Decorating a Christmas Tree : How to Add Food Christmas Tree Decorations

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hi, my name is Leslie Moselle and I'm Tony Ramirez and we're from Tampa Bay and on behalf
of Expert Village this is how to decorate a Christmas tree. Now we've working on decorating
our Christmas tree for a little while now and as you can see it is getting dark out,
getting late. Although as us older people can stay up late, the kids running around,
it is probably about time for them to go to sleep. If you don't know what way to involve
them to get them to settle down and involved in the Christmas spirit. It is probably a
good idea to find activities of things that they can do. Now this is a really fun way
to get your kids involved whether it would be nieces or nephews, cousins, any of the
young people that you have running around the holidays. This is a homemade garland now
I'm using popcorn here, you can use all types of foods that won't go bad as quickly. If
they do go bad they are not going to smell up the house of anything it is just going
to be stronger. Basically what I've done here is I've taken dental floss, you can use thread,
fishing line I like dental floss because it taste good your touching it, it's touching
your food but it is also more durable. What I've done here is basically I've taken a sewing
needle, you can just string your dental floss through making a knot and basically you're
just going to stick the needle through the popcorn. You can use cheerios. you can actually
use the butter flavor which I like here not only does it go with my color scheme, but
it is fun to eat in between. But you can use your white popcorn if you want to go with
white color, you can use food coloring and actually color your popcorn different colors.
You can twang cheerios between your different popcorn, there is many different things you
can do. This is a great way that you can sit your kids down on a table, turn the lights
down low. Just have them and their friends and their cousins get together and be involved
in the holidays. There is many things you can do with this and other activities you
can have your kids do. But this is a fun way to get involved with the holidays and actually
have a snack at the same time.