[FCU2 - GALAXY Note] Ep.5 Tardy to the Party

Uploaded by factcheckersunit on 09.01.2012

This song is the colonic. Who sings it? This band called Heavy Moustache.
Yea, they’re like a total mystery right now. No one knows who they are.
Their earlier stuff was better. I want them on the cover of the next issue.
Email Dylan and Russell, and tell them to find out who Heavy Mustache is and where we can find them.
That’ll keep the Fact Checkers busy.
Trying to keep us busy, huh?
Oh, it’s you. Where’s Dylan? He’s taking a permanent leave of absence.
Look, I’m not gonna mince words. There are important advertisers here tonight, and I cannot have you at this party.
Also, I need you to find Heavy Moustache now. And, I’m strangely attracted to you in that costume. Hey…
Amy, how bout that dance we scheduled?
No thanks, but no thanks. If you fact checked me you’d know that I have Avoidant Personality Disorder,
so I’m incapable of love.
It doesn’t say that on your facebook page.
Noisy people make some partay. Whoohoo.
DJ Booth.
What’s up dude? You want an autograph? Chest or your stomach, that’s free. Anything below, ten bucks.
I don’t want an autograph. You stole our RV and left us stranded in the desert.
Why would I steal your van, dude? This very lovely gay couple, actually they gave me that van.
In fact, dude, you kind of look like one of those dudes. I am one of those dudes.
Dude, chill.
That’s it. You’re fired. Get out! Fine, but before I go, I did check that last fact.
You wanna know who Heavy Moustache is?
It’s me! And me. Drop the beat, DJ Booth.
You’re alive. Yeeeahhh.
I thought we were doing the farm thing? It’s ok.
There’s a party in my mouth And you’re invited There’s a party in my mouth So get excited
There’s a party in my mouth Don’t try to hide it There’s a party in my mouth We be flossin’
Your saliva makes me come a’liva Your saliva makes me come a’liva Your saliva makes me come a’liva
Your saliva makes me come a’liva Your saliva makes me come a’liva So strip off those whitening strips
Party in my mouth There’s a party in my mouth
Where did we go wrong? I wish we could go back to a simpler time.
What is it Bruce?
What the hell?
Sorry, Sirs. We’re Fact Checkers checking on the rumor that the two of you don’t bleed.
Swag Magazine? Yes, Sir. We’re your replacements.
How tall are you? Like 5’8”. Why?