The Deaf Dream: Join Dreamers Around the World!

Uploaded by TheDeafDream on 15.10.2012

Hello! I'm Destiny Yarbro, president and founder of The Deaf Dream organization.
This organization was established because recently I traveled around the world
and met Deaf in several countries.
I was impressed that, despite their limited opportunities, they had big dreams
and a desire to achieve them.
When I was in Vietnam, I visited incredible places and met amazing people.
I met Khiem, a wonderful Deaf man, who yearned to achieve his big dreams some day.
Despite his circumstances, he had already taught and prepared himself for college,
just in case such an opportunity ever presented itself.
I remember when our ship arrived in Ghana.
My friends and I went to a school containing 350 energetic Deaf children.
We met, played, and thoroughly enjoyed our time with them.
But they were shocked that we knew sign language... that adults knew their language.
We will also award scholarships to a few Deaf leaders to come to America and study
at Gallaudet University, the only Deaf university in the entire world.
Our organization is made up of big dreamers like you.
We welcome everyone -- young, old, Deaf, hearing, doesn't matter -- to join us
and change the world for all people!