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You've heard of a vibrator, right?
Bzzzzz, orgasm...
These days, vibrators are seen as something you might find
in someone's secret sex drawer…
But when vibrators were first invented,
they were used in doctors offices
to treat a condition called "female hysteria".
This was a very common condition of the 1800s
where the woman was irritable,
short of breath, a fullness in the pelvis…
*cough*... horny.
Doctors would use the vibrator to treat female hysteria
and eventually, it became widely available
so people could "treat themselves" at home.
In the 1920s, people started to make the connection.
They realized…
"Oh my God!"
"Women are orgasming with these things!"
Suddenly, they disappeared from the mainstream
and it was seen as very taboo.
It wasn't until the sexual revolution of the 70s
that the vibrator made a return!
There're still a lot of stigma and shame surrounding sextoys.
Even though they're perfectly safe, fun to use,
a healthy form of sexual exploration,
great for spicing up your sex life,
helpful in learning how to orgasm,
people still hatin'!
So let's start with some of the myths around sextoys
and break'em down!
One of the big myths that I hear
is that sextoys are for "those people".
Freaky people.
But more than half of women have used a sextoy
and slightly under half of men have.
Which means that using sextoys is pretty mainstream and normal.
That, or we're just all freaky, which is a possibility.
I think this myth comes back to the fear
and shame associated with sexuality.
Sextoys are related to pleasure and therefore they are dirty.
But you're not dirty, right, guys?
"No, we're not dirty!"
"You're kinda creepy, though."
Another myth I hear is that if you're in a relationship,
you shouldn't have a sextoy!
That's a pile of crap.
Sextoys can be a fun addition to your sex life.
Another level of intimacy,
another way to explore with each other,
another way to feel good together.
Yeah, sextoys are awesome to masturbate with.
They're also awesome to use with your partner.
Which brings me to a last myth / concern
and that's that it's insulting to introduce sextoys in the bedroom.
A vibrator doesn't replace a partner,
it complements them.
It's just a tool to use together.
But since people do get wound up about this stuff,
it's a good idea to talk about it first,
and I found that it's very effective to stroke the ego.
Don't worry, honey, you're still the best!
"No, me!"
You, sh!
So now that we've explored the stigma and taboo,
let's switch gears a little bit,
and talk about the types of sextoys that are out there
and some things to take in account if you're considering getting one.
The most basic is a dildo,
it's just a phallic-shaped thing used for penetration.
A vibrator is a type of dildo that vibrates.
A rabbit vibrator also has an attachment for clitoral stimulation.
A clitoral vibrator is made just for clitoral stimulation.
This is a butt plug, identified by its flared base
and it's used for anal stimulation.
These are anal beads, they work similar to a butt plug.
This is a cock ring,
it's used to maintain a longer and stronger erection.
This is a masturbation sleeve,
it's used for masturbationy things.
And this is a prostate massager.
If you're interested in exploring sextoys
or maybe getting you first one,
here's some tips that you should know before you buy one.
First of, pay attention to the material that the toy is made out of.
A lot of toys are made out of this jelly material,
especially cheaper toys.
Avoid that, because it's porous,
which means that bacteria can weasel its way in there
and just, like, live in your toys.
Materials that are good are silicon, hard plastic, or glass.
These are non porous, much more hygienic, easier to clean.
Now, I know a lot of you are my age,
which means we don't have a ton of money to spend.
But I've wasted so much money on these "novelty sextoys"
aka cheap piece of shit that breaks in like 3 weeks…
It would've saved me money in the long run
to just save up my money and buy a nice toy
that wouldn't break down, was nice, high quality,
would last a long time…
You also wanna go for sextoys that are phtalate-free.
Phtalate are a chemical used in the production
of a lot of these cheap toys
and they can actually be absorbed by your body.
There is medical research that suggests that's not good!
I also have some recommends,
I'll put them in the description.
Other that that, if you have any other questions,
just feel free to shoot me a comment,
or a message on tumblr.
Other than that…
I'll see you next time!