iPad Restaurant Food Delivery App: Order Food Online With Seamless for iPad

Uploaded by eatseamless on 24.02.2012

At Seamless, we're changing the way people think about food!
With over 8,000 restaurants and more than 40 different cuisine types,
Seamless is the best way to order food for delivery and takeout.
And, it just got even better with the Seamless iPad app.
The Seamless iPad app helps you discover great food options around you wherever you happen
to be.
Get instant access to thousands of menus from restaurants in over 50 cities across the country.
Slide cuisines left or right to include or exclude from your results.
Filter by order type, ratings, delivery time, and more.
Easily find new restaurants and special offers.
It's food discovery made fun!
But at Seamless, we know sometimes you just want the usual quickly and easily.
Access all your recent orders.
Like menu items.
Easily reorder with a few quick taps or modify a recent order.
And there's no need for cash.
Pay in tip right through the app.
The easiest way to order from your favorite restaurants.
Not sure what to order?
The Seamless iPad app is the perfect way to research and find the best food for your friends,
roommates, or anyone who's hungry.
Check out over 75,000 ratings and reviews from other members plus tons of food photos.
It's never been easier or more intuitive to browse menus and place an order
And for quick access to anywhere in the app, just click the plate in the corner.
Now you can transform every day into a special food experience!
Seamless is rapidly expanding to new cities, bringing easy ordering and food discovery
to more people than ever before.
An app for food happiness?
Yup, this is the app for that.
Download the new Seamless iPad app free in the iTunes store!