Uploaded by ScoreMatApp on 17.05.2012

There are about one billion football fans in the world. Luke is one of them
he loves one team and he feels great when his team scores
but for him all of these emotions
only last while the match is happening
we present a way of boosting these emotions: Before,
and even
after the match
this is ScoreMat
a sports auctions platform that makes it insanely fun to live the and share your
passion by competing against other football fans around the world
once you sign up you'll receive an amount of virtual currency called ballars
so you can start playing right away
you can earn additional ballars according to how much you engage in
but the best way of getting ballars and even real world prizes is by owning
the match's final score
constantly ScoreMat will open auctions for upcoming matches in the form of a
matrix containing every possible result
every player can place a bid on a particular score. The concept is
The matrix will close just before the match starts
and the highest bidder of each score will own it
once the game is over
the owner of the match's score will get all
the jackpot. So whether you want to live your passion
or be part of an exciting social game
come and sign up at and defend your score