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D: With Mblaq appas
Leo: and we, together
L: the last story
Hello baby's final mission, Multicultural Musical Performance
The babies' unexpected show that no one knew about
The make the daddies smile with tears.
Time to let the babies go
Last story of Hello Family will start now
12th Story, Our last story
GO: We've only got a week till our musical
Mir: I guess we are really doing it though?
GO: Yeah I guess we are really doing it.
Mir: D..D-day
GO: What..?
LJ: What can't you talk? Mir: D-7 (D dash sever)?
Mir: Finally he has come.
CD: Who is here?
Mir: Our leader!
All: Yang, Seung Ho is here! The return of the leader papa, Yang Seung Ho.
Seung Ho papa we missed you.
CD: You are wearing a similar cloth from in this picture. Mir: It's the same.
SH's alter ego.. You did a lot of work.
SH: Long time no see.
It started again, Joon playing with SH's alter ego.
CD: That's kind of scary. Mir: He always does that.
tsk tsk tsk
SH: Even though I wasn't there, you guys were hugging this and brought this everywhere?
SH: While I was resting, I was under treatment and so I was able to watch Hello baby at home.
SH: I always thought of the kids, watching them on TV. "Oh, they are doing something like that.."
SH: Watching them like that, I really wanted to go back and shot the show together.
T1: Our kids practiced so much so they said
T1: "Why are we just practicing, we wanna perform with the daddies"
Let see how well they are doing it now?
Remembering the choreo is one of the basics
They can sing the bibimbap song too
They can even act! Leo: I want a cake.
??: Now please applause the kids, "you where great!" The 3 babies perfectly mastered the performance.
??: You were so good!
Leo: We practice a fart(?) lot.
Leo: Let's eat. Gulp.
PD: When did you sing that song?
Leo: We sang it everyday.
Musical performance D-7. Mblaq papas' first dance practice
Will the daddies be able to master the choreo? T: While you move your hips, you move your hands like this.
GO: Is it okay to be this sexy? Mir: I thought this was for kids.
T: When the lyrics says "mo rak mo rak" the hands go up like this.
Hope it's not like this
GO: Make sure you don't show your sclera. (white of the eye).
Awful performance
Mir: Because this is children's musical, I thought we had to do something like this.
GO: Yeah I had no idea that it will be this dynamic.
Music start. The real dance practice has started.
Walking awkwardly
Hope we do well.
Mir: Oh darn. I'm screwed.
In a half -rising posture.
LJ: This is severe.
Mir: Remembering the dance is not that hard but
Mir: Because we are doing this with the kids
Mir: i think it will be very hard
T1: Hello kids?
Mir: They are here
At that time, three babies arrived at the practice place.
CD: Come over here. SH: Oh, Leo. You're having a coffee and a bagel for you breakfast.
CD: How were you? ??: You are European.
GO: Kids, How do you feel seeing SH appa, you haven't seen him for a long time.
GO: Are you glad?
CD: Of course Lauren. SH: (I missed you too)
L: I was glad to see SH appa
SH: Lauren, Leo, and DY. Appa brought you presents
Leo: Presents?
L: What is this?
In where do you use that thing?
Leo: (Wow! It's amazing!)
This time, it dances?
SH appa is also excited and dance like a grandpa on the tour bus.
Like always, the daddies are more excited than the kids
I am the 2012 it-tem(must-get-it-item)
SH: Now, they are $5 each.
Addicting song. Yomi Yomi yaya
The kids lost their senses by looking at the toy's sexy wave?
GO: Kids, these presents are given because you guys did very well practicing the musical
Leo: I can do it!
The first stage practice with the daddies
DY: (I'm nervous)
The bell has rung
CD: She walked up to SH appa. LOL
SH: You should sit here.
Because she haven't seen SH appa for a long time..
LJ: Kids, I thought you practiced a lot?
Mir: Show us what you've got
Will Lauren & DY be able to do it like they've practiced? T: You should say "hurry hurry". Start!
Of course. The daddies already predicted this.
GO: You just told us that they practiced a lot
Da Young.. The teacher's voice is unstable now.
Helpless. This side is playing Parisien whatever the other people do.
GO: ah.. I knew it will be like this.
CD: This is really impossible
With this huge distrust in their hart, D-day (the day) has come
Busy, the stage is larger than what we expected.
For the final rehearsal, the papas are holding a meeting
Ah Ah (testing the mic)
Mir: When I looked at the stage I thought, "oh I guess we are really doing the musical"
The back stage is busy preparing for the final rehearsal
Leo: (I'm nervous)
We will start the rehearsal
Lauren: (Fighting appas!)
Final rehearsal has started!
Bulgogi~ Kimchi~ Bibimbap!
Oh, the mblaq papas' started out okay?
Messes up right away. (Ah C..=Oh shit)
Bibimbap with mblaq
OMG, it started all collapsing.
At some point, all the choreos have changed to clapping.
No idea
SH: It was a little overwhelming
SH: We weren't sure if we could really do this
SH: so it was a little tough.
It seems like they are going the clap all day.
"Dal Dal Dal fired it" The only choreo they remembered
The collapse of their mentals.
no idea
"Mix it Mix it" He seems like he will mix the hell out of it.
CD appa, at least did one thing okay.
GO: I'm a little slow in learning the dance
GO: Mostly, CD is a little fast in learning
GO: Joon makes his own feeling into the dance.
Leo enters with a snail looking cloth.
Finally, it's time to try it with the kids!
But at that time!
L:(What's wrong with appas)
Mir papa's body-gag made everyone laugh
I'm sorry Mir, but it was kind of funny
#1 guy who laugh at him the most
Mir: It hurt so much, really, I was so embarrassed.
CD: His two legs was put together like the vietnamese rice paper roll.
CD: I was the one who watched that in such a close view
L: I'm a little worried about the dads
After calming down for awhile, the final rehearsal has started again.
Guests, The babies entering the mblaq's restaurant
Leo: (ad-lib?) This is so tiring.
The papas are watching the proudly
L: (Appas are there! )
Leo: It's really tiring!
GO: We welcome you guys to mblaq's restaurant
CD,SH: Welcome!
Leo: Hey, you are noisy.
Le..Leo? That's not on the script T-T
GO: Guest, what would you like to order?
DY: There's nothing to eat!
L: There's nothing to eat!
Oh ~! They say the lines!
Q: What do you think after the rehearsal? SH: First of all, I'm not worried about the kids anymore, I'm worried about the appas.
Joon & Mir appa brought the bibimbap to the kids
All: No thanks The kids don't want this at first
Mir: Just try it once!
He has to tell the taste after eating it.
Leo refuses to eat.
Mir: How does it taste?
Leo: Doesn't taste good.
Of course.
DY: Leo, you shouldn't do it like that
PD: What was the original script? DY: It's delicious
GO: We end like this? Mir: It will eventually end something like this at the actual performance
LJ: Leo, How does it taste?
Leo: It doesn't taste good
Leo: It will taste better if you put a little more salt in it
LJ: (misunderstood) We didn't put salt in here.
L: (Should I do something?)
Lauren puts some invisible salt in it.
Leo: (Because of Lauren's salt?) It's delicious.
Finally succeeded?
But CD appa's prediction after experiancing this
We are gonna fail.
CD; Because when Leo thinks of something,
CD: he keeps that idea
CD: I'm pretty sure he is gonna say "it's not tasty"
However, Joon appa is a little optimistic. LJ: Unlike my worried, I've seen a little possibility from it.
LJ: Saying the lines itself is a miracle.
LJ: I couldn't hide my happiness and excitement
30 mins before the show
Finally, the audiences started entering
Especially, many multicultural kids joined to watch the show
Many Mblaq & Hello baby fans were here
Leo's brother Enjo
However, at the back stage
GO: Was it this? Mir: Yeah They are practicing to not make any mistakes.
They all look very tensed
LJ: Ah.. I'm nervous
LJ: Ah.. I'm really nervous
Mir papa is still worried because Leo might say it's not tasty again.
CD: Then put some salt in it. The solution is to put some invisible salt?
Finally, all the guests have sat down
On the stage, the junior crew is holding an opening stage
Debuting as an MC? Mir & Joon appas are gonna be MCs for today
LJ: No, this is my first time.
Mir: From next time, I'm not gonna do this if I'm not doing this alone.
Mir: You hurt my pride
LJ: I'm sorry I'm included and have to do it with you.
Mir: It's very upseting because he just taking part of my job
Mir: Please keep up so you don't hold me back.
Lauren refuses to high-five Mir appa
But she does the fighint right away with SH appa
2nd attempt?
Hates Joon appa's kiss (Bbo Bbo)
However, GO & Leo relax by having a sweet kiss on the cheek
Finally, the performance has started
with Hello baby's offical BGM
2MC Mir & Joon appears
Hello, I am the hello baby offical MC Mir!
I am the most liked appa LJ
Mir: We weren't sure if we could hold a musical with these kids but
Mir: we are already here on the stage that we have to perform the musical
LJ: I'm so nervous. Mir: This doesn't make sense!
LJ: This musical took 50 days to practice, total of 70 people are involved, and about several $10,000 were spent.
Believe it or not, several 10,000 dollars were spent?!
LJ: And really we put in so much effort in this. Mir: That's right.
LJ: Do you remember the song we recorded for the musical?
Mir: Mix it Mix it!
A children song has never sang with a rock spirit
LJ: I'm a singer. My job is to sing.
Mir: After it was shown on air, there were so many comments on this song on our website forum,
Mir: "If you make this sell this song, this will be top charted"
LJ: Let's stop making things up and should we start the musical?
Mir: Yes. Let's hurry up.
LJ: Can I see the (camera) screen just once?
LJ: It's looks good on me.
LJ: I look good on everything. This is a problem.
Problem with being nervous? It's a problem that I look good on everything.
Papas finised changing
??: Kids don't touch your hairs. The babies are all prepared too
Hello baby's Final mission, Musical! It will start right now
Mbalq's restaurant
Starting the performance
Leo: I'm hungry. Leo & DY: Hurry Hurry!
Canadian, French, and Vietnamese guest visited the Mblaq's restaurant
Mblaq restaurant's waiters, SH, GO, CD are greating the guests
GO: We welcome you guys to mblaq's restaurant SH, CD: Welcome!
SH: What would you like to eat? Receiving orders from the guests
Leo: I want a pancake
GO: Pick one from this menu. Leo said the lines before he looked at the menu, but the papas are calmly acting.
CD: They are all delicious
Babies: There's nothing to eat. We are hungry CD: Huh? there are so many menus
Babies: Hurry Hurry. The kids are doing pretty well.
GO: Then what do you want? To watch the show, their real parents are here
DY: I wanna eat Vietnamese rice paper rolls
Lauren: I wanna eat pancakes
Ta-dah! At that moment! Joon papa and Mir papa appeared suddenly
Babies: Who are you?
LJ: I'm the main chef at this mblaq restaurant LJ.
Mir: I'm a sub-chef, Mir
LJ: Why are you fighting?
Mir: If you fight like this, it's unhealthy.
SH: Our babys all want something different
CD: Vietnamese rice paper rolls, (skipped Leo) pancakes.
Mir: Oh.. OMG.. Oh darn..
Mir: At Mblaq's restaurant, LJ: Only original Korean food can be ordered!
Babies: No thanks.
LJ: Oh.. what should we do!
GO: They could have their own taste of food, but if you don't give food to these guests, they might explode!
Leo: I'm gonna fart
What should we do...
LJ: (Ad-libs) You are gonna fart? Just wait a little bit.
Mir: Don't worry, No problem.
Mir: I have a plan.
CD: What plan?
Mir: From now, we are going to make the bibimbap
Mir: Get excited!
L: (huh?) I don't like Bibimbap.
Bibimbap Song
Starting with joon appa's beautiful naration..
On the otherside, the kids are preparing for the next stage.
Let's go!
What are we making, Delicious food
Bulgogi, Kimchi, Bibimbap
The babies have to change before the dads finish the first chorus
Leo is all prepared
Cooking white rice with hot steam
We cooked bean sprouts, dropworts, and brackens
Like a domino, papas started messing up the choreos. Frying p'yogo mushrooms, young pumpkins
But we won't stop like this! we put in some delicious beaf and green-pea jelly.
Mblaq papas are doing their best untill it ends LJ: round round eggs, roasted sesame.
Bibimbap works well with anything
Finally, they recovered their reputations with a freestyle dance.
This time, the highlight of the song, Mix it Mix it.
Now~ it's time for the babies to come out!
My kids~ You will do great right?
The babies became ingredients of bibimbap
Maple syrup, herbs, a snail
DY is perfectly great on stage.
The 3 ingredients are putting on top of the rice
Leo: (No!)
The snail was forced thrown by LJ appa's hands
Finally, they are mixed with the rice
Mix it Mix it. Deliciously mix it
GO: Everyone, this is the highlight of the show!
Long chopsticks
round spoons
Leo: (LJ appa is weird!)
yeah yeah !
Let's eat them all
num num
GO: Ah. You guys waited for a long time.
Mir: We mixed these ingredients so hard and finshed making bibimbap
CD: This is so delicious that while two people is eating, and one people falls a sleep you won't even notice.
DY: (How delicious is it?)
As soon as he put it on the table.
L,DY: No, thanks
LJ: You shouldn't have a biased view! At that moment!
Leo: Huh? It's a chocolate
Huge accident. Mir: This is a very special bibimbap for our babies, for the kids, for people from all the worlds.
Please could we just get over this..
Leo: This is a chocolate.
LJ: This is not a chocolate. Moaning.
LJ: This is chocolate and this is bibimbap The chocolate is expelled because of Leo
CD: Oh it's right here. Here's the bibimbap.
Leo: I want chocolates.
GO: Let's make them taste this
Mir: Try this Bibimbap
Leo: Hell no..
Is this musical gonna end up at the Andromeda galaxy? LJ: Chocolate.. no.. bibimbap is tasty.
At that time! Our savior DY eats the Bibimbap
LJ: Now! Let's just act like you are eating. Mr. Leo!
GO: This is the ending. LJ: Leo, we are about to end this show!
Problem making Leo is causing a problem again
CD: You have to say it's tasty
Okay, chocolate. CD: Is it tasty?
CD: Oh, he said it's tasty. DY: Give me some water.
oh no..
SH: You want some water? Please get me some water. GO: This was not on the script.
GO: Whatever, how was the bibimbap?
DY: It was delicious.
LJ: (Please) Leo, how was it?
Leo: (Yes)
LJ: Lauren, How was it?
LJ: Lauren!
Will this musical end before the sun goes down?
LJ: Then... CD: It's tasty!
Decision by majority.
Runs away
DY ran out of the stage
CD: Guest, where are you going? GO: Guest, you didn't pay..
Jumpped a restaurant bill.. LJ: You can't just run away.
LJ: Come to mblaq's restaurant to eat multicultural bibimbap.
Mir: I love you
Everyone is clapping very hard.
staring in silent wander at the audience
Mir: Now, you should go over there and pay for the food. Hello baby mission just ended.
heart pounding
They are still very tensed
GO: Wow, this is very difficult.
The family gathered upt after the performance
GO: Leo, you were pretty good
Number1 actor for a snail
GO: DY how was it today?
DY: It was fun
Mir: Honestly, it wasn't satisfying perfectly, but I am so glad that they had done this far.
At least, the hello family did their best.
SH: At least they improved!
At that time, Lauren entered.
GO: Lauren~ Lauren did well.
Mir: I'm not sure about the dance, but acting was the best
Mir: Excluding Leo's chocolate part.
LJ: The chocolate was inside the bibimbap bowl for the kids to say "it's delicious!" But they said "chocolate" instead
(Chocolate bibimbap? The trick that caught the Mblaq papas!)
SH: It was the wrong thinking
(Meanwhile, Where are the babies who left the papas going?)
(Our Recipon Leo is excited~) Leo: Cheer up! We are here~
Director: papas, I love you!
Leo: papas, I love you! (For the Mblaq papas, 3 babies are in the midst of preparing a special present for them)
Director: Do it with 2 hands
Leo: No, I don't want to~ (Sure enough, what present will it be?)
Director: Okay, then do it that way
DY: You like "I love you" Leo: No I don't
Wait a minute, slowly, slowly
(Mblaq papas, wait for it~)
(For the surprise present, the babies start a 007 operation!)
Director: we must be hide well! After the papas enter, we'll give a surprise!
(huk! It's GO papa)
(Hide well, your hair can be seen~~)
GO: Why are you all behaving like this?
(huuu terrified)
DY: From now, DY
L: Lauren
Leo: Leo's
DY: For the appas,
Leo: a surprising performance
Lauren: Is going to start!
Leo: Cue!
LJ: What?
(Messages from the babies to the papas)
DY: LJ appa and GO appa, thank you for treating me well
(DY ah~ The appas too are thankful~)
L: LJ appa, thank you for playing with me
(Today, the appas' eyes are moist)
Leo: CD appa and Mir appa...
Mir: He called me
Leo: Thank you for giving me the toys
(Oh darn~)
(Always making the appas laugh, the charming son Leo)
(A surprising present for the appas. START!)
(Full of expectations)
Kids: Appa, cheer up~
We are here~
(Trying her best)
(A few nights of practice for this stage to thank the Mblaq appas!)
(An unexpected present from the kids)
Thank you kids
CD: Leo yah don't look at other people
(We are always be there for the appas)
Kids: Cheer up~
Papas, I love you!
LJ: I couldn't control myself
CD: We really didn't know
For us, they practiced to get it right. I was touched
Mir: How was the musical?
Audience: It was fun!
Embarrassed SH,GO: Thank you very much.
Mir: They said, it was fun. In the future, Mblaq will show better songs and cool stages, so please anticipate it.
Also, we hope that our kids will grow well
SH: Ever since the family photo, its the first for the family to come together for this stage and play about.
and I'm very proud we did something together
GO: This is like the image of social upbringing
I understood it like this
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Thank you to all the subscribers! -Volcano H. Silver
(Final memory: Hello family takes a han river cruise ship!)
CD: Leo yah! Come here quickly!
(Now Mir is taking care of Leo?!)
(Joon appa's Shocking confession!!!)
CD: LJ said something shocking
I've never held any kids' hands!
LJ: When we are together!
GO: That's sad
(Grief of a appa who was no friends?)
GO: Thats why when SH was hurt and couldn't come, you took care of lauren... right?
(LJ and Lauren's one time joy)
CD: In front of his eyes, he runs to the next person
The boat is really big. Really Really big
(Papas and babies are excited to take the cruise ship!)
(Leo's expression: REALLY REALLY BIG SHIP~!)
(Taking the boat together, gogogo!)
GO: It's my first time taking a cruise ship on the han river. That's why it's really exciting
L: Where are we going?
SH: This? It is going to Lauren's house?
L: Next time, come to our house to play!
SH: Okay, I'll go!
(An abrupt remark: Lauren taking about "next time")
L: Do you know i'm very excited~~~~
SH: Even though I felt happy taking the ship, it felt like the excitment wouldn't last long
(Meanwhile, DY and GO papa's sightseeing of the city)
Leo: CD appa~ I want to try this!
(Because Leo wanted to see, he unleashed his ageyo~!)
CD: You can't see right?
Leo: Why? But DY could see
CD: That's right
The kids were really happy, but my heart hurt alot.
It felt like i was bidding farewell to a leaving train
Oh, that scared me (A sudden horn of the ship!)
CD: Are you done seeing it?
Leo: I'm scared~!
The puuuUUU~ sound is scary!
CD: HAHA he's scared of the puuuuU~ sound
(Meanwhile, this two are...)
(Whoever must imitate the titanic at least one!)
SH: Give appa a kiss
(If there's a spare moment, kiss~!)
SH: Oh there's also a helicopter there
L: I'm really excited
SH: You are really excited~
LJ: Leo ah, do what papa's doing
Lift up your two hands (This time, Joon Decaprio and Leo Windslet?)
(Also, the titanic pose that LJ appa is trying to attempt)
Leo: WOW! I See shiny shiny things~! There are shiny shiny things there!
LJ: You can't put down your hands!
(The lights of the streetlamps make Leo's lose his mind)
(Eventually, LJ appa ends with a backhug)
(After a sweet date on board...)
LJ: Leo yah, eat this. Joon papa attempts to feed Leo some medicine
(Will it be successful right away??!!) GO: Ahhh it's tasty
Leo: Painnnfulll~~~!
(well, of course~)
Mir: You put inside to deeply
(Lauren's rule) L: Medicine that is not tasty is a foul!
Mir: Joon's Mission
(But for Leo's sake, he has to eat it!) LJ: Do you want to eat your medicine?
(Appas deliberately scaring Leo)
GO: Leo, you should take this not tasty and aweful medicine
(Leo hiding in Mir appa's arms)
GO: Let's eat medicine~
LJ: Let's take some medicine, the not delicious medicine
(Leo's medicine eating challenge!)
LJ: Again, again
GO: Are you going to eat it?
Leo: No
GO: Even though it's not tasty~
Mir: It seems delicious
LJ: You want Mir appa to eat it all?
CD: Oh i want to eat it! i want to eat it!
LJ: No this is too delicious
LJ: It is nice. Here, eat it
(Is this a jealous tactic?!)
LJ: I want to give it first to Leo.
LJ; This is a very tasty medicine
LJ: Try it Try it. CD: Wait no, no
Leo: (Is it really tasty?)
(Finally, the tactic is successful!!!)
LJ: Ah Leo is nice~
(Leo gobbling up the medicine after falling appa's trick)
(Appa's showing mature Leo with compliments~)
(Leo, you did great~!)
LJ: Eat the lollipop! Oh you did great!
CD: You area a man
GO: You are really cool!
This is how you can handle a kid. Now that we are closer to the kid, we can handle the kid better
This is the final episode, I feel able bitter
LJ: Leo! A whale! over there!
GO: YOu didn't see it right?
LJ: Ah~ It left!
YOu didn't see the whale?
GO: You didn't see it right DY?
Mir: DY is serious
LJ: Leo I will bring it up for you next time, sorry
(What is this? Today, Leo is sticking to lonely joon appa)
LJ: Yah Leo, Do you know this doesn't really seem right becuase you are hugging me right now?
CD: He's hugged you for the first time!
LJ: Awkward awkward!
(At that moment!)
(Tighter~ Leo in Joon appa's embrace)
(is this a dream or is this a reality~)
GO: A composite picture!
SH: CG! (Computer graphics)
LJ: I've never even imagined I will receive this kind of present.
LJ: I've learned that this kind fo present is the real present.
Mir: We should eat some food Hello Family's last dinner
L: Next time I will bring srhimp crackers to eat together
SH: Okay, next time buy "sae woo kang" and come!
CD: We don't have a next time...
(Maybe they don't know that this is the last time...)
GO: Oh~ You eat well
(Dinner with the children...)
L: I can't see~ heheheeh
DY: Please cut it
GO: Cut it?
L: You are eating well
SH: DY is also eating well
L: Why isn't Leo eating?
Leo: I am not hungry
L: I will buy something else next time
SH: There's not tasty thats why you are not eating right?
L: I will buy you a present next time
Mir: It's so sad!
SH: Today is weird. Lauren keeps saying "next time" I'll do this, "next time" I'll do that
CD: Leo too keeps say "next time", let's go eat good food
SH: It's really interesting how this two words keep coming out
"I will buy you this present for you" It's not even "Could you buy me this?"
They are talking about "Next time when I come i'll give you this present and.."
"Come to my house next time to play"
"Next time" repeatedly keeps coming out
I was really touched (sad)
CD: Not only us but when they (babies) first met, even three of them were extremely awkward. But now they are very close to each other now
LJ: I still don't get their relationship. Leo, are you a casanova? no?
Lauren or DY, who will it be?
Mir: Oh! Shall we ask? LJ: Yeah let's. (This time let's make it sure)
LJ: Leo, who will you marry Lauren? Or Dayoung?
(Leo's choice?)
Leo: LJ appa
(Umma!!! =What?!?!)
Leo: LJ appa
(Thank you Leo) CD: At the end, it goes like this..
Mir: DY, do you like Lauren or Leo?
(DY who was not chosen by Leo. tWhat will DY's answer be?)
DY: Lauren
Mir: Lauren, do you like DY or Leo?
L: Dayoungie
Mir: Leo yah~~~~~~~~~!
CD: He's an outcast! After all those times.
LJ: It's okay! You can marry me! I will marry you.
(Explosion of thoughtless remarks)
LJ: Leo,you can throw a bouquet. Or should I throw it? You want to throw it?
(Newlyweds settled!)
(I'm not gonna watch that anymore~) CD: He wants to throw it. LOL
LJ: I also had that thought before. When I was around 1-3rd grade in the elementary school, i told my parents tha I will marry H.O.T's Moon Heejun Hyung.
I really wanted to marry at that time
CD: Do you like Joon appa or Mir appa?
LJ: Wow! I'm shocked! wow! (The popularity war starts again)
CD: Leo, do you like CD or LJ appa?
Wow you rose alot!
Mir: Leo, do you like CD or LJ appa?
(life turned around)
(It is a miracle!)
LJ: Capture this! x3
Leo: (Sorry CD appa) CD: Take a souvenir photo right now!
(In a moment of fury, one shot of mineral water!)
SH: At the last moment...
CD: Actually I was shocked. Leo does cheat(unfaithful) sometimes. He went to mir also, but, Love will eventually return
Mir: Lauren, Do you like Joon appa or CD appa?
L: LJ appa
(Highly elated)
Mir: then, Do you like SH appa or LJ appa?
L: joon appa
(Speedily hugging lauren like a leopard)
Leo: Joon appa is mine. Mir: Wait, Leo seems jealous right now.
SH,.. Love moves.
SH: These days, I have been experiencing many jokes like this from her
It's to make me jealous
SH. come back to the reality
Do you think i'm lying?
Do you know about lauren's games of tugging and pulling?
It's the 12th episode. Up until the last episode, you don't know about this?
L: You know right?
(This is the game of tugging and pulling?) SH: Go and play with LJ appa.
L: No. SH: You said you like LJ appa.
L: I like LJ appa!
(Confirming) Mir: Why are you saying that looking at SH appa?
Leo: No I like Joon papa!
L: No I like Joon appa
Leo: No!! no!! Mir: Fight!
CD: They are fighting! HOHOHOHO!
(This is it!)
(LJ appa surrounded by a fierce argument)
(This is the real miracle of Han river)
LJ: I never thought that this could happen so I was shocked
All the upset feeling that I had was all gone.
LJ: I guess if I really love them, something will return back to me.
(You are indeed the number 1 papa)
Mir: DY ah, do you like LJ appa or Mir appa?
DY: Mir appa
Mir: Oh it's me it's me
LJ: You like Mir appa? That's fine.
Mir: then, do you like GO appa or Mir appa?
DY: GO appa
(Then why did you start this challenge in the first place?)
(One more step away....)
(From the farewell)
GO: Now we don't have much time before we say farewell to the kids
CD: Actually, because it's the finale, we prepared something for our son and daughters
I don't know if the kids can really understand but, we wrote short messages from our heart. They are here
we wrote messages for each of the children and we will read this to each of the kids
(Messages that the papas would like to convey to the kids are writing on the Lantern)
GO: Let's start with DY's one!
DY ah~ Please be healthy, and make many good friends. Don't forget papa. From GO appa
(Used to be especially displeased. Yoon Da Young)
(With GO papa's affection, her heart gradually opened)
(Now, DY's number 1 papa: GO papa!)
(GO appa, I won't forget you)
LJ: DY ah, It's Joonah(?) Appa. Why did I write like this? Firstly, I still remember the moment I mistakenly hit you.
(My mistake, bumping into DY)
(Joon papa was worried whether you were hurt)
LJ: I'm sorry, in the further, I will miss you alot. You must become a great person! Dayoung fighting! From LJ appa
DY, did you hear?
(I'm listening~)
DY: I was sad....
Staff: Why were you sad?
DY: It was the last night with the papas...
Mir: Lauren ah, please grow up like this, and marry papa
L: (What is he talking about?)
GO: What are you saying? This isn't a blessing, it's a curse
We told you to write what you want to say to her..
SH: Lauren ah, You know that you are forever papa's daughter right? When you get marry, you have to get permission from me. You absolutely cannot marry Mir papa!
Mir: You really wrote that!
SH: I really wrote it!
I saw what he wrote and I was amazingly shocked.
Staff: Lauren are you going to marry Mir papa?
L: Not mir papa, I'm going to marry SH papa. SH is handsome.
GO: Our leader, Leo!
(Its nice even by looking. Lauren and SH papa)
CD: Leo yah~ Papa wrote this so listen out
LJ: Listen
CD: From CD papa. When you are papa's age, you will not remember papa, but papa will definitely remember you....
(Initially, CD papa was scared of children)
(But, being Leo's strong support today)
(Whenever Leo needs help, you will always come)
(Still, as ever, protecting Leo: CD papa)
CD: Thank you for calling me appa. I love you. My son, fighting! High five~
(A affectionate and heartfelt message of CD papa)
LJ: Leo ah, at first we fought alot but now that we are good friends I am happy
When you enter the army, give me a call. I'll buy you a meal, From, Lee Joon Hyung (brother). P.S. Let's have a scary fight.
Leo is not listening.
(DY and Mir papa having a secret conversation?)
Mir: Do you know what DY said just now?
(What did DY say?!)
Mir: She asked me, "Why did you not find me in the very beginning"
Mir: "Why did it take so long to find me"
Mir: so she told me, next time when we meet at the street, she wants me to find her first
GO: Really?
GO: She seriously said that?? The appas are surprised at DY's thoughts.
Mir: Yeah just now. DY: (Don't miss me appa..)
GO: It's like.. LJ: a drama.. GO: or a movie.
Mir: I don't know what to do when a chic kid like DY doesn't listen to me It started out with misunderstandings
Mir: Have your own time then She was once hurt
DY: My feelings were hurt
Mir: I won't make you upset. Her feelings were hurt but..
Mir: Daddy's so sorry~~~~
Now they can't be apart.
If there is a "next time"
Please be DY's dad once again
Mir: It was so... sad.
Mir: From now on.. I can't see her anymore..
CD: Now so that the kids' wishs can come true
CD: Appas will fly the wind-lamps up into the air
GO: If we fly this away to the sky, all the wishs that appas made will come true.
CD: Should we fly DY's first?
(the first " wish lamp" being flown into the sky is DY's)
( the whole hello family watches as it gets released into the sky)
Mblaq Dads: It's lighted!!!
LJ: a little more! A little bit more!
(is this really gonna float??)
(float away gracefully~~)
GO: For DY, one, two, three!
Mir: Huh?
CD: wait wait wait wait.. Maybe we need to wait a bit..
MBLAQ Dads: Woooooooooooaaahhhh!!!!
( out of control)
( can this really fly?)
Mblaq Dads: ONE,TWO, THREE!
( Finally... It's flying)
Mblaq Dads: Byee!!!!
(We did it!!)
LJ: This is so cool!
SH: How far are you gonna go??
LJ: This is awesome!
(The MBLAQ daddies experienced many new things while spending time with the kids)
Mir: That was so cool!!
LJ: Let's try it again!
( We all wish that the daddies' wishes come true)
Leo:(excited) Hey you guys!
Mir: We are not "You guys" Say daddies!!
DY: you have to call them daddies.
Leo: Daddies~~
Leo: It went into space!
LJ: It went all the way into space!
GO: It was our first time trying something like that,
and now I can tell why people do it.
Seeing our wishes flying away into the sky,
it feels like they're really gonna come true,.
And just like how they didn't burn down or blow up in the middle,
I hope that our wishes for the kids all come true.
CD: Every time we sent one up, I just felt like each and every wish was gonna come true.
But as each of them went up, they each vanished slowly; possibly because of the clouds,
but I felt really weird. It felt like each child was vanishing and it was really sad.
( the lamps floating away feels like the kids who are gonna go away shortly)
(the dads look up for a while)
Leo: It became a star..
GO: It did become a star. Isn't it pretty?
Leo: But I think it might fly all the way up into space... Go get it.
GO: You want me to get it?!
GO: How am I supposed to go get that?
Leo: We can't get it.
GO: It's gonna go into outer space. ( Lets let it go far far away Leo~)
GO: It's gonna go all the way to space and grant our wishes.
Dads: It looks like a shooting star!
( The Lamps have gone far up into the sky)
SH: Look at this! LJ..
GO: Why did you cry? LJ papa is crying
SH: Look at him crying
Leo: (Who made my Joon appa cry!) GO&SH: He was crying secretly in the back!
Leo: Hey!
L: Why are you crying?
( He couldn't express it, but LJ daddy was more sad then anybody to let the kids go)
(Leo thinks SH daddy did something to LJ daddy to make him cry, so he hits SH) Mir: Could you make Joon appa feel better?
LJ: Appa just yawned
Joon appa is embarrassed showing tears infront of the kids.
Leo: (SH appa made Joon appa cry!) SH: It's not me.
Mir: It's because Joon appa cried.
SH: He is crying because today is the last day with Leo.
Leo: Whyyyy~~
LJ: Today is our last day, Leo.
Nice daughter Lauren holds LJ's hand so that he would stop crying. Mir: Now we should tell the kids.
LJ: I was pretty sad when I thought about not being able to see them anymore.
And although Leo was always really silly, I think I'm gonna miss that too.
(Leo and LJ had many arguments, but they were closer to each other more than anybody else.)
(Dayoung always reminded him of himself, which made him adore her even more)
(Lauren helped him realize the happiness of becoming a dad.)
LJ: it reminded me of all of our past memories,
and I thought that I should've been a better dad to them.
DY: I wanna be with them longer..
PD: Who? Appas
PD: Why?
DY: Because.. because.. I'm gonna miss them.
(The more memories we have from the last 3 months,) GO: for the past 3 months, we had a lot of fun.
( It makes it harder to let go of them...)
(Although he held back his tears till now but...)
Leo: (worried) Does it hurt again?? (talking about his back)
(SH releases his tears from the thought of saying goodbye to the kids.)
SH: It was really sad thinking that I won't see them again.
SH: Goodbyes are really sad...
GO&Mir: Why're you crying?
DY: Why is SH appa crying?
Mir: He's crying because this is our last time seeing each other, DY.
DY: Because he's gonna miss us?
Mir: Yeah..
DY: Is it because we did something bad?
Mir: No, DY did a such a great great job.
Mir: DY said.. I just told her that today is the last day, and do you know what she said?
Mir: She said, "Is it because we did something wrong?"
LJ: No. DY, you did a good job. but.. appas have to go make money.. somewhere else.
LJ: So I'll be back after 100 days.
Mir: DY, you were really really good to us.
DY thinks it's her fault that this is the last day.
LJ: We'll be back after 50 days.
Mir: DY says she's gonna miss us?
GO: what about you, Leo?
Leo: I'm gonna miss you guys too.
(Even though there's not a lot of time left,)
SH: What about you Lauren?
(Leo's favorite daddy, CD is just watching them from far away...)
SH: She said to send her lots of bubbles.
Leo: I don't want bubbles!
CD: I was staying away from them most of the night because it felt like I wouldn't be able to let him go if I stayed by him.
CD: Also, I felt pretty selfish too, when I realized that another reason I couldn't be by him was because I was afraid to cry.
Mir: Actually, right at this moment, Leo, Lauren, and DY's parents are all here to pick them up.
Mir: It's time to send them away, but today, for the last episode, the kids showed me many displays of affection.
Mir: They listened to us really well, and among everything the kids said to us, the thing that stuck out was the phrase, "Next time....."
Mir: Like "Next time, I'll bring good food for you" "Next time, you should come to my house"
DY: He cried~~
(The one little thing that DY says makes Mir's eyes moist..)
Mir: They said a lot of thing like that, so it makes it really hard to let them go.
GO: DY's parents are here.
Mblaq daddies: Hello~
(It's time to let DY go..)
Mir: Now, I'm gonna give Dayoung back to her real parents.
CD: Mir, wait. Let me give her a hug one more time.
(CD's not ready to say goodbye yet)
(Mir leaves DY in CD's arms, but DY is either mad that it's over, or embarrassed to be in his arms, so she doesn't show affection towards CD)
(What is DY thinking about now?)
LJ: Look at me. Give me a kiss~
LJ: I'll be back, Okay?
(LJ daddy assures DY as much as possible.)
LJ: Don't be too sad when you miss us.
(Then, she goes to GO, her favorite daddy) GO: Why are you resisting appas??
SH: Lauren! Now you won't see appa anymore?
( She gives her favorite daddy a goodbye kiss, too.)
Mir&CD: I wanna kiss too! Me too! Me too!
( The daddies wanna stay with DY as long as possible.)
Mir: Give SH daddy a kiss too.
( Everybody gets a kiss)
GO&LJ: Bye~ I'll see you later on~
(And they say their final goodbyes to DY)
LJ: Leo! Get up, Dayoung's leaving. Say bye.
Lauren just taps the doll without any words
(Bye daddies~!)
Hello Family: bye!!~ (Bye Dayoung~)
DY: Thankyou for being good to me daddies~
LJ: Lauren~ It's your turn to say goodbye~
(Now, Lauren has to go back to her real parents.)
Mir: Lauren, It's time to say goodbye to us.
SH: Lauren! We can't see each other anymore.
(Lauren says nothing and just pets her stuffed animal)
CD: Lauren~ are you gonna miss us?
Lauren seems to know that they have to say good-bye
(LJ daddy says his goodbyes first.) LJ: Lauren, in the future, let's go see elephants together. Okay? Can I have a kiss?
(hopefully, this promise can be kept.)
LJ: Thank you, Lauren.
Mir: I hope that Lauren, you can grow up to be pretty, like just the way you are right now.
Mir: I think that was the first time ever getting a kiss from Lauren.
CD: Usually Lauren would be a very independent and wouldn't give you a kiss if you asked for one, (Lauren was very charismatic and wouldn't give out kisses easily)
SH: They all knew it's the last day.
SH: My Lauren, you have to buy me a toy gun and bubbles, okay?
SH: And next time.......Your gonna miss me right?
LJ: Bye Lauren~
(Stay healthy and grow up strong, Lauren!)
Mblaq Daddies: Bye Lauren~~!!!!
Lauren: I'll miss you daddies~
GO: When you leave us, are you gonna miss us?
Leo: Yes!
GO: How much?
Leo: Very very much
Mir: But Leo, today is the last day with the daddies, why are you so happy?
Leo: Because I like.. my appas
LJ: He wants our good byes to be happy, not sad. (It makes Leo happy from just being with the dads.)
Daddies: hello~
LJ: Now it's time to say good-bye
Leo: Good-bye
Mir: Could you just hesitate for at least a second?
LJ: Don't regret later and be sad.
Mir: Could you please hesitate at least a little?
(He's only 5 years old.. For him to understand the sorrow of parting, isn't he too young?)
(He's too naive and sensitive)
Daddies: Bye Leo!!!!!~~
(He leaves without any sorrow or tears, like a big boy.)
Appas also sent Leo back smiling until the end.
DY, Lauren, Leo all left one by one like that..
CD: It feels so empty without them..
(Mblaq daddies can't fill the emptiness that the kids have left behind.)
SH: It's really different between just ending an episode and knowing that you'll see them again, and ending the whole thing.. (Saying goodbye today is much different than saying goodbye after any other episode.)
(Maybe even the kids knew that this was their last episode) Mir: They were really goofy, but I think that was just their way of expressing themselves.
At that moment! LJ: Yeah Leo why?
(Out of nowhere, Leo comes back to his daddies)
GO: Give me a hug Leo..
( Without a word, GO just give Leo a hug)
Leo won't leave GO appa
LJ: Leo, but you still have to go..
LJ: Be strong and go! Be strong.. Like these kinds of situation
(Leo was the only one that didn't act any different than any other day.)
(But he must have finally knew that this is the last time seeing them)
(The person who's been staying away from Leo, to avoid the pain of farewells, CD daddy.)
(But he couldn't stay away from Leo when he's crying.)
(Like always, CD comes to cheer Leo up)
CD: Leo, you don't wanna go?
Leo: Yes! (answer opposite in korean)
LJ: Get up, you have to leave like a man, without tears! Your a guy, right?
(Where did the high spirited Leo that was just here go??)
(Leo cries with such sorrow that the dads all start tearing up.)
LJ: Do you wanna stay with the appas?
LJ: He's gotten too attached..
Mir: Although he was the most misbehaving one, (Leo was so crazy and silly that it even troubled the Mblaq daddies)
Mir: now I see that it was just his own way of showing affection.. (apparently, everything was just his way of expressing his love towards the daddies)
LJ: He are you gonna let go of people if you get attached to people so much..
LJ: Leo, but you have to go, right?
LJ: You would have to go
LJ: You have to go to your mom and dad
LJ: Now Leo, Go! Leave like a man! (To send Leo away strong, LJ daddy stays as strong and happy as he can as he sends him away.)
LJ: Go! Like a man!
LJ: Don't cry!
LJ: bye Leo!
CD: Bye~
(Leo leaves happy and spirited, just like how the daddies wanted him to be.)
Leo: I'm gonna miss my daddies..
CD: Leo came back because he was so attached to us..
LJ: He must have been really attached, he just didn't express it well.
GO: This is so sad..
(The sadness still doesn't die away..)
CD: Even though MBLAQ is a 5 member group and we're all here, I don't think it's ever felt this empty among us..
SH: Personally, I don't have a lot of memories from when I was 5.
SH:but there's always at least one thing that sticks with you for the rest of your life, right? (Although 5 years old is a bit too young to remember a lot,)
SH: I just hope that that one thing is us for those kids. (He hopes that the times they spent together)
( Will be the best memory they have during their childhood.)
CD: All I want is for them not to forget us. (Don't forget us~!)
( Leo, DY, Lauren)
(Until the next time we meet,)
(Don't forget us...)
SH: Today, the kids kept mentioning "next time" it was all they talked about, like "Next time, let's do this." and " Next time, let's do that."
CD: I don't think that the kids fully understood what a "goodbye"," last episode", or "last time" was..
Mir: It didn't even feel like it was the last episode just this morning, but ever time I sent each kid to their parents, I felt tears building up..
GO: I think I'm really gonna miss them. I'll probably think of them before I go to sleep or when I'm all alone. Then, I think I'll start tearing up..
LJ: dear Lauren, Leo, and Dayoung; don't miss me too much. Maybe just miss me a little bit, because if you missed me too much, you be sad, okay? Good bye~
Leo: I'm gonna miss my daddies.
Dayoung: I'll be good, so come see me again~
Lauren: Thank you for being good to me~ I love you~~
SH: Thank you guys for supporting and loving us, our show, and our babies.
Mir: And if you ever come across one our babies on the street somewhere, please greet them and be nice.
Mir: Altogether,
Thank you everyone! - Volcano H. Silver