Dialogo sopra i massimi Sistemi Operativi

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Afeter all...
also "free as a beer"
is not so bad.
About distros and religion wars
Hello World
I'm Ubuntu and I'm Linux.
What are you supposed to be?
Oh c'mon please...
Any complaints?
You are the farest thing from Linux there can be.
You are only good to be used by wannabe hackers
who don't even know what a swap partition is.
So what?
Users don't need to know technical details.
They don't have to be experts.
They just need a simple working environment
with an intuive graphical interfache that...
Wait! Can you explain why
do you change name for each graphical interface?
Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubunutu...
Are yoy some kind of schizophrenic?
What's going on?
He said I'm not a true Linux.
Of course you are!
Ignore him.
Hi Deb.
Hi Slack.
How are you?
Have you recently had any new release?
I'm working on it.
As ususal.
Take it easy.
I don't want you to be rushed into it.
I have a new release every six months.
My son
be a good boy
and one day I'll teach you how to log in as root.
Why don't you teach him also to compile,
since you are at it?
Oh yes!
You use apt.
You like everything on a silver plate.
Look, I could also teach YOU to compile.
What do you know about compiling?
But you exagerate!
I do not exagerate, I do optimize.
If you are pleased with second class performances it is not my fault.
None of us spend two days to install.
Efficiency takes time.
What about the user?
He cannot wait two months to install a packet.
User friendly distros...
I almost miss Mandrake.
Hey! Have you had it with my mom?
No no... It was only a manner of speaking.
Tell me, do you have any problem?
I have no problem at all,
I don't use RPMs.
Mind that we come off well with RPMs.
you really make a cat laugh.
What are YOU doing here?
You should look at yourselves.
You are only able to argue about who is the best distribution.
You spend all your time fighting each other
instead of understanding what the market really asks for:
a stable and safe system.
What do you know about stability and safety?
Users don't care about that stuff like source code.
It is not what they want,
nor what they need
usually users don't have the slightest idea
of what they want or need.
It is useles to waste time with these philosophical discussions
leading nowhere.
If you don't come to an agreement
with the comerical needs of companies
you'll nerver...
No wait...
Form me it's better this way.
Keep on killing yourselves with your own hands.
Thank you very nuch.
Klling ourselves?
Actualy I feel really...
But.. but... you are naked!
I mean... you are clothless!
And if I want diskless too.
But.. but.. this is... this is...
I feel bad.
..eel ba.. ba.. ba..
Here. He crashed.
Now we have to reboot him.
Excuse me... Can't we leave him as it is?
Anyway, with the comerical needs of companies,
I feel at ease.
So do I.
You, sell outs.
Who said you can't earn anyhing form opensource?
You have to count on enterprises to gain something.
You don't get anything from the home desktop.
I don't think so.
Everybody stand still!
What's up?
There is somebody here.
Why are you here?
You, illegitimate son of Unix!
I'm visiting my unlucky little brothers.
Very caring!
will you accept a suggestion?
You shuld put aside your envy.
You are good in what you do
and you do right to be proud of it.
It is not your fault you don't match up to perfection.
to my...
And to your modesty.
I get the better of you in any field:
I'm stable,
user friendly,
You can also find me on mobile devices!
You can only dream something like that.
Talk for yourself!
I can't believe what I'm hearing
Admit your inferiority.
It is not dishonorable
and you'll be taken more seriously.
You have no possibility of getting the results I achieved.
Do you have any idea of how many users I have?
And of the innovations I introduced?
You have no chance to match me .
It's bett...
Oh... Thank you very much.
Now, listen to me.
None of us intend to question your merits.
But despite of your supposed superiority
there is still something you are not able to provide:
the total...
The total freedom on one's own system.
A software development model which is...
I was about to say it.
Where was I?
and based on the sharing of..
Can I talk?
Not to mention changes in source code
and the opportunity of redestribute it.
Which other operating systam does allow you something similar?
Excuse me...
Did you call me?
BZFlag Lan Party?
Gimme two minutes and I install it.
Here I am.
Gimme half an hour and I compile it.
This video is dedicated to LinuxVar.