Reviewing Piano For All - Whats in the box

Uploaded by BeginnersPiano on 21.12.2008

Hello... Andy here again.
Now you might have seen some of the
reviews we have on our websites on
home study piano courses.
You might have read the reviews
and you might even have been to
some of the sales pages of some of the products.
You'll get to the end of the sales page and you'll wonder...
well... 'What is exactly in the box'
'what is it that these people are offering'
So what we are going to try to do here is
to show you as much as we can of what's inside
without offending the authors.
So here we go...
The product we're going to look at today is
'Piano For All'
Which is reviewed on our website here...
Now we'll go to the piano for all site
and you'll see the sales page here.
Get to the end of the sales page... and...
We'll click on the ordering options.
and you'll see that you can buy the books individually or download the whole package.
Don't even think about buying them individually...
$29.95 for one book...
or $39.95 for all 11 books.
so just go for the $39.95
Press the 'buy now button' and you get taken to the click bank secure order form.
very safe order form... reputable company.
Pay now
Then you get sent straight away to a download page.
Now the download page you'll get taken to is one that will look like this.
This is the piano for all download page.
And you'll see.. you can download the books individually...
or you can download the whole packet.
So once you've downloaded the files onto your hard disk,
You'll have downloaded them into a folder on your hard drive,
Here's the one I downloaded mine into.
So lets go ahead and open book 1 and take a look inside.
Here we are.
'Party Time' Rhythm style piano.
Now this book will take us from the absolute basics,
through to a fairly intermediate level really.
The first thing it teaches you is how to find the notes on the keyboard.
Then it goes on to teach you some basic chords.
Then it talks a little bit about musical notation.
how to read music...
As you go along you get taught different rhythms...
some more chords.
and throughout all of the books there are some practice sessions.
Now these are putting into practice the chords and rhythms
that you've been learning in that particular part of the book
So you may have noticed that throughout the book there are some
little speaker icons appearing...
Now this indicates that there is an audio file with an example of how to play
that particular exercise...
for example... we can click on this one..
and here we've got a little audio example of how these chords should be played.
and the rhythm they're supposed to be played in.
There are also some little video icons scattered throughout...
lets see if we can find one here.
There we are... so this is basically the same,
but its a video version.. click on this and you get the video.

So this is all I'm going to show you for this book..
If I show you any more I think the author will be upset with me.
Lets have a look at the rest of the books
Lets view the books a little differently here.
OK.. that was book one we just had a look at..
Lets take a look at book 2 - Blues and Rock'n'roll.
OK.. Here it teaches you some basic
blues and rock'n'roll chord sequences and riffs
how to play them...
it gives you lots of examples of songs to play...
and lots of basic blues and rock riffs.
Chord magic.. thats book 3...
now right at the very start of this book
you get taught the remaining chords.
Basically you are taught all 24 major and minor chords.
The basic chords that are used.
You are taught some techniques for remembering these chords...
You get taught how to play in inversions
and there's lots of practice sessions
on how to play the different chord progressions.
Advanced chords... now this is where it begins to get juicy.
We learn diminished.. augmented chords.. 7ths.. 9th..
lots and lots of practice...
lots and lots of chord progression practices.
we get taught inversions... how to spread your chords out across the keys
A more professional way of going from one chord to another
without it sounding amateurish
At the end of this book you really start bringing things together.
Tis is when you really start appearing like a professional piano player.
Book 5 - Ballad Style.
Just as it says.. Ballads.
It teaches you split chord methods..
it teaches you how to improvise a ballad under a melody...
very useful that is.
Very beautiful some of these ballads.
Easy to play... very effective.
Jazz piano made easy...
Now this is just amazing.
This teaches you some basic Jazz licks...
some basic Jazz riffs...
which you can play... and are very easy to learn
and they're just so effective
they're just so good...
it sounds like you've been playing the piano for years.
I love this book... lots of little exercises here.
Lots of riffs.
A few new chords and lots of practice sessions.
It goes through lots of Jazz Standards as well.

Book 7.. Advanced Blues...
Advanced blues riffs.
Lots of practice,,.
lots of chord sequences... just a little bit more advanced now.

Taming the classics.
Now this is interesting.
The first half of this book is dedicated to perfecting your ability to read music.
So you were taught basically how to read music in the first book...
It continues on from there.
It gives you a little bit more theory..
a little bit more music theory.
About half of the book is about reading music.
Now the second half of the book has got
some of the standard classics...
some of the standard beginners classics which actually sound quite effective.
It gives you tips about how to practice them, how to play them...
it talks about learning one hand and then the other hand and how to put them together.
By the end of this book you're playing pieces by Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Br ahms, Satie,
Some really nice pieces... quite easy to play
and it helps you with your reading as well.

Speed learning.
Now this is a very useful book.
Its probably the most useful book of the lot.
Its got lots of techniques for learning.
Memory tricks so that you can remember the scales.. the different chords
the fingering patterns.
Its got lots of workouts for different chords and for strengthening your fingers.
Its just a basic reference book really
Its got some blues practice in there as well
A really complete book...
I find this a really useful book to learn from .
The last book. the bumper resource book
is just what it says....
Its a book of resources....
its got book reviews, web sites,
it tells you all about electronic pianos, keyboards...
how to connect your keyboard to you computer...
midi software, recording software,
just a complete book of anything you need to know about
keyboards and piano playing... you can find it in there.
Quite a full book
And finally the bonus...
Increase your creative ability.
I'm not going to go into that...
its a good book, a good read...
but its a bonus. I'll leave you to discover that for yourself.
So that is what we have 'inside the box' of piano for all.
I hope this has been useful for you.
I hope it has helped you in finding out what was inside.
I always find it useful to know what Im buying before I actually make my payment.
So there you have it... I hope its been of use.
Thanks for watching... see you next time