El Gato Razurado (Parte 1 de 4)

Uploaded by familiadelbarrio on 06.07.2011

Noruego! Noruego, pay attention. Noruego! Fuck!
Noruego! Come on, fuckers, pay attention!
I'm leaving the money to pay the rent...
Leave that, Dr. House. You are crazy!
Focus, Noruego, gimme a fuckin' break. I'm sorry, Gaspar.
Mrs. Lame Ñongas is coming for the money.
This is fuckin' funny.
Isn't it, Abuelo?
Come on, fuckers, pay attention!
Yeah, yeah, Gaspar, we've heard you.
Fuckers, I will leave the money right here on the nightstand.
What the fuck!
Excellent recommendation, fucker. Thanks, Abuelo!
You know I think you're an asshole, but right now you didn't fail.
I told you, Abuelo, and you'll see that...What the fuck!
What is it?
What is it?who left this money there?
What are you talking about? OH, my...
Yeah, 50001 the account number: 6969.
Yeah, I want to order a girl, please.
Well, two girls 'cause I want to do a threesome.
Wait, Abuelo! What the fuck, asshole?
We don't know if it's ours, man!
Then, what do you want to do, asshole?
Why don't we go get some drinks and talk about it?
But we better take the money and take care of it, right?
Yeah, yeah. I mean, to take care of it.
Yeah, that's the grown up thing to do... And ethical.
Yeah, yeah, ethical!
Let's go, asshole.
Wait up, Abuelo. I just want to do something I always wanted to do.
It feels nice, right, Abuelo?
I don't know if it's wrong but I'm getting horny.
Rub your body against it, Abuelo. Rub it!
What the fuck!
Noruego, open up!
It's Mrs. Lame Ñongas, Abuelo!
She wants to fuck me for sure, Noruego! That's gross!
I don't know why she's here, but we have to protect the money!
Through the window, fucker!
Hurry up, abuelo! I'm coming, asshole!
You dropped some money.
Shut the fuck up, asshole!
I heard you in there, moron!
Give me a hand, Abuelo.
I'm not touching you, fucker. First, shave your ass.
What the fuck, Abuelo, hurry up.
You'll pay for this, son of a bitch.
Your turn, Abuelo.
Let's jump onto that truck, Abuelo!
We won't reach it, stupid!
Come on! No pushing, asshole!
We didn't reach it, Abuelo!
You fuckin orphan cocksucker.
What a night yesterday, abuelo.
I don't remember anything, asshole.
I just know I woke up with 20 pesos.
Try to remember. We went to a strip club, Abuelo.
Right, "The Shaved Cat".
A curious name, that's how they called my girl.
In those years, waxing wasn't used, but she always was...
Go and interrumpt you death mother, you son of a...
I don't think we went to a strip club, Abuelo.
What the fuck is that?
It's Gaspar, Abuelo.
Hello? Hi, Gaspar, how are...?
The money for the rent? What the fuck? What the fuck!
The one you left on the nightstand? You are an asshole, Abuelo!
I did nothing, and I would betray you anyway, asshole!
Ok, Gaspar. See you.
Gaspar is coming, Abuelo, what the fuck?
I don't fuckin' care. What the fuck is that!?
I don't know, why are you asking me? Oh, I remember now...
I swear I love you, Abuelo.
What the fuck, Abuelo! We spent all the rent's money on that cat, Abuelo!
It's fuckin awful! It's your fuckin' problem.
It's OUR problem!
I had nothing to do with it.
Of course you had! You were calling some whores.
Shut up! You were the first one to...
I told you to shut up! What are we going to do, Abuelo!
Don't shout at me, asshole!
Sorry, Abuelo.
Let's give the cat back.
You are a genius, Abuelo! We'll get our money back and pay the rent. Fuck yeah!
Noruego, gimme the money for the... Fuck, a rat!
What the fu....
Die! die! Die!
What the fuck!
What is it, fuckers? Do you seen how you have the apartment?
We have rats!
At least, take the trash out.
And gimme the money so I pay the rent. You can't do anything.
We are fucked, Abuelo!