Top 5 Android Games for Nexus 7 Androidizen

Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 05.10.2012

Hello everyone. OK, here we are with Rovio's latest creation, it's called Bad Piggies.
The pigs from Angry Birds have now got their own game.
It's a little bit of a physics based puzzle, a little bit like Amazing Alex, kind of a fusion
between the two. So here's an example level for instance, what you have to do is
a contraption that will allow the pigs
to collect various objects that they're interested in.
So there I've assembled a vehicle
and now I've got some controls that I can use
to move the pig
to get various
objects that it wants.
The faster you do the level the better,
you get more bonuses etcetera.
It's the classic Angry Birds formula changed up slightly.
So what you have to do is try and work out what you're going to need
to get your piggy
what it's looking for.
It;s got that sort of Angry Birds classic Rovio style
quite humorous and
playing with physics gameplay there as well.
Really really good fun,
really good fun.
Free on the Playstore now so no excuse for not downloading this and
spending hours and hours playing it.
Hello everyone. Here we are with Granny Smith.
This is a cracking little title.
So the idea is you are Granny Smith.
Someone is trying to steal your apples and you're going to stop them.
Bring on lots of hilarious gameplay and a couple of really nice little twists.

You've got to time everything
and you have to beat
the burglar
to the apples.
Ooh! If you mistime something
you have to start over again on the level.
Devilishly simple,
quite difficult to master
like all great games.
What you have to do is turn Granny, so that she hits the slopes at the right angle.
Ooh! Just missed again.
This is a Tegra 3 title, so you will need to have
a fairly beefy tablet or a phone operating on Tegra 3 to use it.
The frame rate's just glorious and the whole game is just wonderfully silly.
There you see if you get a perfect landing
you can carry on building up speed
just gloriously stupid game. I love it.
And then at the end you get a replay that shows how well you were doing.
And includes every single one of your actions including really cool little
when you hit stuff.
For I think it was about £1
on the app store. Well worth it, really really good fun. I've been
playing it for about an hour or so
it's just hilarious.
Really really really stupid fun but it's nice to have a game that's kind of
Angry Birds-esque but graphically superior, do you know what I mean.
Finally, I think we're starting to see what the android platform is really all
about and NVIDIA have done a great job with Tegra 3, I have to say.
Go go Granny!
Hello Everyone. Here we are with a really interesting game from Glu Mobile.
It's called Indestructible.
It's basically a massive multiplayer
game to a point. It's four players,
you have a vehicle which you have weapons on
and you have to destroy the other cars which also have players.
The game does require an internet connection
For the multi player side of things for obvious reasons.
The control system
is pretty easy.
You kind of point the car in the direction you want to go, using this little white marker
and then your weapon
can fire in a 360 degree arc.
The first player to
five frags wins.
You can upgrade your vehicle over time or you can use in-app purchases to
basically buy the best car available, etcetera.
And weapon upgrades,
you have to buy fuel for your vehicle as well.
It's a very fast paced game
which I really, really enjoy.
You can see my energy bar up at the top there in orange.
dictates how much
laser power
I have to use.
If I don't have enough laser power, I can't fire my gun.
Simple as that.
Some guns have normal amunition like bullets,
others have lasers.
The graphics are really, really nice on it, sort of slightly shell
shaded style that I know Glu have been using in their games quite a bit of late
and it really works.
So if you get blown up you have to respawn.
Very, very fluid being played here on the Nexus 7.
All in all, a great game.
Hello everyone, here we are with
a fun game, Rayman Jungle Run. Basically it's Rayman if you remember it from the
consoles. A classic
sort of arcady character.
The idea for Rayman
get to the end of the level.
Rayman keeps running, you have to jump, every time he jumps
you jump off walls
and it keeps going, ooh, missed that one!
Has all of that Rayman sense of humour, sense of fun going on.
Really, if you played any of these on
the original consoles
really, really, great fun
really great fun.
And great to see these titles come across
or these characters, should I say, coming across onto more devices as well.
So on to the next level. Each level basically just goes one after another,
as you complete them,
and they get harder and harder as well.
Not all running levels, some involve having to fly,
jump etcetera
but they all feature the same kind of mechanics, you're constantly moving forward.
The game costs about £2 on the app store
and is available for all devices.
If you just want a fun diversion for a few hours you can't get much better.
The graphics are lovely as well.
Really cartoony. It's quite a good kids'
safe title as well, unlike some of the games I've reviewed
which tend to be a bit more on the gory side, this one you can quite happily hand it to
your three-year-old child and they will probably kick your ass at it.
That is Rayman.
You could just sit here for hours tapping away, it's so much fun.
As you can see,
I'm totally distracted by it.
Rayman, go get it now.
On the Playstore.
Hello everyone.
Here we are with a really interesting title.
It's called Horn
and quite frankly it is one of the most graphically stunning games
I've ever seen on a mobile device.
It's like a triple A title.
You're going to absolutely go nuts when you see the quality of this game.
So, what is it? Well, it's kind of like an adventure game.
So you have to move around the environment collecting objects, fighting bosses
and uncovering stories as you go.
There are puzzle elements
trapdoors to find

Just a really, really
clever game.
OK, so, here's me. I'm Horn.
Now in boss battles, you have to dodge
these enemies
and then strike them into their weak spots
and this is very very much like Infinity Blade.
You have to jump at the right time
perform special attacks if I can.
and trying to beat the boss. You can see his power
up at the top there

I'm a little bit far through the game now so I've got a grade of weapon that does fire damage
on every strike.
If you look at the environment it's so richly detailed.
There's a little bit of a Sonic the Hedgehog
thing going on which I won't spoil for you,
but a key part of this is
uncovering the story that's led you into this world.
Now, to actually move around the environment, you simply
slide your finger across the screen
and then you tap where you want to move to.
Look at that environment.
The first time I played the game I wasn't completely sure I wasn't looking at
cutscenes in pre rendered footage.
Absolutely stunning.
And the game just keeps bringing you back all the time
to the beautiful lush environments.
The gameplay is really good fun as well.
The environment is so richly detailed that it
really is quite breathtaking at times.
The puzzle elements can sometimes keep you ...
looking around, working out the next move.
Occasional slowdowns? Yes.
You can see it pause there. Usually it's when you are moving between areas.
You'll need to grab hold of ledges as you jump across longer distances
and so on.
Fail to make the jump
and you die.
Or end up at the bottom of a cliff and have to try it again.
The game's around £4
on the Playstore
worth every penny. I picked it up
admittedly when it was on the 25p deal for
one day
when they were celebrating 25 billion downloads from the Playstore at Google.
Not a bad little deal.
I really do hope they release this game for
more devices and not just Tegra 3 because the gameplay
is fantastic regardless of whether
you're looking at the graphical quality.
Well worth every penny
whether you paid 25p
or a fiver.
Great fun. Rarely do I keep playing a game to
uncover the story
but they hooked me in on this one. This is Horn.