Telstra BigPond email in Outlook Express - How to set up

Uploaded by TelstraKnowHow on 27.07.2010

When you sign up with BigPond, you get your own BigPond email address.
This could be or depending on when you signed up.
If you self installed your BigPond service with one of our Self Install Kits, the installation CD should have configured Outlook automatically.
If you can find Outlook, try opening it and sending a message to yourself to see if it works.
Otherwise, continue on and follow the instructions to configure Outlook to send and receive your BigPond emails.
Step 1. Open Outlook Express. If you have a shortcut to Outlook Express on your Desktop, like the one shown below, just double click on the icon.
Otherwise, click on the start button, go to programs and choose Outlook Express.
Step 2. On the Outlook menu bar, click Tools and select Accounts.
Step 3. Now click the Mail tab, click on Add and select Mail.
Step 4. When the Internet Connection Wizard starts, type your name in the Display Name box and click Next.
This is the name that will appear in the ‘From’ field when someone receives a message from you. You can type anything you like.
Step 5. Type in your BigPond email address, for example, then click Next.
Step 6. On the next screen, choose POP3 from the pull-down menu.
Type ‘’ in the 'Incoming mail server' box, and in the 'Outgoing mail server' box.
Click Next.
Step 7. Type in your account name and password, which is your BigPond email address and password.
Make sure the 'Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)' option is not checked and click Next.
Step 8. On the Congratulations screen of the Internet Connection Wizard, click Finish.
Step 9. In the Internet Accounts window, click once on the mail account that was just created (this should be called and click the Properties button.
Step 10. Select the General tab and type in a name like BigPond email for your new email account.
This can be anything you like – it’s to help you identify that these are settings for your BigPond email account.
Step 11. Click OK and then Close.
Your Outlook Express is now configured to send and receive your BigPond email.
If you need help using Outlook Express, click on the Help menu, then Contents and Index.
And there you have it. You should now be able to send and receive your BigPond using Outlook.