How To Fix A Broken Computer Screen (Gadget Girl)

Uploaded by GadgetGirlShow on 09.06.2011

Hey guys, this is Amber with GadgetGirl and this past spring break when I
was traveling I did something really stupid.
I left this tiny, barely visible cap to my wireless adapter on my keyboard,
closed my laptop on it and shattered my screen.

Well after Apple gave me a repair estimate
of $600 to replace a screen for
a Mac Book Pro barely a year old (with no protection plan I might add) I
did a little research and here are my choices:

$300.00 option: Replacing the screen. Go on
eBay and find an LCD
replacement for my model laptop and pay some yahoo I met on Craigslist to
replace the screen for me. Its not happening.

$150.00 option: Go on eBay and find an LCD
replacement for my model laptop
which I did for 150, watch a You Tube Video on how to replace the screen.
I watched the video and my head nearly exploded. Way too many screws.

$100 option: Go to a
computer repair shop and have my drive taken out and
placed into an enclosure so that I can use it as an external drive.
Definitely a possibility.

Free Option: Plug the laptop into into my TV and access my drive
there. All I need is a standard VGA cable. And surf from the comfort of my
own couch. I’ll go with the free option.

To learn more about hooking your laptop
into your TV, check out Howcast’s
Tutorial video on You Tube. Its straightforward and easy to follow.

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idea for me, please share-drop me an email at or leave me a comment below.

I’m Amber with your Geek Tweak of
the Week.