Congratulations UniSA Graduates - August 2011 - University of South Australia

Uploaded by UniSouthAustralia on 05.09.2011


I'm here for my graduation today, from Master of IT.
I've just graduated in my Masters for
Urban and Regional Town Planning.
I'm graduating from Advanced Manufacturing Technology.
I'm graduating from Masters of Natural Resource Management.
I did a Masters degree in Information and Communication Technology
I also graduated in Masters of Urban and Regional Planning.
Advanced Manufacturing Technology.
Information and Communication Technology Management.
The degree offered me a chance to look at different areas of IT
and deciding which way I want to go.
We originally studied to grab a Bachelor in Industrial Design
and you know, decided why stop there, let's study some more.
Let's follow it up. Yeah, exactly.
So, it's good here, I've got a mate for life because of Uni. So, it's good.
It's good to study in University of South Australia.
It's a great journey, it's been a great journey.
We enjoyed it a lot, we studied a lot and the professors are too good.
There's plenty of things to like about study, I would say. The lifestyle's good,
you get to meet a lot of fantastic people and a lot of friends for life, I would definitely say so.
I still remember my first day of orientation, you know
The crew welcoming me to UniSA and here we are
the same crew now is telling goodbye for all of us.
It's really hard to come out of uni
but this is a really amazing, good experience and this is one in a lifetime.
Actually I feel a lot more confident, to be completely honest
than I did a few years back when I had to walk across stage for the Bachelor.
I think I just want to perfect the little nod.
It's definitely not as daunting.
Yeah, I have done it before, basically do as you're told.
Make sure you sit in the right spot and go into line.
It's still a bit nerving, I don't have all my friends this time, but I should be okay I hope.
I'm not nervous... for now. Probably later we will.
We're expecting for our career future.
I had my whole group of uni people graduate at the same time
but some of them didn't go on to do post grad, some did honours and stuff
so I've got noone today.
My parents are coming. I don't know where they are
they're supposed to be here by now. I'll give them a call later.
My parents are in India, I hope they're enjoying it though.
I'll send some pictures, they'll enjoy that.
I've got a girlfriend and my Mum coming today.
Yeah, my partner.
My parents, my cousins, all of my cousins, are pretty excited
about my graduation, so I hope they're enjoying it back in India.
You know, today is like a festival season back there because of my graduation today.
Yeah, hopefully they'll see my picture, and of course this video they'll enjoy.
Unfortunately my father can't make it here today
but my mother, I think she will give him some photos and
my father will be so happy and proud for me.
They must be very proud because without them I couldn't have done it
and I have to say thanks to my parents and I love them.
Yeah, parents are very proud.
I think my Mum's really proud of me.
She's making a big deal about getting a photo and everything. It's pretty exciting for her.
I have to say to all of you guys who haven't graduated yet that it's only the first step.
During your study you really should try to study hard and gain new skills.
Gain new skills by putting as much effort as you put into it
so that when you graduate you are job ready.
A once in a lifetime opportunity I guess... well twice actually for us!
But you know, it's something you'll never forget.
Congratulations to everybody being graduated.
Me too, I'm so happy, I hope everybody's happy.
Congratulations. Congratulations to all of us.
I hope for all of us to have a bright future.
Bright future, good job.
Best of luck for the future, you know.
I wish that all of us have a bright and successful future.
Good luck guys, it's been really hard work, I know
and coping with all my assignments, all your assignments, you know
exams and stuff like that, so yeah, good luck and congratulations.
I still can't believe today is finally here. I can't believe it.