Butter Lettuce (Bravest Warriors - Ep. 3 Season 1 On Cartoon Hangover)

Uploaded by CartoonHangover on 29.11.2012

RAAAAWWWW! Dark abomination of the Wet Mounds of Nardacorn!
Taste my Blade! GRAAHHHH! AAAHHH!
Ooh, ah.
Nice whiskers. AW! Dude! Why can't a guy ever have his
private time? You been in here since last night. Come on
Chris, I need to use the bathroom. I haven't defeated the boss yet.
Oh man, that's Great Plains Wildebeest, with wizard hat and staff!
[chewing] Nobody's ever beaten that thing. He's going down.
Man, that's too intense for six in the morning. You can create what ever you want here in
the Holo-John. Ohh, hot! Why don't you just, I don't know play a nice muffins and
yogurt fantasy. [gasps] BLAAALALALALAAARGH!
I have unpleasant goals for you, wizard! Wha! Eh! Ha! [clanging]
Wallow come on, I'm not done in here. Can't I have some dignity?
See that? This'll take hella fortnights, and you'll get prolapsed anus from sitting
there all day, and I won't let that happen! Go Falcon Axe!
Who's hogging the Holo-John? AW -- Great Plains Wildebeest!?
Hey Danny, we're Bathroom Bros! No we're not.
I wanna be Bathroom Bros! Huuhh! Danny!? Nobody rams my bathroom bro! Go...
Bumble Bee Storm to the eyeballlls! Ah, Ah! Ahhhhh!
[laughter] Hooray! Pageantry! Servitude! Uhhhg... niiice! Your safety settings are
right where I like 'em. Hey Computer, Chris needs a reward for his bravery. Load Beth
hologram. Make her a princess. What are you doing?
And make her like, ehhh, thirty percent sexier than normal.
What? Danny, Beth is my best friend, no way! You're right Chris, thirty's not enough.
Forty percent sexier! [giggles]
Oh no! Ah! Kill it! Kill it!
YEAH! --Bleaaaargh! Yeah, thirty is plenty.
Bravo, courageous knight!   I, heh... alright Danny, that's enough,
man. This is wrong! You've got it so bad. You know the real
Beth is in her room right down the hall. Just go get down to biz, my ninja.
Beth and I grew up together. I'm not gonna ruin our relationship with biz.
You fools are meant to be together, like all in a soft rock, soulmates-in-puberty kinda
way. Everybody knows it. Computer: Save and Flush.
[flush] ...Holy Crow.
Danny!? What man, it wasn't me!
Hee hee hee! Aw, classic Wankershim!
Wankershim, who's a dirty little maple bar? Yes you are...
Haha, haha, hahaha. Moo! [smooching]
Computer: Show sink. [running water]
Voice command lockout, B-9 Delta. Load "Butter Lettuce Fantasy" Beth Program three. Oh,
and lock Holo-John door from the outside. I'm going back to bed.
What the hey? Uh, computer, show exit! Computer? Respond!
Beth? Locally grown... Butter Lettuce.
Whoopee yahoo yeeehaw yeah! [music continues]
Frederator! Hit subscribe to become one of the mightiest
heroes. [music] Bravest Warriors... Bravest Warriors...