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Hi guys, I'm David with Dance On, and I'm bringing you your
weekly recap of Breaking Pointe, a new show on the CW
which takes you back stage into the world of ballet.
Ballet West, a company in Salt Lake City, has allowed cameras
backstage for six weeks to let us viewers see all of the
drama that happens.
This week is the last week for the dancers to get back to
Adam, the artistic director of the company, to let him know
whether or not they're going to stay or go.
Ronnie, the blond motorcycle guy from last week, is having
some trouble deciding whether he wants to stay with Ballet
West, or whether he wants to leave.
Because if you remember last week, he got a first soloist
spot, which is sort made up.
And he thinks that he should be a principal dancer, since
he's already playing principal roles.
Meanwhile, Ronald doesn't know if should stay or go because
his girlfriend Katie got fired from the company, and he
doesn't know if he wants to stay with her or stay with his
career in the ballet company.
And then bam, we go into a montage of them dancing and
rehearsing and I already think this episode is much more
dance-heavy than last week.
And I'm very happy about that.
Rex is sort of distracted in rehearsal, and he's falling
out of his turns and losing his center.
Mainly because Allison is being pretty mean to him.
This might have something to do with the fact that Allison
once dated a guy named Jonathan, and the relationship
ended because he thought that she loved dance more than him.
And then apparently since this episode is just about Ronnie
never having his shirt on, we go into a physical therapy
scene where he get stretched, and then goes into a bathtub
with rubber duckies on the edge of it.
So Ronnie going home to call his sister, and he asks her
whether he should stay with the company, or whether he
should leave.
And she tells him he's been doing well there, and that he
should just say.
That he's just feeling homesick and a little bit
lonely, which he agrees with.
So he thinks he's going to think it over.
Back at Ballet West, the company's rehearsing "Petite
Mort," which is a very sexy, sensual ballet.
And the men are rehearsing with swords, which are symbols
for their manhood, if you will.
It was really cool to see the men rehearse with the props of
the swords, and hear Adam talk about how props can either
make or break your performance.
And it was really nice to see the guys just focusing and
sort of zoning in as they did this really interesting,
intricate choreography with the swords.
As we see Ronnie get really focused in rehearsal, it leads
into a scene where he does decide to sign his contract
and stay Ballet West, and continue his progress.
As the dancers are rehearsing for "Petite Mort," there's a
little cut scene where Allison is talking to her roommate
about going on a diet so that she won't look fat in the
small shorts.
And I am horrified, because in every single interview I
notice how tiny Allison is and how thin her little arms are.
And hear her talk about dieting just completely
horrifies me.
Then we cut to Rex and Ronald deciding that they're going to
visit their family in San Francisco.
So they go to California to visit their parents and their
three siblings, who are all dancers.
They have two sisters in the San Francisco ballet school,
and one brother, Raymond, who is in the San Francisco
ballet, who is gorgeous.
I mean, Rex and Ronald are good looking, but
Raymond is like wow!
It's a really good looking family.
Ronald's family, mainly his mom, tells him that he should
stay in the company.
And that he can deal with the relationship stuff later, but
he needs to get his career secure now, and he's on the
right track with Ballet West.
I think they're being very practical,
and I dig his family.
I think they're great.
A family of five dancers, that's incredible.
So yay, Ronald and Rex's family!
So then we get to the scene where Ronald has to tell Katie
that he's going to stay with Ballet West,
and sign his contract.
He sits her down on a bench, and it's all the same old
Ronald and Katie drama.
I think it's just-- it's already becoming a cliche, by
episode two, that Ronald and Katie are the
annoying reality couple.
So he sits her down and he tells her that he's going to
sign the contract, but that they're going to make it work.
And it seems, once again, staged or scripted.
Or like he's already told her, and they're sort of
re-enacting it or something.
I think the show's sort of trying to put them as the main
thing, with their relationship as the centerpiece, because
they've ended the first few episodes with relationship-y
stuff between the two of them.
And honestly, I think that's the most boring relationship
in the whole show.
So maybe they should try and center it around something
else, like maybe Beckanne, who hasn't been seen for the
entire episode.
Because I love Beckanne.
Episode three, bring in more Beckanne!
Anyway, overall I enjoyed this episode much more.
I think they had at least a little bit more focus on the
dancing, and I enjoyed seeing them rehearse.
They are an amazing ballet company, there's no question
about that.
It's just I think they need to focus more on the dancing, and
they're going in that direction, so I hope they keep
going in that direction.
And I'm excited for next week.
Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you
guys later.