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Hey, guys, it's Mia.
And I'm going to be doing your Glee Project for the week.
There are six contenders left, which means that it is the
perfect week for the theme of romanticality.
And it was the perfect week for the theme of romantically.
The homework assignment this week is "More
Than Words," by Extreme.
I'd never heard the song before.
And I really enjoyed it.
It was adorable.
And it made me want to go, like, watch The
Notebook, or something.
So they decided on their partners just
simply by eye contacts.
And they're like, ooh, I'm going to look up, and I'm
gonna look at you, and then you're going to be my partner.
So-- that awkward moment when Charlie's no longer in the
competition, and no one looks at Lily, what do you know?
LIly and Aylin end up together.
That's super awkward, because they hate each other.
Awkward turtle.
So are you ready for my weekly freak out?
Darren Criss is the fricking guest judge.
He can dance, and he can sing, and he can act, and he can do
all this stuff.
And I could go on forever about how much I love him.
So Darren chooses Blake as the winner for the homework
He really deserved it.
He was definitely so genuine with Ali, and their chemistry
was like so natural and pure.
Plus, he's cute.
And that does not hurt one bit.
The group number this week is "We Found Love," by Rihanna.
And I always think of the Glee episode when they're all in
the pool and they're synchronized swimming, and
they're like, wooo!
Then Will proposed to Emma.
And I always think of that scene, and I just wanted to
tell you guys that.
The concept of the video this week is that they're all high
school students in detention over the weekend.
Breakfast Club, anyone?
And as soon as the teacher leaves, they decide to get up,
and each couple goes to a different part of the school
to have their own romantic private time together.
Since Blake is the winner, he gets to choose his partner for
the video, and of course he chooses Ali.
You know Lily has a crush on Blake, so she was like, super
mad when he chose her.
She was just bitter, and I laughed.
A lot.
Darren switches it up and he pairs Shanna with Aylin and he
pairs Michael with Lily.
So Brooke Lipton, the assistant choreographer, is
the choreographer this week because Zach is off somewhere.
Ali and Blake are adorable.
They have the best chemistry and choreography, and I'm
sitting there dying, melting, like oh my
god, they're so cute.
They should be together, and this is great.
That's all ruined when in the one-on-one session with Darren
and Blake, Blake is like, yeah.
I have a girlfriend.
And I was like--
I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.
As always, the video turned out great.
It was especially great because, yo.
Principal Figgins was in the video, and I
just like died laughing.
I was like, oh my gosh, he's the greatest person ever.
He's almost as great as Jane Lynch.
I love him.
He's just great.
He doesn't get enough credit.
Michael and Lily, wow.
I was actually super surprised.
They did really, really good and they
had a lot of chemistry.
It's bottom three time.
Aylin, Blake, and Shanna.
Frickin' what?
Michael is saved.
Is that--
is that a time bomb I hear going off?

They are the top three.
I think this is vice versa.
Isn't it supposed to be bottom three, not, like, top, best
people in the competition?
I don't know.
Aylin sings First--
First Ever Time--
"First Time I Ever Saw Your Face." Yeah.
She did fantastic.
She did, actually, really fantastic.
Blake sings "Losing My Religion: by REM.
It was good.
There was no shock value to it.
There was no X factor.
Shanna sang "Stronger," by Kelly Clarkson.
It's her first time in the bottom three.
And very good performance, as always.
Ryan Murphy, he was like, do you think Michael should be
here instead of you?
And she was like, yeah.
Like obviously anyone in the competition can tell Ryan
Murphy that, because it's true.
In the end--
I don't even want to say it--
the person that's goes home is Shanna.
And I was so sad.
She's really, really, super talented.
And even though it should have been Michael that was gone,
she's going to make it either way.
So that's all for this week.
The finale is coming really soon.
It's coming really, really, really fast.
And I'll see you guys next week.