1966 Cobra Dream Machine - BIG MUSCLE

Uploaded by drive on 31.05.2012

So when we originally came up with the idea for Big Muscle,
we had two goals in mind.
One, to showcase some of the baddest
muscle cars on the planet.
Two, to showcase them driving, which is exactly what we're
going to do today.
I'm out of coffee.
So what we're thinking is coffee cup number two is going
to come from Santa Cruz, California, which is about 100
miles away from where I live right now.
So stay tuned for a great Tuesday morning on Big Muscle.
So we've just finished a 100-mile run, down from San
Francisco to Santa Cruz, California.
I've got my second cup of coffee in hand, there's a '66
Cobra replica in the garage, and the Pacific Coast Highway
is one mile away.
Let's go have some fun.
So back in the '60s, Carroll Shelby was contracted to
develop a car that could beat Ferrari at their own game.
That car was this, the Cobra.
Granted, this one's a replica, but let me tell ya.
What he accomplished with this car was
nothing short of a miracle.
It's a real short wheelbase car.
So any input that you have through the steering wheel is
felt in the tires.
Transitions are very quick.
This one, manual brakes, manual steering, so you really
gotta be on your game.
It handles actually really, really well.
You just have to make sure you know how to drive it.
The suspension?
Well, [LAUGHS], it's pretty stiff.
But it should be in a car like this.
I mean, to be honest, there's no real reason for anybody to
own something like this except as a play toy.
It's completely impractical.
It gets absolutely no miles per gallon.
It can probably do somewhere in the 160 mile an hour range.
And if you crash, well, might as well kiss your ass goodbye,
because you got no shot.
These belts that I'm wearing right now?
They're for show only They're not going to do [BLEEP]
if we get waffled in this thing.
As you can see, it's an amazing day.
These backroads are outstanding.
We're in the country right now by Santa Cruz.
This thing, if anything is sleeping down here, I don't
care if it's human, animal, or insect, it ain't
sleeping any more.
No way.

10 years ago, my buddy Zach, his brother, and his dad
started a build, a 427 replica Cobra with a 428.
Makes about 450 horsepower.
The car weighs about 2,100, 2,200 pounds.
It's an absolute beast of a machine.
The car is not a finished product.
There's no paint on the car.
There's brake dust all over the wheels.
And the pipes have this really great patina to it.
The reason for that is it's a driver.
It wasn't built to be a show car.
It was built for a father and son's project, to enjoy and
just wrench on and play with.
And that's exactly what it is.
It's a blast to drive.
With the side pipes blaring, the wind in your hair-- at
least what I've got left of it.
It's an absolute joy to drive.

When you first get in this thing, you've got to keep
reminding yourself, you are in a machine that could kill you
at any given moment.
This is not a beginner car by any stretch.
I've driven a lot of high-horsepower stuff on
racetracks all over the United States.
I know what power is, and I know what you can do.
In a car like this, that only weighs 2,100, 2,200 pounds,
with 450 horsepower, you've got to be real, real careful
on this throttle, because it'll snap you around faster
than you can blink.
Now, it's kind of interesting that we're
driving this car today.
Because love him or hate him, Carroll Shelby did some
amazing things.
Granted, he's dead now.
And that kind of sucks, because we lost an icon.
But look what he left us!
He left us with cars like the Cobra.
The Cobra, the Daytona.
He left us with cars like input with the Viper.
His input stretches, my god, 50 years of automotives.
And the only thing that he did was make cars go fast.
Companies, race teams, individuals, they would look
to him to make anything that they owned go
the speed of sound.
It was unbelievable He really was an amazing man.
Now, some of his business practices, well, those were
questionable, from what I've heard.
However, you can't argue with stuff like this.
If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be here today on this
back country road in this amazing Cobra.


You know, there are certain people that go
to work every day.
And they sit behind a cubicle, and they go for their
five-minute cigarette break, or their coffee break.
That's their office.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my office.
So sorry I never became that lawyer, mom.
[LAUGHS], so sorry.

Cars like this were meant for days like this.
This is why these were built.
They were built because when you're working every day
during the week, and you're putting in your 40, 60, 80
hours, or whatever you work at whatever job you have, on that
Saturday afternoon or Saturday morning, you come out, you
take this out, and you beat the
ever-loving crap out of it.
That's why this car is here.
That's why it has 450 horsepower.
That's why it weighs 2,100 ounds.
That's why it's a five-sped, and rear-wheel drive.
The only thing it is is a big, massive hardon.
That's what this car is.
And I don't care who you are.
You could be the little librarian
from down the street.
She'd get in this car, her nipples would be like, whapam!

So it's about 7 o'clock, which means we've got about another
hour's worth of sunlight in a project car that, let's face
it, isn't really a project.
Sure, the fiberglass is cracked here and there, and
sure, the stainless is a little pitted.
But who cares?
I would rather drive this thing all day than numbers
matching anything.
The reason?
You can enjoy every hour and every mile you spend in it.
In the 150, 200 miles that we put on this thing today, I've
learned what it does, what it doesn't do, how to drive it.
And it gets better and better and better with every single
mile that I put on it.
Having access to a 450-horsepower Cobra that's
basically a cartoon character on four
wheels gives you ideas.
It makes you want to do little, childish things One of
those childish things is doing donuts on the north shore of
California, in the sunshine.
I love this thing.

There are certain days in a car guy's life that they'll
always remember.
For some, it's going to be when they buy
that first new car.
For others, it's going to be when they finish that project.
For me?
I got to be honest with you.
This is one of those days.
Perfect weather, northern California, an outstanding,
outstanding Cobra that I literally fell
in love with today.
If you have that project in the garage, and it's not done,
and you don't want to bring it to that show because you're
afraid of the way it looks, don't even worry about it.
Get in it, start it, wrench on it, and drive it.
Don't save it for the next guy, and don't put it off for
that next week or that next month, when you think you're
going to finish it.
Because odds are you're not.
Get in it, start it, run it, burn out donuts, road trips.
Do whatever you want with that car, but do it now.
And come back next week for more Big Muscle on Drive.
10 years ago, my buddy Zach and his dad started building
this 196- sex ER repli--
Did I say "sex?" Yes.

Hang on, Sorry.
I don't know if you got my [BLEEP]ing
head getting whacked.--
I'm so not getting involved.
Come on, bring it.
Where'd he go?
Where'd he--
I'm like a ninja with this thing.
Marry an Asian, get the power.
That's how it rolls.
All right.