have decided to come to Mumbai to meet you.'
lf she comes here, then.. lf she comes here, then..
Sita-Ram. Radhe-Shyam.
Do you think l have a money minting machine?
Why 500 instead of 200 today?
200 for the fees, and 300 for my travelling.
l am going to Shimla to meet my daughter.
Your daughter studies in Shimla..
..and you put my money on stake. Why?
Couldn't you find a good committee school here..
..for your princess?
You are right, sir.
My status is for a committee school.
But what can l do? l have a father's heart after all.
l will return every cent of your money.
Fine, Sita-Ram. Radhe-Shyam.
Then pay the earlier interest, and then take the money.
Your interest Rs.30 and 31 paisa.
Sir, do one thing. - Yes.
lnstead of 500, give me 550.
Take the earlier interest and the next interest too.
That's called being business minded.
Then l will take eight for ten.
And take the earlier ones too.
l will give you 80 and you will have to return 100.
Meena. - Meena.
My father is arriving, look, here is the telegram.
Come on, let us go to the station. Come on.
Rupa. - Greetings, Uncle.
Bless you, dear.
You have brought very good news.
Daddy, why don't we bring Rupa's father here?
Why not? Why not?
When we have a house, why will he stay in a hotel?
l will get the room tidied up for him.
Very good.
Did you call me, Daddy? - Yes son.
Rupa's father is arriving from Mumbai.
l have urgent work.
Take them to the station, and bring him back here.
He will stay here.
Fine, Daddy.
Rupa. - Father.
Father. - Dear.. - Father.
How are you dear?
l am fine.
But do you know how long has it been since we last met?
l thought my father has become heartless.
Neither does he call me, nor does her come to meet me.
That's not it, dear. You are my life.
Just finish your studies.
After that, l will always keep you with me.
l will never let you go far away from me.
Father, tears.
No, no.
My eyes are not fine.
Sometimes it gets watery.
Okay. Come on, let's go.
Cheers. - Cheers.
Take a seat.
Mr. Gopinath, we are drinking, and you are sitting idle.
lt doesn't look good.
lt seems like you are still being formal.
lt is not about being formal.
Get in the mood.
Yes, Father, please.
Father. You drank the entire bottle of whiskey.
And that too, neat.
Dear, l always.. l mean, l never drank whiskey before.
l always drank lemonade from the bottle.
So, l thought, l should drink the whiskey from the bottle too.
Anyway, don't be afraid.
Mr. Gopinath. - Yes.
You will stay here for a few days.
Let's have a party at my place tomorrow.
No, no, it is very important for me to go to Mumbai.
l will leave tomorrow.
Our business is such that l cannot leave Mumbai..
..and Mumbai cannot leave me.
What business do you have that you don't get time?
He would tell you if he had only one business.
He has so many mills, factories.
What do you make in the factories?
Factories.. in Allahabad, for guavas..
..and in Nagpur, for oranges.
Oranges and guavas.
l mean, for extracting juices.
l have heard he has bought the most expensive hotel of Mumbai.
The Taj Mahal hotel.
l want to buy the Taj Mahal of Agra too.
But no one sells it.
You never leave me, my friend.
My friend.
Wow. Wow.
A friend should be like you.
What a gem!
Uncle. - Yes.
l think you like apples very much. - Apple.
Young man, this must be a apple for you..
..but for me, it is my life.
l would die of hunger without it. - Father.
Dear, salute it. Salute it.
lf it hadn't been for my friend here..
..then you wouldn't have been here.
What are you saying, Father?
l am right, dear. This apple is the one that..
l mean, when you were very young..
You were very ill.
Mr. Mehra, the doctors clearly told me that she won't survive.
But l had a physician friend.
She said, mix the juice of apple in milk..
..and let her dink it, she will be fine again.
Mr. Mehra, l let her drink it and she was fine.
Since then he became my friend.
Really, dear, whenever l see an apple, l feel that..
..if it hadn't been for my friend..
Then you wouldn't have been in Shimla.
l am in love with it.
Mr. Gopinath, if that's so..
When you return to Mumbai..
..l will send four-five boxes of apple.
Rs.12 a dozen.
Mr. Mehra, do you think l am an apple vendor.
No, no, l didn't mean that.
No.. Good.
Please forgive me..
Friends, please forgive me, l am drunk.
Mr. Mehra, l would like to sleep. l am feeling sleepy.
Mr. Gopinath, you haven't had your dinner.
Shall l have it served?
l won't eat. l am feeling sleepy.
l want to sleep.
Rupa, take your father to his room.
Come on, Father. - Come.
You didn't drink your tea.
Rupa. Are you angry with me?
Angry. Why?
l ruined everything in the night.
l ruined the party.
What are you saying, Father?
Yes, you did make one mistake. - What?
You drank the entire bottle of whiskey.
l shouldn't have drunk it.
l should apologise to them, isn't it?
Why apologise? They all are very happy with you.
ln the night, after having dinner, they were talking about you.
Meena's father was saying that he had never seen a man like you.
Such a rich man, and so simple.
l felt so proud, Father.
Tell me the truth, dear.
Are you happy with me too?
l am very happy, Father.
No daughter might have a father..
..like the one Lord has given me.
Come in.
Good afternoon Mr. Ranjeet.
Can l come in?
l think you have come in.
lf you have any doubts, then come further ahead.
Actually, l was thinking about you.
About me. What?
That why haven't you arrived till now?
That's why l have come.
l know you get very restless without me.
You do, don't you?
Thank God, at least you think that much.
l have brought something for you today.
Really. What have you brought?
l will show you.
What's going on? What are you searching for?
Do you have a knife? - Knife.
Why? - lf you have then give me. Why are you afraid?
l do have a knife, but..
Open it slowly, you might cut your hand.
Tell me what do you want to cut, l will.. - Will you keep quiet?
Just watch.
But what's in this box.
You will see what's in it.
So, today is your.. - Yes.
lt's my birthday today.
Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to you. - Thank you.
Then l should give you a gift too.
lt is not that necessary.
But if you want to, then l like wearing diamonds.
You have a quite an expensive taste.
You get diamonds for a cheap rate in the market.
l am talking about real diamonds and not about a fake one.
Have you ever seen them?
But l don't have any interest in these things. - Then let it be.
l had told you, gift is not necessary.
Here, eat the cake.
lt's a very nice cake.
You liked it. l made it myself.
You made this cake yourself. - Yes.
Not only cake. l prepare everything at home.
Then l will have to come to your house too.
My house.
Why? ls there any restriction?
No, what restriction?
You can come whenever you want to.
Why don't you come today?
Not today, tomorrow.
Tomorrow. What time? - 5 o'clock.
Mother, how did you return so soon?
You were supposed to come at 6 o'clock.
Yes, but where are you going?
Me.. nowhere, Mother.
A guest is going to arrive at 5 o'clock.
Guest, who?
l forgot to tell you that.
Sheela who lives in Delhi.
Her brother.
You mean to say Vidyarani's son?
Yes, him.
But where did you find him?
Well.. all of a sudden we met.
Sheela was along too.
He is a very nice boy, Mother.
l know him better than you.
lt's good that you arrived too, Mother.
You will get to meet him too.
He has to attend a wedding.
Give it to me, Mother. l will keep it inside.
Fine, fine.
This.. - Yes, dear, come in.
You have grown up so much, l couldn't recognise.
Anju. Anju.
She has been waiting for you.
Sit, son.
Sit comfortably.
ls Sheela fine? - What?
Greetings. lt's good that you arrived.
Why? You said it yourself, he is going to come at 5 o'clock.
Mother, he has become a very busy man.
Sheela was along with me, that's why l recognised.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have recognised me too.
Whose engagement do you have to attend?
Yes, engagement.
lt's Kamla's engagement today.
We have to attend it.
Yes, engagement.
Sheela returned to Delhi, isn't it? - Yes.
Mother, she remembers you a lot.
Why won't she? l took care of here.
You would play on my lap too.
ls your mother fine, son?
She passed away. - Passed away, when?
lt has been three years.
And your father.
Father, he is no more too.
Oh, God.
Good people die early.
You are so nice, Mother.
What are you both talking about?
Talk about something else.
Yes dear.
What do you do, son?
l.. - He does business.
He has a very big hotel.
And that day, he forced me to eat too.
l was refusing, but he didn't listen.
Why would l have?
Then you serve him too.
Or do you know only how to eat? - Yes.
There is no need to take the trouble.
lt is no trouble at all.
Converse with mother till then.
Come soon.
You didn't talk about Sheela at all.
She must be married by now. - Yes.
lt has been two years since she got married.
She even has three children now.
Three children in two years.
l mean, it was twins in the first year.
Okay. Then, now she is a married wife.
Here, help yourself.
l have made all this myself.
How nice! You are really good.
Look, Mother. They look absolutely real.
Then have some more. - No, thank you very much.
l think we should leave now, we are getting late.
Mother, it's Kamla's engagement today.
Okay, go. - But don't be too late. - Okay, Mother.
Okay, Mother.
Bless you, dear. Bless you.
You have seen our house, keep coming.
''Today, the weather is very treacherous.''
''lt is very treacherous.''
''The weather.''
''Today, the weather is very treacherous.''
''lt is very treacherous.''
''The weather.''
''A storm is about to erupt.''
''A storm.''
''The weather.''
''Today, the weather is very treacherous.''
''lt is very treacherous.''
''The weather.''
''The black clouds are trembling.''
''The black clouds are trembling.''
''The cool breeze is blowing.''
''God knows what everyone is thinking about us.''
''Every bud is suspecting us.''
''Even the flowers are not trustworthy today.''
''Today, the weather..''
''Today, the weather is very treacherous.''
''lt is very treacherous.''
''Today, the weather..''
''My gorgeous sweetheart.''
''My gorgeous sweetheart.''
''l handed over my heart to you.''
''Now, the decision lies in your hands.''
''Whether l live or die..''
''My life rests in your hands.''
''The weather.''
''Today, the weather is very treacherous.''
''lt is very treacherous.''
''The weather.''
''A storm is about to erupt.''
''A storm.''
''The weather.''
l am going. l am going.
Baba, you look very happy today.
Ranjeet, l am very happy today.
l just received my daughter's letter.
She writes, ''Father, l stood first in my class.''
That's very nice, Baba.
That's why l distributed all the apples.
Son, l haven't forgotten you.
There is one for you too.
What's in my pocket?
lt is your apple.
Baba, come on, l will drop you home.
You will come to my house.
Yes, come on, l will drop you home.
l am very happy too, Baba.
We both are happy.
Then come on. We both are happy.
Ranga. - Yes.
Let's get drunk and start swaying here one day.
At least, we will get a ride in junior sir's car.
You are talking about a quarter.
ldiot. l have drunk an entire bottle.
But still l am walking on the road.
Look, look.
Hey, he will fall.
This locality belongs to rich people.
Greetings, Uncle.
He is not my uncle, yet he is my uncle.
Come. This is my palace.
This is my palace.
Surprising. Surprising.
The lamp l lit yesterday is till burning.
Baba, l am leaving.
That's not right.
For the first time, you have come home.
How can you leave without drinking?
No, Baba, l won't drink.
You drink, l will leave.
Understood, it is not English one, that's why you are not drinking it.
ls that so, Baba? - Yes.
Then give it. - Drink it.
Listen. First, you drink two sips, l will drink two sips.
Then again you have two sips and l will have two sips.
And look, until it doesn't get finished..
..we will keep sipping it.
Shall l start it? - Yes, drink it.
Drink it. Drink it.
l will take two sips. - Drink it. Drink it.
Why are you drinking the entire thing? lt's surprising.
You drank my share too.
lt is amazing, Baba.
lt is amazing.
lsn't it?
Look, for the first time, you have come to my house..
..and also drank with me. Thank you for that.
Since when did you start speaking English?
When an lndian drinks English alcohol..
..he starts speaking English.
Fine, Baba. Now, you rest and l will leave. - Fine.
l had enough.
He is very naughty.
l just had two sips.
And saw the entire world.
How did this photo come in my hand?
Mohan. Rupa stood first in the class.
l am very happy, very happy.
Papa, l have passed.
l stood first in the entire class.
Really, l knew it.
After all, you are my son.
Listen, our son has stood first in the class.
Go distribute sweets in the neighbourhood.
Rupa, your brother has stood first in the class.
You would have been so happy.
You would have been very happy.
Wonderful. Wonderful.
There is such a nice news in the newspaper.
What is it, boss?
You fools, you won't understand.
Look, come here, you idiots.
Look, an exhibition of rare jewellery.
Exhibition of rare jewellery.
Such an exhibition of pearls diamonds and jewellery..
..which has never been heard of or seen.
And the exhibition is in a month.
lt's very good news, boss.
The jewellery must be worth at least a crore.
You fool, jewelleries worth a crore doesn't intrigue me.
lt has the sparkle not found in the moon.
And it's more brilliant than the sun's rays..
..which a human has never seen.
Like water in the stone. You idiots.
You cannot determine its price.
And if l get my hands on them..
..then the entire world will be astounded, how rich l am.
Exhibition of rare jewellery.
lt's wonderful, Uncle. That's really good.
lt's so wonderful that l have gone mad.
Once in a lifetime do you get a chance like this.
The entire world is keen to see these jewels.
Their place is not the exhibition, but our safe.
But there is one thing, Uncle.
The place where such priceless jewels are displayed.
There will be a lot of police there.
l know there will be a lot of police.
And a lot of other safety arrangements too.
But l will say it again, Ranjeet. There is nothing in this world..
..that's impossible for you.
ls that so, Uncle?
Then assume that you have the jewels.
That's my boy.
That's my boy. - lt will be done, sir.
lt is possible that some people might be enticed..
..by the lustre of those jewels.
That's why l want to warn all of you.
Make complete arrangements of their security.
Yes, sir.
Then we should start preparing.
And quickly tell me, what you have thought about it.
Yes, sir.
What happened?
My God. lt is such a big snake.
Somebody has told the truth..
''She has embraced me with the fear of lightening..''
''God, let it rain continuously..''
Anju, l wanted to say something to you since the past many days.
My life is incomplete without you.
l want to marry you.
Yes, Anju.
We are made for each other.
We will build a small home.
And weave our own little world in it..
..and there will only be love in it.
Only love, Anju.
Why? Didn't you like it?
No, it is not that.
lt is quite late. Mother will be worried.
Then come, l will drop you home.
Your secret is safe with me.
'Ranjeet has expressed his feelings.'
'He is really in love with you.'
'You love him too.'
'But you cannot express it.'
'lf he finds out the truth that you work for Pratap..'
'..then he will think your love is just an illusion.'
'He will forget you.'
'He will leave you forever.'
''l might die in your love.''
''Don't try to test me.''
''l might die in your love.''
''Don't try to test me.''
''You are handsome, l am beautiful too.''
''Don't try to skirt eyes from me.''
''ln your love..''
''You can test me.''
''l have laid my life at your feet.''
''Selfish. lgnorant. Don't be so stubborn.''
''Don't try to smile after breaking my heart.''
''You are handsome, l am beautiful too.''
''Don't try to skirt eyes from me.''
''ln your love..''
''l have been waiting for so long.''
''l have been waiting for so long.''
''Make a false promise in love.''
''lt is so tormenting my beloved, l swear on you.''
''l don't mind if you don't remember me.''
''But don't try to forget me.''
''l might die in your love.''
''Don't try to test me.''
''ln your love..''
No, no, that can't happen.
l will not let that happen.
Who is troubling..
So, have you succeeded in your motive?
l can't do this anymore.
l have come to ask you to leave me.
Leave. What do you mean?
l cannot run behind him anymore.
Because he never talks about the jewellery exhibition.
You didn't try your best.
That's wrong.
l am very far-sighted, Anju.
lf that's wrong, then you will have to prove it.
There is only one way.
That you won't leave Ranjeet.
You will assure him of your love.
And if required, you will do everything. - No, no.
l can't do all this. l can't do all this.
Shut up.
You dare say no to me.
All right. All right. Relax. Relax.
lf you cannot do all this.
Then do a last thing for us.
After that, you are free to go.
What is it?
Call Ranjeet, and ask him to come to meet you..
..at 4 o'clock at National Park.
Why National Park?
Because we will make him say what you couldn't.
4 o'clock in the evening, at National Park.
That's a good girl.
Anju. Yes, it's me speaking.
lt's good that you called.
l thought you wouldn't call.
What? National Park.
What's on your mind today?
Yes, l will be there.
Yes, l will be there at 4 o'clock.
lt will be 4 o'clock soon.
lt is important for you to be there before he reaches.
You can go.
Bhushan, Balram, Vijay, Malani.
Come on, you idiots. Hurry up.
Close the door.
This girl is useless.
Ranjeet is coming to National Park at 4 o'clock.
Come along with me.
We will not spare him today.
We should get rid of our only obstruction before the exhibition.
Get ready, you idiots.
Ranjeet, we will not stay here. Let us leave from here.
Why won't we stay here?
Your life is in danger.
My life is in danger, what are you saying?
l will tell you later, let's go from here.
You were trying to save him, isn't it?
Catch him, you idiots.
Catch this idiot.
Thrash him.
Catch them. Catch them.
Run for your lives, you idiots.
How is Ranjeet?
He is unconscious.
The doctor asked us to wait outside.
God knows what will happen, Baba.
'No Lord, you cannot snatch Ranjeet.'
''You are adored by everyone.''
''Even l have a small work with you.''
''Heed to my prayers.''
''Heed to my prayers.''
''Only then will l believe in you, Ram.''
''Or else l will defame you all over the world.''
''You are adored by everyone.''
''Even l have a small work with you.''
''Only a companion in the world.''
''Only a companion in the world.''
''That's my only desire.''
''Don't break that bond.''
''Don't turn your back on me and take this accusation.''
''Or else l will defame you all over the world.''
''You are adored by everyone.''
''Even l have a small work with you.''
''My helplessness has brought me to you.''
''My helplessness has brought me to you.''
''All my hopes are on you.''
''Restore my hope. Replenish my shattered faith.''
''l have come to your abode.''
''Or else l will defame you all over the world.''
''You are adored by everyone.''
''Even l have a small work with you.''
''Heed to my prayers.''
''Heed to my prayers.''
''Ram. Ram.''
''Heed to my prayers.''
''Heed to my prayers.''
Anju, what had to happen has happened.
l am completely fine now.
Why are you cursing yourself now?
l know you tried to save me, but l couldn't understand.
l will take care of them.
Just tell me, what connections do you have with them?
Tell me, Anju.
l have put you in trouble because of my helplessness and selfishness.
l risked your life to save my brother.
Your brother.
Who is he? - Rakesh.
Rakesh is your brother.
Where is he right now?
ln Pratap's captive.
l don't know whether he is still alive or they have killed him.
Now, it is my responsibility to free your brother..
..from Prakash's captive.
Ranjeet, have you come here to die?
Did you forget that day's thrashing?
l have come to settle that days score.
Shut up.
l will deal with him.
Move, you idiots. l will deal with him alone.
l will break your bones.
l say get out of here, otherwise, l will kill you.
What do you think of yourself?
See my knife.
No. - Tell me where is Rakesh.
l won't tell you.
l will take an eye for an eye.
Tell me where is Rakesh.
l will tell you.
Get up.
Keep a watch on his men.
You won't escape alive. - Stop blabbering.
l will teach you a lesson one day.
Look ahead.
Ranjeet, don't kill me.
l have come to save you and not kill you.
Brother. - Anju.
Brother. - Anju.
Anju, how are you?
l am fine, how are you? - l am fine.
Sir, for the security of the exhibition building..
We are making such arrangements..
..that everyday after the exhibition is over..
..no one goes there.
That's very good.
The police will keep a strict vigil on the building 24 hours.
Wireless vans and armed police..
..will always be ready to assist them.
And they will have two special senior officers.
ls that all?
No, sir, there will be an electronic alarm system..
..installed there, which will switch on all the lights..
..even if a fly enters the jewellery room.
There will be a chaos in the entire building.
And alarms will start sounding in all the stations nearby.
And this alarm will be sounded in the headquarters too.
You have made very good arrangements.
And l am sure it will be carried out accordingly too.
lt's the last day of the exhibition today, Ranjeet.
l know, Uncle.
l am getting ready to go there.
Bless me so that l can bring all the jewelleries..
..in the exhibition for you.
God bless you, my boy.
Maybe you are not sure of your success..
..as much as l am.
l have sent telegrams to all my agents to come here..
..and hide the jewelleries.
Now, its responsibility is upon you.
Oh, yes. Have you taken everything?
Yes, l have taken everything.
And that too.
Yes, that too.
Baba, apple.
Why are you upset today?
No, l'm not upset.
Baba, l have taken a lot of apples from you.
lf l succeed in my task today..
..then you won't have to sell apples, Baba.
What do you mean?
l will tell you after l return.
Greetings, Baba. - Greetings.
What is the matter? These days there are a lot of letters for you.
Here, there is another letter for you.
l get the letter, and your health gets better.
God's grace, Baba.
Take this. - Thank you, Baba.
May God give you good health, and your letters too.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
'Mr. Gopinath.'
'The Lord has blessed me with everything.'
'Wealth, property, son, and a happy family.'
'But l lack one thing, and you can give me that.'
'lf your daughter can become my daughter-in-law..'
'..then l will consider myself very fortunate.'
'l'm sure you will not shatter my hopes.'
'Because it is the question of Rupa and Anil's happiness too.'
'To fulfil my wish, we are coming to meet you.'
'Yours, Rajendranath Mehra.'
Ladies and gentlemen. The exhibition is about to close.
We request to you, please leave.
Thank you. - Come on.
ls everything fine?
Everything is fine. - Come on out.
Test the alarm.
Switch on the alarm.
Come on.
Alarm on.
Come on. - Tired of working today.
ln this eight hours.. - Duty.
lt is really killing.
Oh, God. Hey, run. - Nab them.
What happened? ls everything fine?
Everything is fine, sir. We have checked the entire hall.
We didn't spot anyone.
Then how did the alarm go off?
l can't understand that, sir.
Fine, check the entire hall once again.
l will call commissioner sir again.
Switch off the alarm.
Shambhunath. - Yes, sir.
Switch on the alarm.
Bring tea. - Right away, sir. - Lalchand. - Yes.
Take it out. - What?
Cards, what else!
Cards. - What else, we will pass some time.
Switch off the alarm.
Yes, sir.
Who was it? - No one, sir.
Then how did the alarm go off?
l don't know. - Who is the in-charge of the alarm?
lt's me, sir.
Who sounded the alarm? - l.. - What?
Didn't sound it, sir.
Then why does the alarm go off each time?
Sir, when you don't know, how can l.. - Shut up. - Okay.
l can't think of an answer to give to commissioner sir.
Check thoroughly. - Yes, sir.
Come on, go. - Yes.
This alarm has made us mad.
lt is such a bad omen.
Our sleep has been ruined.
Think about the rest.
Forget it. Distribute the cards.
Run. Run. Quickly. Quickly.
Switch off this alarm.
Switch off this alarm.
What's going on here?
The jewellery is fine, sir.
And no one has come inside.
l don't know how the alarm goes off each time.
What nonsense?
Does that mean all night we will be parading here.
Who is the in-charge here? - l am.
lf this happens again..
..then the entire department will be suspended.
Did you hear?
Everyone will be dismissed.
Come on.
Did you hear?
All of us will be.. - Dismissed.
Correct. Thank you, come on.
Why is the alarm after us?
lt goes off itself.
lt is something concerning the electricity.
Listen to me, and turn off the alarm switch.
Eradicate the problems from its root.
What are you saying?
This is a alarm be.. - Bell.
Le it be a bell. Switch it off.
Raghunath. - Shall l switch it off?
Let me think.
Think about it.
lf it rings again, then we all have had it.
What happened? - l have thought about it.
Raghunath.. - Switch it off.
Switched it off. - Good.
Lalchand. - Yes.
Go and guard the place.
l am tired.
Stand erect. Get up.
Okay. - Go. - Okay, l am going.
Who is it?
Thief. Thief. Thief.
Who is it?
Who are you?
Shooing me.
Hey, wow.
Ranjeet, so late in the night.
Come on, get up.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
l will get up..
l'll sleep again.
Dad. - l'll sleep. Fine, l will sleep.
l will never wake up again.
What are you doing?
l'll never wake up.
Where did my bottle go?
Where did my bottle go?
He is my Mohan.
He left me.
lf l find the one who killed my Mohan..
..then l will kill him.
l won't spare him.
My son died.
My Mohan left me.
What happened?
Such an upset face, tension.. what is the matter?
Nothing, Uncle. l am tired.
Have you brought it? - Yes.
Wonderful. Excellent.
All the priceless jewellery of the world is present here.
Pearls, diamonds, ruby, sapphire.
All the gems are present here.
Ranjeet. Ranjeet. You are fantastic.
Look. Look.
l have become the richest man in the world.
The richest man in the world.
The richest man in the world.
Uncle. Uncle.
Tight security of the police.
24-hour watch.
All the safety measures.
lnstead of that, not one but two people..
..managed to sneak in the building.
What happened to your responsibility?
What happened to our police?
How were all the alarms switched off?
Actually.. - l am not ready to hear anything.
What are you all looking at?
Keep a close watch on the railway station, bus depot and airport.
We must find the culprits.
First of all, l couldn't get the jewellery.
And this show is such an evidence..
..it can make me rot in prison all my life.
l will destroy it.
Pour the petrol, burn it.
Come on. - Boss, why don't we inform the police?
lf we couldn't get our hands on it..
..then he shouldn't keep it either.
You fool, will you ever talk sense?
We can deal with Ranjeet anytime.
But if the police get their hands on the jewellery..
..then who will bring it from there? Will you?
Burn the shoe, you idiot.
Drink it. Drink some more, Gopinath.
There is no other reason to run away from the truth.
Drink it.
Baba. - Ranjeet, it's good that you have come.
Now, both of us will drink together.
Tell me. Will you drink from the bottle or the glass?
No, l won't let you drink anymore.
What have you done to yourself?
l have been like this since many years.
But no one is at fault for this.
As you sow, so shall you reap.
That's what l want to know.
Why are you so sad? Why are you drinking so much?
What will you do knowing it?
l will lighten your burden.
Tell me, what's the matter?
Baba. - Yes.
You are under my oath, tell me what is it?
Read this letter.
Read it.
lt is a very happy news, Baba.
Your daughter is getting married in a good family.
What more do you want?
You are right.
But how will it happen?
But there cannot be a relation between a king and a beggar.
l have worsened the matter by lying.
By lying. - Yes.
lt is a long story.
15 years ago.
l wasn't like this.
l had a good family.
A very nice wife.
Two children.
A girl, Rupa and the other Mohan.
l loved Mohan a lot.
One day, one of his classmates killed him.
His mother couldn't tolerate this shock..
..and died along with Mohan.
l lost my senses seeing both of them dead.
l started hating that city.
l left my job at the bank..
..and started wandering with Rupa.
Rupa was my only support.
l was always worried about Rupa.
What will happen to Rupa?
Then l got her admitted to a good boarding school.
So that she doesn't have to face the same fate as mine.
Rupa would study there.
And l would toil day-and-night..
..and send her more money than my status.
Until Rupa was a child, everything was fine.
But when she grew up, l never told her..
..that she is the daughter of a poor father.
l would always lie to her.
That l am a very rich man.
l have bungalows, l have cars..
..and l am the owner of a very big hotel.
Just so that she doesn't suffer from a broken heart.
Along with Rupa, the people around her..
..would also consider me as a wealthy person.
The result, this letter today.
Mr. Mehra wants to make my daughter his daughter-in-law.
But he doesn't know that l am a poor apple vendor.
l wish my Mohan would have been alive.
lf my Mohan would have been alive..
..he would have done anything for his sister's marriage.
Your Mohan is alive.
Yes, Baba.
Look, look at me.
Can't you see your Mohan in me?
Tell me, can't you see your Mohan in me?
l am your Mohan, and Rupa is my sister.
And l swear on my sister.
Her marriage will be so grand..
..that the entire world will watch.
Rupa is my sister.
Whose marriage are you talking about?
Greetings, Mother. - Bless you.
My sister is getting married.
Oh, God, Sheela.
But she.. - No, Mother. She is already married.
She even has children, l had told you. - Yes.
My sister Rupa. She is getting married.
Rupa. - Mother, you don't know her.
She is.. - My cousin sister.
Mother, l don't know what you have to buy for the marriage.
l can never understand anything.
Can l take Anju along?
Yes, dear, take her along.
Come, Anju.
Thank you, Mummy.
What's all this going on?
l cannot understand anything.
Baba, this is your house.
Rupa will get married here.
No, Rupa's marriage..
We are getting late. We have to go to the airport to pick up Rupa.
She is arriving. - Listen.
Take him to his room.
Fine. - Come, sir.
Why are you calling me sir?
Come on.
Ranjeet, l want to go home.
Rupa will not get married here.
l want to die before that.
Brother, l cannot walk, pick me up.
Ranjeet, send me some alcohol.
Hello. lndian Airlines.
What is the position of flight number 184 from Delhi?
Only half an hour. Thank you.
Baba is still not ready, l will go take a look.
Leave me.
l feel as if l am walking on air.
Hey, Brother. Hey, Brother.
Hey, Brother, wow.
You have donned a suit.
ls this on rent, or have you opened a laundry?
l have very sharp eyes.
l recognised you.
Brother, where is your basket of apples?
l am not poor.
l have money, l won it in gambling.
Look. Give me the best one.
Come, l will give you apples.
Have you opened the shop?
There she is. That's her.
ln the pink clothes.
He is your elder brother Ranjeet.
For your marriage, he is.. - l am the happiest.
And Baba has bestowed me..
..with the responsibility of your marriage.
What are you doing?
Younger sisters are very adorable
This is Anju. - Greetings.
My sister-in-law. - No, no, your would-be sister-in-law.
She is very pretty.
Come on. - Come on.
Thank you.
Oh, my God, it's beautiful.
Such a big house.
Father, this seems like the palace of a king.
Rupa, your father is no less than a king.
Come, Rupa. l will show you your room.
Come. - lt's lovely.
lt's lovely.
Father, you have got everything.
You care so much for me, Father.
Rupa, all this.. - Your father has brought it for you.
After all, you are his daughter.
Yes, this is Ranjeet speaking.
Everyone has arrived.
l am coming.
Father, some of my friends have arrived.
l will just go meet them.
Anju, arrange tea for Rupa.
l will bring tea.
There is a burden on my heart since a long time.
l want to tell you something today.
There is no need to tell anything, l know it.
You know it.
You want to say, l will get married..
..l will leave, you will be completely alone.
But Father, if one leaves the fathers house..
..the bond doesn't break.
Dear, that's not it.
The thing is.. - Rupa.
You can talk to father all you want.
Come on, first, have tea.
Yes, Father. Have tea.
Hi. - Hello. Have tea.
Hello, Ranjeet. -Hello, Ranjeet.
Hello, Ranjeet.
Ranjeet, we found out about Singh sir's death..
..after we arrived here.
But why didn't you inform?
Puri sir, l was a bit tied up.
Anyway, what had to happen has happened.
lt's good that you have arrived.
Everyone has still not arrived.
Chopra from Jaipur has still not arrived. - Why didn't he come?
He will be arriving by the evening flight. - Good.
Ranjeet, we wanted to ask a very important thing.
Tell me, what was the important matter..
..for which Singh sir called us from different parts of the country?
Sinha sir, l will tell that to you later.
But it is a good coincidence that all of you..
..have arrived on a auspicious occasion.
lt's my sister's marriage tomorrow.
Your sister's marriage.
Yes, Mr. Gopinath's daughter is like my sister.
Then all of us will surely take part in the marriage.
Your sister is our sister. - Right.
She can be sister for all of you.
To me, she is like a daughter.
You are right.
All of you will take part in this marriage.
And exactly like a family.
Absolutely like family.
This is the specialty in our country that we adjust wherever we go.
Come on, l will introduce you to Mr. Gopinath.
Because from today, you are his guest.
That's wonderful. - Come on, come on.
Where have they come from?
Other than Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow..
..from Kathmandu and Jaipur.
Some of them are criminals and some are wanted.
All of them have a police record, sir.
But what's the reason of coming to Mumbai on the same day?
lt is possible, sir.
They might have a connection with the theft of the jewellery.
That's possible.
Where are they staying?
ln different hotels.
We are keeping a close watch on them.
That's not all.
Let me speak to the D.l.G.
Mr. Chopra. - Yes, sir.
Other than them, some more people have come to meet Ranjeet.
But l didn't understand the reason, boss.
The reason is beyond your imagination, you fools.
But l have understood.
Ranjeet will hide those jewels through these people.
But boss, if the jewellery is divided..
..then where will we keep running?
You idiot, who will let the jewellery be divided?
All of you, just keep a watch on Ranjeet's house..
..that he has taken for that old man's daughter's marriage.
Understood, you idiots?
Yes, sir. - Out.
''A flirtatious city boy stole my heart.''
''Now, l yearn for him.''
''A flirtatious city boy stole my heart.''
''Now, l yearn for him.''
''l tried to hide it, but still it is revealed.''
''Oh, God, what should l do?''
''Now, l yearn for him.''
''A flirtatious city boy stole my heart.''
''Now, l yearn for him.''
''l wouldn't step out of the house.''
''l would feel shy of my beloved.''
''l wouldn't step out of the house.''
''l would feel shy of my beloved.''
''l would feel scared of my heartbeat.''
''l would fear the mirror.''
''My heart is restless, like the ship in the ocean.''
''Oh, God, what should l do?''
''Now, l yearn for him.''
''A flirtatious city boy stole my heart.''
''Now, l yearn for him.''
''He would slyly come in my dreams.''
''He would give me sleepless nights.''
''He would slyly come in my dreams.''
''He would give me sleepless nights.''
''He would immerse me in his eyes..''
''..and take me away.''
''He opens my veil and talks sweetly.''
''Oh, God, what should l do?''
''Now, l yearn for him.''
''A flirtatious city boy stole my heart.''
''Now, l yearn for him.''
You. - Yes, Mr. Puri.
But you are surprised..
..as if you have seen the police for the first time.
No, sir, l have old relation with the police.
Why would l be surprised? Tell me, what is it?
You will have to come with us.
But sir, l have to attend Mr. Gopinath's daughter's wedding.
The marriage will commence without you too, Mr. Puri.
lt can. - Yes, l have your arrest warrant.
But what is the warrant for.
You will know that too.
lf l have your permission, then can l..
Quickly do whatever you want.
l will. - Hurry up.
Great. We had come as Mr. Gopinath's guests..
..but we are now the guests of the police.
Just see our fate.
This is the divine play of the Lord.
lf you mix sugar, it dissolves. - You are right.
Look, he has come too.
Come, welcome.
Only you were missing in this group.
Forgive me, friends, l was a bit late.
Absolutely. - The jeep got punctured on the way.
Good evening, lnspector. - Go inside.
Why are you pushing? What if l break a bone?
lf you speak English in the lockup, you will be pushed.
lnspector. lnspector.
Why have l been brought here?
lt's my daughter's marriage today.
The wedding procession is about to arrive.
lf l am not present there, l will be ruined.
lnspector, l haven't done anything all my life.
l haven't committed any crime. l am innocent.
Every person who comes to the police station says that.
But lnspector, what is my crime?
Come here.
Come on.
Do you recognise them?
Yes, l recognise them.
They are guests in my daughter's marriage.
Then that's your fault. Understood?
Constable. - Yes, sir. - Lock him up.
l am sorry, young man. l cannot help you.
The police have their own way.
lf they are innocent, they will be released.
But after the entire interrogation.
That will take many days, Commissioner.
The auspicious day is today.
lt is the question of Gopinath's honour.
Gopinath is the most suspected one.
Can l ask what relation do you have with him?
He is like.. a father to me.
ln the view of the police and the law, it holds no value.
All the people taking part in Gopinath's daughter's marriage..
..are suspects for the police.
But you shouldn't think like that about Mr. Gopinath.
Commissioner, l know him very well. He is a Godly man.
Then what connection does this Godly man have..
..with all these people?
How did a apple vendor become such a rich man?
And his daughter is getting married so grandly.
l am responsible for that, Commissioner.
l consider that girl as my sister.
And as a brother, l want to shower..
..all the happiness of the world on her.
Mr. Ranjeet, this is your personal matter.
None of your arguments can make me overlook my duty.
You are wasting my time along with yours.
Sorry, sir. But you are wasting my time.
Just one hour remains for the auspicious time.
How can a father not take part in his daughter's marriage?
Think about it. Who will welcome the guests?
Who will perform the giving away of the bride?
Commissioner, please release Mr. Gopinath.
Otherwise, this marriage will break.
And an innocent girl will be heartbroken.
A helpless father will give up his life.
And l will never let that happen.
What do you mean?
l mean it, sir.
l won't leave without taking Mr. Gopinath along.
There.. there they come.
The groom has arrived.
Anil, what's this?
You are not drinking.
l don't drink. - Good boy.
Have some soft drink.
Waiter. Bring a cold drink for Anil.
Mr. Mehra, will you go that slow?
lt's not good.
Bring a double for Mr. Mehra. - Thank you.
Excuse me.
Vijay, l never saw such arrangements ever.
The party is so grand.
lt seems like a king's party.
l feel Mr. Gopinath must have at least 50 lakh.
50 lakh. Talk about crores.
l think, Mr. Gopinath doesn't know himself..
..how much money he has.
The daughter is very fortunate too.
Everything belongs to her.
She doesn't have any sibling.
Sorry, sir. Junior sir has ordered not to.
Take care of other guests.
Thank you, sir.
'l feel Mr. Gopinath must have at least 50 lakh.'
50 lakh.
Sometimes l don't even have money to buy 50 apples.
And he talks about 50 lakh.
Boss, it is time for the marriage.
The priest is calling the bride and the groom.
Mr. Mehra. - Yes.
Take Anil to the marriage dice.
l will bring Rupa. - Fine.
But where is Mr. Gopinath? l cannot see him anywhere.
You carry on. l will see where he is.
Come on, son.
l want to say something before the marriage.
Mr. Mehra, l am not what you think l am.
l am not a rich man.
l am a very simple man, an apple vendor..
..and l live on the streets.
Baba, what has happened to you? What are you saying?
lt is right to say the truth.
Mr. Mehra, l am telling the truth.
There is a burden on my heart.
Until l don't lighten that, l won't find peace.
This bungalow doesn't belong to me.
Everything here isn't mine.
Everything belongs to Ranjeet.
l don't know what favour he is repaying.
Years ago, he supported me.
He gave me a place outside his hotel to sell apples.
And today.. he is hiding my poverty.
So that my daughter gets married.
But l won't keep anyone in the dark.
l am a very poor man.
l don't own any hotel, any mill or any factory.
My property is just an apple basket.
Mr. Mehra, l told you want l wanted to.
Now, it is your decision.
Whether you want to make my Rupa your daughter-in-law..
Or do you want to take the wedding procession back..
Good. Good. Very good.
What a long speech.
lf you want to say anything else, then say it.
Seems like you didn't drink the entire bottle today.
Otherwise, he would have given a bigger speech.
Actually, it is his old habit.
After drinking, sometimes he talks about buying Mumbai city.
And sometimes calls himself beggar.
l know that, Mr. Ranjeet.
That's his greatness.
He was saying l want to buy Agra's Taj Mahal.
But no one is ready to sell it.
How nice, sir.
Mr. Gopinath, come on. The auspicious time is passing away.
All of you carry on, l will bring Rupa. - Fine.
Come, son.
Surprising, all my life l lied and everyone believed it.
Today, l am telling the truth, but no one believes it.
Really, Mr. Gopinath. This marriage has made me proud.
Mr. Mehra, don't say that.
l am not worthy of it.
Bless you, dear.
Bless you, dear.
May God bless you with a happy life.
Meet your brother.
Bless you, Sister. Bless you.
Ranjeet. l will never forget your..
Baba, don't say that.
Rupa is my sister.
l have done my duty as a brother.
Come. Come, let's go in.
Commissioner, thank you very much.
l will always be grateful to you.
l will just get the jewels.
Commissioner. These jewels.. What is the matter?
You will know it soon.
Sir. Sir. Ranjeet has deceived us.
He fled. - Come with me.
Enough. Enough.
Don't let him run, shoot.
Forgive me Commissioner.
You had to take all this trouble.
l was helpless.
lf l hadn't followed him, he would have fled with the bag.
l wouldn't have been able to face you.
Here are the jewels.
lnspector. - Ranjeet.
Ranjeet, what is all this? Police..
They have come to arrest me, Baba.
l had stolen the exhibited jewels.
Can l talk to Baba for a minute?
lt's good that you have arrived, Baba.
Or else there would have been a burden on my heart.
For so many days, l wanted to tell you something..
..but l couldn't.
And now, l don't have the strength to hide it, Baba.
But what is it?
Baba, l am very unfortunate man.
ln my childhood, because of my mischief..
..people would call me a loafer.
But one day such a mischief led me astray.
And l was forced to become a loafer in reality.
Loafer? Who says you are a loafer?
l say so. My soul does.
Baba, l am your culprit.
Your culprit.
l am your Mohan's friend you have been searching for.
l had killed Mohan.
l am Mohan's murderer.
Yes, Father.
You are Mohan's murderer.
You are Mohan's murderer. You are Mohan's murderer.
Why did you stop, Baba?
Hit me. l am worthy of that.
Come on, Ranjeet.
Ranjeet, l will wait for you.
Ranjeet. Ranjeet.
Forgive me. - No, Baba, Don't say that.
Baba, don't say that.
Forgive me, my child.
No, Baba.
Commissioner, l have already lost one son.
You are separating the other one.
For Gods sake, please let him be with me.
l am sorry, that's beyond my reach.
Seeing Ranjeet's honesty, l will try..
..that law is not strict with him.
And that he returns to all of you soon.
Anju, take care of my baba.