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The year 786 of Rome during Tiberius Caesar's reign ...
the Roman Empire extends to Palestine.
The province is ruled Galilee the tetrarch Herod Antipas,
son of Herod the Great.
And Judea by Praetor Roman Pontius Pilate.
The people of lsrael is no longer a free people.
But the holy city, Jerusalem,
retains all its glory and all of its prestige.
Come to it the paschal feast
Hundreds from all over of thousands of pilgrims.
The church, recently rebuilt holds in the sun
the solemn majesty their cloisters,
its arches, its columns, Marble facades,
their roofs of gold ...
Large trials are According to the Sanhedrin,
the Senate of the Jewish nation ...
in which the priests intellectuals, namely the scribes
the nobles, or princes of the people ...
Under the chairmanship of High Priest Caiaphas
They met in the ninth day the month of Nisan
that day to the centuries Christians call Palm Sunday.
Is almost beyond d ela law Do you still have to discuss?
No huh?
This man does not hurt, doctrine is the doctrine of love.
But it is false, the fault Galilee is in ferment.
I've said, is a trickster.
They say it works miracles.
Raised Lazarus from Bethany, you know.
We guardians of the law.
We want respect.
If you do leave, all believe it will have taken too long.
People want to proclaim King
It has to stop.
And yes, people come to meet and comes to Jerusalem.
In this case, we should not expect wait Woe to those who confuse!.
But do not dare to enter the city.
He laughs at us, It is with the rabble
Come, King proclamémosle ¡!
¡Go to meet him!
This is the big day lsrael.
But what?
What happens?
What is Jesus of Nazareth!
Come on! ¡Apurémonos!
Was last night in Bethany.
Is on its way, be found.
Put down the road, or will no longer be available.
The King of Israel!
Is the King? What King?
Jesus of Nazareth!
Did Jesus of Nazareth? Who is it?
Who is it? But where you come from?
From beyond the desert.
Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah proclaimed by the prophets.
Raises the dead, gives sight to the blind ...
Gives orders to the winds, a storm ...
Here, here! we shall see the king, happen here,
- He has healed me. - He will heal me.
He will heal me ... He will heal me ...
Go on, seize your victory.
Let us be the first.
I think that is the Messiah!
What is a revolt? But what expected the Sanhedrin to intervene?
Oh! Jesus of Nazareth is stronger than the Sanhedrin.
Watch fear.
Jesus of Nazareth is stronger than the Sanhedrin!
There it is!
Fucking mob!
Is already here.
He was right: it is now too late.
We must arrest him.
With all this crowd? With these Galileans exalted?
It was not necessary to wait until today.
Now I want King
¿King? Want to know what will then Rome?
... Used to take away the last remnants of freedom.
... enjoy the Pilate.
Calms down.
But to make the cohort is prepared to intervene.
The Prophet likes the crowd.
but .. I have been informed it is not dangerous.
We'll see ...
There may be riots.
Excellent opportunity for intervene ...
and dispose of Caiaphas and the panda of the Sanhedrin.
So send us.
Is it true that he is the Messiah announced by the prophets?
What prophets?
The prophets inspired by Jehovah.
Ah, what do they say?
That the Messiah will come, that do justice in accordance with the truth.
To heal the sick, to resurrect the dead.
And how do you know that?
But he is despised, led to the death as a criminal.
Moves into the atrium.
Hosanna to the King of Israel! - Hosanna!
- Hosanna! - Hosanna!
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!
- Blessed! - Hosanna!
Teníais reason to believe in him, ye its apostles see what triumph.
He calls us his friends.
Pedro, you'll have the keys to the kingdom.
He said, you'll the one percent.
Oh that lucky! The mother of this child!
But what does?
What are you waiting for?
This is precisely the time to crown.
All are ready for acclaimed King Why do not they dare?
Will talk about the triumph and mentions the death.
And his resurrection.
... resurrection ...
This Galileo is a dreamer.
Terminate in a cross border of a road.
And who will pay it expensive?
I thought we did not no longer enter.
I know you! I have seen in Bethany that Jesus of Nazareth.
Do you think that really is the Messiah?
In your place, I do not metería in such matters.
... nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom.
There will be earthquakes, famines,
but this will only be the beginning of the experiment.
But vigilaos yourselves, I rolled up to the Sanhedrin.
You will be flogged in the synagogues ...
... to bear witness of me.
Scream Who is this?
I do not give him more than by sixth penny.
But this is not a King, is a charlatan.
The chatter is not afraid.
The crowd is changing.
Yesterday the acclaimed morning stoned. There is dishonor in front of it all.
Yesterday felt that their popularity had finished ...
... then see how people surroundings and how you listen.
Yes, yesterday I had disappointed the people, and now here they are, still waiting.
- What? - What?
"My house ...
... is a house of prayer ... "
And you have made a den of thieves.
It is a provocation for all of us.
Very soon we will attack
Gives orders, expelled traders ...
I got the post at the entrance very expensive, and I was expelled.
And the crowd takes advantage of the turmoil to steal the crates.
I call justice, to arrest this man.
My sheep have escaped, I'm in the ruin.
We called snakes.
breed of vipers.
Cried: Woe unto you, woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees!
Go and ask if necessary pay taxes to Caesar?
Yes, yes.
But why? It is not know how to think.
I have to pay taxes to Caesar? preguntádselo.
But before the whole crowd, if he says no, it is disobedience to Rome.
We denounce Pilate rid us of him.
If yes, the people see in him a friend of Rome.
... and an enemy of Jewish freedom.
Give me a coin.
Who is the image? And the inscription?
Of the Caesar!
Dad, then, to Caesar what is Caesar and God what is God
Nothing to do pledge not cunning.
Not succeed more than by force.
Does the force? But he does spells.
They say it has risen the daughter of a widow.
Seems to have a strange power
Who knows what to do if the face ...
What if someone handed?
I know one its a banda!
A follower named ... Judas lscariote.
was upset with him because expecting an important place
in his famous kingdom. Afraid of being committed
and if ...
I want to see this man.
Thursday, 13 Nissan
What I say is for your interest.
I like nice, more coupons that the other disciples,
fishermen, farmers, people of all, But you're committed, think ...
... you're smart, you can not expect anything from this adventure.
If you want to facilitate our task and if you're short of cash ...
"Sell what you have and give to the poor ...
then come, follow me. "
"My Kingdom is not of this world."
"Love your enemies, do good those who hate you. "
"If you want to take your cross."
- Hosanna to the Son of David. - Hosanna!
- Hosanna to the King lsrael! - Hosanna!
"I spit, I hit, take me to death.
But when raised on the cross draw all men unto me. "
"Os persiguirán for my sake ..."
"You're committed, think about it "
"We can not expect anything This adventure ....»
Yes, I will give it.
Are you sure? Nothing to worry about right?
¿No miracle?
How much?
How much will I give unto?
I quit my job for him, I left everything ...
Carver was ... and now I have nothing.
Well .. thirty denarii is a slave, is the price.
You think so?
You will have 30 denarii.
30 denarii ...
Here is a preparation, Maestro is already with the disciples.
I knew a friend Hospedaria to eat the Passover.
He ardently desired eat this Passover with you
before leaving.
As I have said, not eating more until the kingdom of my Father.
In truth I tell you ...
... One of you will betray me.
- What? - It is not possible, sir!
Who speaks?
What saith the Lord?
- We all love, and he knows it. - How could we betray?
Who is Lord?
The one who gives this piece of bread ...
What you do, do it soon.
While all you leave I would not do it.
In truth I tell you, Peter ...
Tonight, before cockcrow, You have denied me three times.
even if you were to die, I do not deny.
- We will not leave you ever. - Although we are living expenses.
Immediately be in Gethsemane, spend the night there,
other times.
Is there any danger?
Nothing seems worried. Do not talk to his death.
Well, wait here.
Wait in the lobby.
Well, we're not going to arrest him?
¿Arrested? We can not imprisoned for the holidays.
Are Galileans are so noisy ...
If arrested, we must judge and run immediately.
Just call the Sanhedrin.
Yes, but Pilate ...
Roma only has the right to death. What authority have we?
Pilate certainly will not object.
We have to explain, going to see it.
"He is the author of disorder and cause of sedition,
will be beheaded, or be crucified, and deported to an island,
according to the dignity of his rank. " This is the text of the law.
Do not ask more than implementation.
If there is danger, however, Let us
I will do so and driving arrest you tomorrow morning.
- We reiterate our ruling? - Yes, yes.
To stop and prevent events send soldiers.
give orders.
Father, if you want, this cup away from me.
But to do your will, and not mine.
Do you sleep?
What!, You have not been able to watch with me one hour?
Quick, go!
Pretor submitted by the guards, be found.
That prophet resent.
Not by the state who fear, it themselves.
For instead, they fear losing.
If this man is really Messiah, the cast,
as traders began to Temple.
And you, Representative César
the game to do that yourself consider scoundrels of the Sanhedrin.
You've promised them validate the decision.
They want to condemn it to death.
But what you care that galileo?
When the crowd cheered or you watch.
I do not know, but then I was told about it.
has healed the sick, has risen dead ...
¡.. Is a saint!
You have everything you the power of Rome.
You come to the village and are Pretor Judea, gives a proof of authority.
Caiphas is your subordinate.
Simply power giving each year.
Do not be fooled as a child.
Arise, go!
The time has come. Already on which betray me.
I kissed him, prendedlo.
Cheers, Maestro!
Friend ... ¿Betray me with a kiss?
Who is your quest?
Jesus of Nazareth.
I am.
But Who is your quest?
Jesus of Nazareth.
I have already said that I am.
Soon! Soon!
The strings, strings Bind him, Bind him.
If it is me who are looking for, let go to others.
Well, this is already decided I promise to Pilate.
Soon everything will be over.
I lead the Nazarene as of Annas.
Until we all here.
... So, you do miracles?
Are we taking by children?
You put against the law.
Do not have anything to say?
Let him enter.
But ..! if thou art of those with the man arrested?
I have not ever known.
I am sure you were with the Galilean, I've seen.
I tell you do not know.
- Come on, that is the time. - Come on.
What this woman wants from me?
Thou art a Galilean, guess is in your accent.
But no, I do not know what you mean.
You have him in Gethsemane cut off an ear of Malchus.
No! I swear I do not know this man.
The atrium. Come on!
Come on!
Bringing here.
Quiet there.
They told me they professed a new doctrine.
¡Let's see!
I'm here to listen!
What to teach?
I have spoken openly to the whole world. questions to which I have heard.
So to answer the High Priest?
If I have spoken evil, show me what ...
If I spoke well, Why hit me?
Where are the witnesses?
Witnesses in the first place.
I listened.
Said ...
What does he say?
He would destroy the Temple. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard myself.
And then ...
... That would make another.
- Another? - Yes, a new church.
yes ... in three days, he said.
He said he destruría the temple?
No, no, no, said destroy this temple Built by the hands of men.
reharé and in three days.
It is blasphemy. The temple is the house of the Lord.
Threatening to the temple! is threatening to God!
Do not respond to what say against you?
Answer! Answer!
You spell the living God, to tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God?
If you say, I believe.
So you are the Christ, the son of God?
You said, I am.
He has blasphemed!
There is no need for further witnesses.
All have heard the blasphemy.
He deserves death.
Yes! The death!
The death!
The death!
Fast, llevémosle as Pilate.
I leave to your care, answer him.
Hey, Prophet, who hit you?
We are no longer here with your Galileans ...
... you're in Jerusalem, resignarte you ....
Who knows what he's up to the prophets?
If the prophet is wrong, we killed him.
For this to be done quickly ...
It's cold!
Fortunately, soon have finished everything.
What nonsense! risk of cold ...
... just because it's Easter ...
... and they are impure ..!
A major difference between Romans and Jews.
We are the Romans, we are already pure ....
Bring the man here.
What accuse this man?
If it was not a criminal, would not have brought.
Well, you encerradlo ...
juzgadlo ... and according to your law.
But we have no power condemned to death.
What you accuse?
It's against our laws and yours.
- Excites people to revolt. - Proclaims the Messiah.
Prohibits paying tribute to Caesar.
But if everything was fixed!
I do not understand anything, he promised me ...
Are you the King of the Jews?
My Kingdom is not of this world.
But, however you are a king?
You said it, I am king
And I came into the world to witness to the truth.
What is truth?
- Pilate mocks us. - And the promise of last night?
Time passes, people will come.
Here you need help, the square is not large,
We can fill it with ours.
Yes, meeting friends, all Temple workers.
I have questioned and I find no fault in him.
I bring evidence against this man.
- Encouraging the revolt. - The people revolted.
Prohibits the payment of taxes.
But responding, Defend! Do not understand the gravity of the accusation?
I say that this man Galilee has risen.
Now turn the revolt in Judea.
Have you the Galilee? Is a Galilean?
It was Nazareth in Galilee.
Then it is a subject of Herod. Herod is here for Easter.
Take it to the tetrarch.
- Oh, it's a comedy. - Why send him to Herod?
- Herod has no jurisdiction here. - Pilate wants to gain time.
Together with the people!
Follow my instructions, Right?
- Say it in order of Caiaphas. - Roger.
búscame later.
Stay quiet Caiphas pay, see you soon.
Caiphas is order, and also ... something to gain.
You come along with some friends, will be paid at all.
Caiaphas said that if one dies save everyone else.
Hey, come on. To win you know!
I can not understand this change.
Last night, I promised ratify the sentence,
and this morning ... is incredible.
Speak, then, of Tiberius.
Romans who want to give these scared, fear Caesar.
Pilate is the position, not want to earn exile.
Talk of Tiberius.
I saw this Galileo ...
... Attorney sentenced him ...
and suddenly, at night ...
ruin ...
and death ...
Do not be condemned!
We must ... We must warn the prosecutor.
We must ... Give me my tablet and stylus.
Seems to have done so lead to what Herod.
He says that he is the Messiah!
And the son of God! King of the Jews!
Enough, enough. Your accusations are not ...
But he said ... I said enough!
Bring me to this prophet.
Pilate probably sent it to me to make me happy ...
An opportunity for reconciliaros ...
It is said that the prophet is John the Baptist ...
It is said that even Juan Baptist resurrected ...
For a moment, I thought it was.
But I was not attacking me.
But you called fox!
That is not an insult!
You'll see! He said: "Tell that fox expelling the demons ...
... and cured the sick. "
Well, then what you do here!
The Sanhedrin accuses you ...
¿You create problems?
Hear you say ...
Do not respond worthy ...
I see no crime in you.
He says he is the son of David.
And rose to the Galilee ...
Galilee, Galilee ... these are my issues.
Come closer.
Come on, Come on!
There was so much that he wanted conocerte.
Why you have called me fox eh?
So it is true that 've done miracles?
Resurrected dead.
Is it true?
Do you have a strange power?
Do not be afraid, here you are among friends.
And without modesty, show us a miracle.
Cure my son.
No, no, do appear to hell.
It is a good opportunity to show your power.
Cure my son butler.
Or do appear to Beelzebub.
You miss the demons that must be able to invoke it.
- He despises you, is a rebel. - Shut up!
Come on, proves them wrong.
Make a miracle. If you're a miracle worker ...
... try it.
Or change his scepter in a snake
Here it is.
Absolutely nothing to wait on you.
your reputation is compromised.
Try to disappear before us, and is free.
And this is stirring ...
... the destroyer of public power, Caiphas terror ...
... fear of the Sanhedrin ... It is not only a dreamer!
But keep it to say King I'm not jealous.
Within a few days Say no more of this.
And now gone, I had enough.
King of the Jews, your mantle.
The return to the Praetor.
Arrest has been made.
Yes, and we condemn it.
But how to return to Galilee?
We had promised the kingdom ...
Yes, we were expecting so much ...
Even Herod found no crime in this man.
Nothing has done to deserve death.
Send it struck, and then let off ...
Death to him!
Let be crucified!
But what has made evil?
Let be crucified!
This man is just.
That nothing between you and him.
I was in a dream because of him.
It is customary that I release a prisoner for the Passover.
We have here a bandit called Barabbas.
Who want free? To Barabbas or Jesus called Christ?
- Barabbas! - Barabbas!
Death to him!
Who is whipped.
Have I yelled cool?
To me!
I have sinned to deliver blood from a fair.
The king of the Jews!
For all the king of the Jews!
To the king a throne.
Here we have a cloak!
And a crown!
Do not let it condemn, You promised me.
But complacerte and save it, I can not arriegarme an exile.
Exilio ¿?
Accuse me in front of Tiberius.
What are you afraid? You're the boss.
In addition I had promised ...
Listen, I will not have any responsibility of the sentence.
Do not assume.
- The Prophet! - The Messiah!
Te saludo Messiah save!
Hail, King of the Jews.
Behold the King!
He is crowned!
King, King!
Behold the man.
What is crucified!
Here what you have, you juzgadlo, I was innocent.
if release to betray Caesar.
We demand respect for the law.
Proclaiming that any King they rebel against Caesar.
Does not require us to appeal to Caesar.
Let him carry the cross!
And ajusticiaré to your king?
We have no other king, Caesar.
I am innocent of the blood this fair. Are your actions.
Drop your blood on us, and on our children.
- Yes! - Yes!
Writes, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."
Do not write that the king of the Jews.
Writes that said "I'm the king of the Jews."
What I have written is written.
Going to the cross.
The words of the written have not liked.
Is what I wanted ...
Now put on the cross Dimas y. .. that other band ...
Will escort the King of the Jews.
Be crucified Jesus of Nazareth.
Did Jesus of Nazareth? But what evil has he done?
Is returned to me before.
Jesus of Nazareth! King of the Jews! King of the Jews!
Master! ¡Sanam! ¡Sanam!
Do you see.
Make them walk.
- Must carry his cross to the end. - It's the law.
You say our King.
Thou, false Messiah ...
You took the cross and follow.
No, it is to him.
- Yes, that's it. - Yes, that's it.
My Son!
Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me ...
but for yourselves ... and for your children.
The town is completely us.
Is the mother of Jesus.
Forgive them for they know not what they do.
Woman, behold your son.
Son, behold your mother.
- You who saved others. - It's time for a miracle.
If you're the king of Israel, down from the cross.
If you believe in it descends.
A woman and a peasant that is what it is.
His mother.
The adventure is over.
- We must leave here now. - Yeah, come on.
The land ... bulle.
Jesus, remember me, when you're in your kingdom.
In truth I tell you ...
... today will be with me in Paradise.
Into your hands I commend my spirit.
Truly this man was the son of God
The veil was torn.
God leaves our Temple.
If that is the Messiah We crucified ...
Joseph of Arimathea asked for the body.
He offered his own new tomb to bury him.
Beware of the disciples of the dead ...
Would be able to steal and say that he had risen.
Seal rock and asked soldiers to Pilate.
Fear appears to be ...
Seems to have said they will rise again in three days.
Sunday, 16 Nisan.
Which you seek is not here.
Has risen.
Go and tell His disciples and Peter you will see.
Thus, confesáis that you were asleep?
And his disciples? Do your friends?
They came at night and entered the tomb, right?
But we were awake.
So what happened?
But we have already said ..!
... moved the stone itself.
There was a beam of light, a rumble of thunder.
They came to steal the body at night ...
and you dormíais, Have you understood?
They came to steal the body at night.
It's too late! Who is it?
Open, came to Emmaus!
- The Lord has appeared to Peter. - Also with us.
We were coming to Emmaus when suddenly there was someone ...
What are you talking while andáis?
You're the only one in Jerusalem ...
... who does not know what happened there?
What happened?
Do they not know Jesus of Nazareth?
As evening approached, there was to eat with us.
And then they saw us and what are ...
Peace be with you.
Why are you worried?
Really I am, look.
Yet I will stay here a little time ...
... and we will again in Galilee.
Ehhh, come on, Help.
Simon John, Do you love me?
Lord, you know well that I love you.
Feed my lambs.
Simon John, Do you love me more than these?
Lord, you know well that I love you.
Feed my lambs.
Simon John, Do you love me really?
Lord, you know everything. You know I love you.
Feed my sheep.
Go and teach all nations ...
... I am with you every day until the end of time.
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