Tokyo Disneyland 2008 christmas : "Mickey's Jolly Snowtime" 2/3 with English Sub

Uploaded by ikazo62442 on 26.02.2009

The sound of wind...
Is snow storm coming?
I'm scared...
Don't be, it's ok.
They are friends, too. Wind and snow.
See, here comes diamond-dusts with wind!
Now, everyone,
The Snow-land ball is begining!
Let's dance!
(ALL) Yeah!!
It's fun! Isn't it Minnie?
Sure, it is!
I can forget all the coldness!
Ha? has he shrunk?
You are just seeing things!
He's been melted!
We had very fun time, but...
Snow just can't remain with us forever...
Won't we see him ever again?
Mickey, snow is just like a dream.
We may seemed just melted and disappeard,
but no, we will come back again from the sky
as white and new as ever!
As long as someone want us, we will.
And keeps covering the world.
So, we will see each other again
Why not, when we look so alike each other!
snow is...
just like a dream...