Terrain Winner Presentation - Linda Tillman

Uploaded by KSLottery on 02.08.2012

So tell me what's going on here today and what are you sitting in

Im sitting in a 2012 GMC Terrain
That I just won with the Kansas Lottery
I'm planning on driving it, we are going to take it to Sturgis, South Dakota on Friday
I bought tickets about once a week sometimes twice a week and I mailed them in.
you know you just don't know until they draw your name!
on behalf of the Lottery congratulations on playing the game and winning.
thank you
we hope that you continue playing and this proves that real people really win at the Kansas Lottery.
Did you think it was going to be this nice?
I knew it was nice but I had no idea it had all this stuff on it.
We are really happy for her, it couldn't go to a better person. No doubt about that.