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Hello and welcome to the Tuesday Show
if you're not familiar, my name is Philip DeFranco
and this show really isn't a show it's just me talking about some
of the stuff that mattered in the news to me starting with
marriage has scientifically been proven to suck
yep, more specifically a new study followed
10,000 people for 22 years and
found that woman tend to gain
a lot of weight after the first two years of marriage
the Ohio State University study says that it's
most likely because woman all the sudden get all these
new responsibilities, like cooking and cleaning
and sandwich making
not even considering babies, we're talking about a normal couple
that's married, doesn't necessarily kid yet
because you know they want to enjoy their lives
because no offence to parents who have children
and love them, you know what's more awesome than that
jet skis followed by weird
sex and no one crying in my house
that's way better, men on the other hand actually get
a health benefit from marriage, in fact
men only tend to gain weight after divorce
main point the only way to guarantee that
you will be forever be pretty is to never get married
or at least that's what I'm going to tell my girlfriend
speaking of marriage, we move onto the story of Will Smith
and Jada Pinkett Smith now getting seperated
after 13 years of marriage
and honestly it's kind of shocking, it's one of the biggest
celebrity split ups since, I don't even know
many newspapers and bloggers going
back to old school Will Smith interviews where Will was like:

or three: that's just some shit you say
when you're under 10 years of marriage
Pinkett Smith kind of saying the same thing
in 2009, "understand this there will be no divorce
I don't care if you're in one bedroom and I'm in another
but we're going to be under the same roof and we're going to married"
once again, stupid, why would you do that?
speaking as a former child of household
where the two people did like each other
worst idea ever, here is a fact about people
and life and relationships, people change
whether they go from liking skinny bitches
to big bitches, going from Christianity to Scientology
or just turning into an asshole, you never know
how people are going to change if your personality
will work with them. And obviously if you've ever loved someone
you want to make it work and I want to kick over
an old Seinfeld reference and that is
sometimes the only way to knock over a vending machine
is rock it back and forth a few times
and from there we move on to an update
about the late Amy Winehouse
Amy's family is now saying toxicology reports
have come back and they are clear
of all drugs, or rather what they actually said
was "no illegal substances"
the tests did indicate that alcohol was in her
system so that pet theory that her family
had that she was going through alcohol withdrawl
is null and void, secondly
it seems that Scotland Yard hasn't even seen these reports
the information is coming from a family
that said Amy Winehouse hasn't been on drugs
in 3 years, and I'm not trying to lessen
the memory of Amy Winehouse, I believe
that people should look to drug addicts and go
"Oh that is a problem that we should handle"
it's a disgusting thing, it's a terrible thing, but it's something that can
be stopped, what I'm saying is stop
lying about it, you can't fix a problem
unless you address there is a problem
that is just a fact about life and we move on
to Libya, yesterday we talked about how Libyan
rebels had rushed into Tripoli
tons of people taking to the streets shouting
"Down with Gaddafi!" then Gaddafi and his regime
sending out message to the tribes
requesting help, come back and fight
for your country, and today there was fighting
which is to be expected, even if
10% of the population of Tripoli supports Gaddafi
Tripoli contains 2,000,000 people
easy, that's a lot of possible people
and so Tripoli was filled with gun fire
and fighting, but then something big happened
Libyan rebels have now raided
Gaddafi's compound and there seems to be
little resistance, but the big thing
was Gaddafi there? as of yet, no one has comfirmed that he was there
and if he had any common sense
or can see anything coming, he wouldn't be there
and really the big question, how long will the
fighting last if Gaddafi
was not even standing his ground, does that regime
have any legs, and it could be on it's way down?
either way we will keep you updated
remember the Philip DeFranco Show, Monday to Thurday
so be sure to check back and we move onto our final story of the day
and that is the welfare problem in the United States
a lot of people have recently come out about
welfare reform, that was about
15 years too late
welfare reform of course put through by Bill Clinton
to boil down what it kind of did
is the Federal Government took these huge chunks of money
threw them at the states and said :Hey give your people welfare
but they're going to be limited to 5 years of welfare
also if you think that 5 years is too long
you can cut down the amount of time
that you can help people out on welfare and so many states have
cutting it down to three years
Arizona most recently cutting it down to two years
and I want to preface everything I'm about to say by saying
I do not have all the answers
really no one does, welfare is a very complicated situation
one of the main reasons it is a prolbem
is 14,000,000 people are currently out of work
meaning that as of right now, there are
4 times the amount of people
that need a job than jobs that are available
also welfare is thing is that is heavily abused
the people that do need do not get it enough
and the people that don't need get it too much, there is a huge
difference between people that need it and just
lazy people, problem is there is no real
way to actually tell the difference
you have a system, no matter how you change
the numbers, that is going to suck
my big problems with welfare are
that I've known families and people from
those families that have gone out to jobs
and said in the interviews, "do not hire me"
I have another two years of my welfare
I'm going to run that out, I'm annoyed by people that are
too proud to have shitty jobs
when I talked with a lot of you this morning on twitter about
this a lot of you were like "Yo, my dad
my grandpa, my mom they worked
as janitors, they took like the shittiest jobs
to support us, and that is a real human being
so the question of the day today to you guys:
How would you change the welfare system?
once again, I do not know everything, probably don't even need to say that
you know that, but I would one:
make it so that part of the aid or additional aid
would go to people that want to learn new skills community college
two: required drug tests for people on welfare
and then if you wonder "Hey who's going to administer the drug test
that cost money!" well good hire that person that has no job
to administer drug tests to people that don't have jobs
if we built roads and monuments to get out of
World War 2, we would could easily hire
people to test for drugs now
that's so sad, but drug test,
if not only just to make sure people have their eye
on the prize and they're not wasting
the government's money and a few other things
but I might save that for a vlog, I'd love to know what you think
so leave those comments down below
agree, disagree, let me know
but guys that's really everything that mattered to me this Tuesday
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