Ode to Ayahuasca (performance poetry by Andy Metcalfe)

Uploaded by AyahuascaSatsangha on 01.10.2012

She's called Mother Ayahuasca Sounds a little like "I'll ask her"
You see, she is a real being a spirit, a consciousness, a goddess - oh
yes She's a healer, a teacher, an oracle from
beyond You can ask her what you want
and she'll usually respond For you to listen, and reflect
Just don't expect you'll always like her answers
She doesn't try to please or tease not even a little bit
Instead, she'll cut right through your bullshit And by God, what a lot of bullshit you have
accumulated over a lifetime as it twists you and turns you and corrupts
you and always leads you away from the truth
And the truth is...You're a soul my friend An eternal being without beginning or end
A beautiful, pure, child of the divine You'll come to realise all in good time.
You see Ayahuasca's primary role is to lead you back to your soul
To show you, remind you, of the way back home
But for her to do that, she has to purge you of all that crap!
Puuuurge. This may sound a little horrid Didn't I tell you that you're really going
to vomit! Probably quite a lot, maybe you won't stop
But don't let that put you off.
Because as you purge out all your darkness and fears
And baggage collected over the years And all the seemingly unending pain
Out it all goes, so you can feel whole again Ready to start a new life, a new day
With love in your heart, and an urge to say "Yes! I get it! I am truly blessed
My life is healed from that horrible mess, Thank you Ayahuasca, Thank you"
You ask me "Who is she?" Well that's just another mystery
"Then where's she from?" Somewhere in the great beyond
A place where humans don't yet below A place we've forgotten, remembered
only in ancient myths and songs But she's come to help us get back there
To show a humanity in crisis that it can heal and repair
That we can unite together and all play fair
She shows us that the world really is a stage and that we can change the script, turn over
the page And all of us enter a new golden age
An age of peace and love and harmony Where we respect each other, and not just
So come, join us, join our tribe We're the rainbow warriors
that were once prophesised And we'll change the world
and everyone's lives And build a new system
so that all of us can thrive
And we'll create a world free from torment and pain
Free from darkness and fear and egos gone insane
Then we can all just love one another again
So drink the medicine, drink the brew Let her do what she needs to do
To purge you, heal you, and awaken what's true
Shatter your paradigms and change your views Do the work, and start a new
We're waiting Are you ready?
It's up to you....
You can start by joining me in Peru!