The Daily Songer - Stop Procrastination!! (Song #1)

Uploaded by tulleuchen on 17.10.2011

Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today
Little by little every step of the way
Baby steps is what they always say
But I don’t know what to do yet
is what you say
Well here’s a list
Do them today
Do them right now
Stop your procrastinating
and you know how
Tie your shoes
Clean the bathroom
Vacuum the rug
Rake the leaves
Shovel the snow
Brush your teeth
and floss them too
Save for retirement
Backup your computer now
don't wanna loose anything important
Finish something you started
Clean your room
and read a book
Motivate someone
teach something you know
Tell your children a story from your life
Change your guitar strings
Change the calendar
Change your socks
Change the lightbulbs
change is good
Remove the lint from the dryer
you don’t wanna start a fire
Do the dishes
and clean your clothes
and put them away too
don't procrastinate
Gotta be ready for the next day
make your lunch too
Make some more lyrics
but don’t make too many
I can feel this song is coming to an end
of my first song a day
So I wish you well
and hope you have a great day
Minus procrastination
except for when you watch this video
but you’re already done
so get to work!