Gönülçelen )) Episode 39 - complete [English Subtitles]

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He doesn't worry about me anymore
He doesn't care if I'm dead or alive
Of course now he is having fun with Jeren
First Bahar now Jeren!
I will make you call me Murat hoca
We will see who wins you or me!
Hasret is very tired
we should continue the clip in a studio
and maybe keep the island scenes too
Good morning, how are you feeling?
Levent I don't feel well
what's wrong?
I'm not in pain
but I feel very tired
I never felt like this before
Ok. I'm coming there right away
Sorry, let us have a talk later
I have to go now
See you
I'll solve the matter with carpet washing
how are you going to solve it?
Sister Janan, I've gone and talked to the fire brigade
they'll come once a week water the carpets from their hoses
and you won't have to carry water with buckets
So whom are the votes for?
For you
I'm not speaking to you
Hasret is ill
is she ill?
how do you feel now?
the same.. Nothing much has changed
lie down
She was fine in the morning
we'll understand what is going on once the tests are done
what tests?
I spoke to the doctor
he said he will take some blood samples first
was this really necessary
are you scared?
will you sign a cd for me too?
ok.. will this hurt?
you won't even feel it.. take a deep breath
so how is your French?
very good
It would be better
if I'm around people who speak French though
Oh right you speak French
yes madam
why don't you call Hasret
Come on. Call her. Come on…
come on
hello Levent.. How are you
not good actually.. I'm at the hospital
hospital? what happened?
Hasret is ill.. We came to have her checked up
what's the doctor saying?
nothing yet.. we're still waiting
Which hospital are you in?
we came all the way to the hospital
So tell me what’s going on
I feel tired
I feel drowsy
and I don't have any appetite
Hasret you know what I mean
I'm asking why are you faking being sick?
I'm really sick
I'm your mom Hasret
So you can't deceive me
I actually know why you are doing this
forget it
and why is that?
I had once sent a message to your dad
saying I had a fever and he came running
But I was not ill
I only did it so he would get worried about me
did he come?
he came running
I went to the island I learned something
Murat has a new girlfriend
I wanted to know if she is ok
we ran some tests but we didn't find anything serious
I asked for a few more tests but she is fine actually
she's just a a little tired
so she doesn't have to stay there tonight?
no but Levent is being cautious
He wants her to stay the night
so we can observe her condition
ok Sedat. Thank you for your help
your'e welcome.. see you
Her doctor says there is nothing to worry about
see no reason to get worried
the doctor will check on you again in a minute
I think since we're here we should have all the tests done
what do you think?
No need.. I feel better already
And I want to go home
no no.. noway noway
We're not going anywhere until I'm sure you're ok
sister.. oh God..
Are you ok girl?
who told my sister
Mrs. Saime
I had called Cobra and told him
don't tire yourself.. your face is as small as a spoon
no I am fine really
she's lying because she doesn't want to upset you
Oh dear sister...
no really I am fine
you're not...
I'm fine.. come sit next to me
oh your face is so pale.. So white
She is all dried and she lost so much weight
Oh god what shall I do..
what fault did I have to see my sister like this.. oh!!!
you have evil eye on you.. you were never ill
never hospitalized
I am fine
you don't look well at all
come in
welcome Murat Hoca
Such nice flowers.. Thank you
Hello Levent
get well soon
get well soon Hasret
thank you
we came to wish her good health
why didn't you call to tell us you're coming?
who is she?
his new girlfriend
we wanted to surprise Hasret
Why, but why didn't you come?
I know you are acting coyly
You should have been called Coy
why haven’t you prepared Jeren's room yet?
I've forgotten it
you got a new letter?
I didn’t go to the meeting but he is not angry at me
he says “I will never give you up though you act coyly”
He has written the post box number, too
He's waiting for my answer
Jeren's room is also waiting for you?
Ok, I'll fix it out.. Just a minute
we were going to invite you to dinner
well maybe next time
but we'll still go won't we?
of course
what was the name of the place?
Le Paradis
Le Paradis!
Murat, are we staying longer or is it enough?
yes, it's enough
you're speaking in French huh?
do you know French?
but it is obvious.. It is the language of love
shut your trap!
anyway we should get going
get well soon
thank you
if there is anything you need please call
Ok thank you
get well soon Hasret
thank you Murat Hoca
Have a good day
thank you very much for coming
what were they speaking about?
I did not catch a word
That was rude speaking a foreign language in front of us all
are you better?
Oh you temparature has gone up
it'll go down now
Levent maybe we should go to dinner with them
I feel much better now
no way.. You are staying here tonight
well they had invited us it would be rude to decline
NO.. We will go some other time
get some rest now..
I'm going to see the doctor.. I'll be back
Le Paradis?
shut up!
as if you know how to speak Turkish
and you say paradis.. idiot!
so we gave her flowers.. Wished her good health
acted as two lovers to make her jealous
And we talked about our dinner plan for tonight
now what?
is it all?
well it is not over yet
I don't want to go to that restaurant tonight
What are you planning??
all men are unpredictable.. You can expect everything from them
You are paying a visit to an ill person
why have you taken that girl with you?
What should Hoca do? Should he wait for Hasret for ages?
You shut your mouth
But honestly, Hoca has made a nice choice
Cobra, look…
Ok, ok. I'm not talking anymore
Do you want some kebab?
No, I don’t
Come on, I see you are craving for… It smells tasty
No, I won't.. You can eat
How can I eat without you?
the most important matter is our babies
Our offence shouldn't affect them
Ok stop talking
I'll eat but only so my babies get some pro-vitamins
So you're eating
I'm still offended, don't forget
All right
Le kebab-cooker…
Brother, give me 2 portions
with much sour, and some french fries
Ok, sister. And what about you?
a quarter portion
he comes here with the girl and they speak in French
obviously hiding something
I do not understand Hasret
where this girl popped out from
they knew each other before mom
when Murat went to Paris they met again
what else?
he must have been bored with Bahar
so he ditched her and now he is with Jeren
you know as well as I do that Murat is not such a person
I guess I don't know him at all
See he comes here with that girl
He does not care what I feel
Ms. Hasret
I just wanted an autograph
Oh I am so sorry.. I'm quite tense
thank you
you're welcome
why are you dressed?
I want to go home
we talked about this and you are staying here tonight
I already talked to the doctor
Mr. Levent is really worried about you
We won't dismiss you until we know that you really are ok
I don't know what I shall write
“Mr M.
I'm calling you Mr. M. for Mysterious
for I don't know your name
To my letter…”
Here is your room, Jeren
Nakiye, you said you were going to prepare the room at once
I was going to prepare it, but…
What happened?
That's my letter.. Can I take it?
What letter?
The letter that's making Nakiye in such state
from my secret admirer
Come and sit, I'll tell you
One day the doorbell rang.. I opened
there is a big bunch of flowers, and a letter
I thought it is for Nesrin hanim
But no, it was for me
Then I saw there was a love letter in it
I did have dinner mom.. don't worry
Ok. I will call you later
guess who they are from?
but don't worry
I gave an explanation to them and sent them away
Hello, Sevgi
I've forgotten it
Ok, I'm coming then
You see them about
OMG nothing but this was lacking
What is wrong?
It's related to the meeting in Ankara
Huseyn bey was going
I've forgotten it fully
We were going to put signatures
Then you should go at once
Shall I leave you alone like this?
No matter, I'm sleeping anyway
And I'm fine enough
Don't neglect your work because of me
it won't take more than two hours, I'll be back soon
All right.. Don't drive fast, no need to hurry
Gülnaz 3, Cobra 5…
So it must be…
Gülnaz 9, Nizam 4, Cobra 2…
I wasn't expecting many votes from the downside
Nizam 6, Gülnaz 11, Cobra 3
Cobra 6, Nizam 8, Gülnaz 14
That is all
Are you sure? Did you check it correctly?
Of course we did brother Cobra
12+6=18, what an election survey is this?
we wrote down what they said
See Gülnaz 145, Nizam 83, Cobra 64
All my hard work gone to waist
I gave them much food
work and food!
brother Cobra, what about our money?
Here is your money.. You're not 18 yet, right?
So you can't vote
What use can I get of you then? Go.. go away
Wait.. What have we done wrong?
what happened to him
damn it
what are we doing here?
waiting to see if Hasret will come or not
you don’t need me
You could play detective on your own
I thought you would be bored at home
I'm bored from this whole charade.. I quit
You can't quit.. You owe me one
No I don't
remember how I hitched you up with that archeologist?
You thanked me and told me you owed me one
oh look Hasret is here
yeah I see you are having fun
I really did think it was funny
Jeren go and laugh outside or grab us 2 coffees
she is here
yeah right
Hasret is here
I sware.. Look there she is
Welcome Miss
Do you have a reservation?
I just wanted to have a coffee
of course.. from here
How do you want your coffee?
Little sweet please
of course..
I can't believe she came
all this way from the hospital
I would never do such a thing especially not for you
Now what will you do Mr. cruel?
You made her come here from her sickbed
we know she is not sick I spoke to her doctor
I don't want to be in Hasret's shoes
poor thing.. how long will she sit there waiting?
I don’t know
I didn't think she would sit and wait?
so you do feel remorse?
I guess
you're happy she came but can't stand seeing her like this
let's go
let's end this
so Hasret doesn't have to wait any longer
am I coming too?
you're coming
welcome.. from here sir
thank you
we're not going to eat
we would like to have something hot to drink
Shall we have a coffee?
coffee please
did you see?
are you ok mam?
I'm really sorry mam
are you ok?
it's not important
your phone is ringing
Hello Hasret
What happened? Are you over with your work?
Yes, I am
is there something wrong?
nothing wrong.. everything is OK
Ok, I'm entering the bridge
I'll be there in a while
Ok. See you
where is she?
I don't know but she was here
she must have sneaked out without us seeing her
so what is the result?
you tell me
ONE: you both love each other
and you both are so stubborn you can't admit this
TWO: I have to get back to France
relationships are complicated here Murat
I would definitely lose my mind here..
there she is!
where are we going sister?
to the hospital
are you OK?
I am fine
It's just cream
I am so happy Jeren is here
oh don't start again Nesrin.. They're just friends
I know they are friends
all I said that it's good
Murat is happy and more relaxed
Do you think Murat has invited her?
I don’t know, I haven’t asked
Will you have a tea?
Nakiye? Where are you?
Dear Mr M.
No no, that is too cozy
Nakiye, will you make a tea for us?
right away Mrs. Nesrin
I'm writing this letter as an answer to you…
No, that is not good either
What happened to you?
I washed my face
But why are you dressed?
I thought..
we would go home as soon as you came
but doctor…
I talked to him
he said you could go whenever you wanted
Did he say so?
Levent I got bored here, I want to go home
Ok, are you all right?
I don't have fever
Ok then, whatever you want
let's go
Shall we take the flowers, too?
We haven't forgotten anything, right?
No, I have taken everything
Why aren't we doing it tomorrow?
instead of the middle of the night
Never put off till tomorrow
what you can do today.. This is politics
But you and have gone nuts indeed
would you like some linden tea?
No I have to get going
It's getting late.. I need a rest too
Ok let me show you out
anything happens at night just call me
don't worry we will
good night
good night
Thank you
I just felt like thanking you
is something the matter?
it's just that you do so many things for me
I will do anything for you
you should go in.. don't catch a cold
good night
Hello Levent
We were worried about Hasret.. Is she better?
yes fine.. I brought her home
ok good.. I hope she gets well soon
for the dinner invitation we should do it some other night
of course.. as soon as possible
see you later
she is better and she is home.
oh great
How is it going on?
When did you come?
You were busy with your letter and didn't hear me
I was busy, but… If only I could write it
You couldn't?
I don't even know him
I can't find suitable words
I wrote all these and then threw away.. See
I have an idea
what idea?
Your secret admirer gave you his post box number, right?
yes, 01245
So if you go to the post-office
give them this number, won't they tell you who it is?
Do you think they will tell it?
If I were you, I would do it for sure
God bless you, Jeren hanim, God bless you
Simply Jeren
Ok, Jeren
ok.. we're done
where you scared?
oh no she used to it
we had it done every year, do you remember Hasret?
I do
It casts away evil eye..
Im sure everything will be better now
sister you came all this way in the middle of the night
I won't be able to sleep if I didn't come
what happened Kadriye?
everyone’s eyes are on her.. many evil eyes
We will poke out all those evil eyes.. God's willing
God's willing
many evil eyes!
Life is empty without women
two hours ago you said we would have a nice break
everyone can make a wrong statement twice in his life
So what?
is it from Yildiz?
What is Gulnaz doing I wonder?
Call her
No, let her have peace of mind a bit
women shouldn’t be rushed
Look, if I become a mayor
people will be crowded this way and you will see
you made a survey with our guys' help
Yes, so what?
what is the result?
I'm ahead, is there something wrong?
Kadir, bring me a tea
We just drank it
Prepare tea for me, I want some
We just drank
I want it again
Ok, I'll switch on the gas, but nothing more
go on
look at this there are spikes on it even..
everyone is jealous of you
I told you she was touched by the evil eye
Everyone stares at her billboards. No wonder
look Hasret I told you your problem is jealousy
I hope those who don't like you go blind
I hope those who are jealous blow up with jealousy
let God punish such people
let God damn them all
- I hope they rip in too - God's willing
- I hope they shrivel and dry up - God's willing
- I hope they cannot find anything to eat - God's willing
that’s enough ladies. .. so what shall we drink
I have to get going
no way it's getting late.. I won't let you
no we have to go
ok seeing that you insist we'll stay
oh dear God aunt kadriye..
so what will you drink
tea if there is any
I want sour cherry juice
of course
where the hell did you get that idea from?
- tea.. tea.. tea.. I wanted a change - shame on you
Always eating drinking.. try to eat less
so what if I wanted some sour cherry juice
eat less less..
shut up
may God cut your tongue
what are you saying
you're sitting in a villa.. be a bit classy
I am classy..
Can I come in?
Of course Dad, come in
How is it going on?
Good dad
I’m talking about your heart affairs
You know, the situation is more complicated
And Jeren appears in the middle of this complicated situation
But if I were you, I would take Jeren in my arm..
go in front of Hasret, and see what she feels
Murat.. Sorry did I disturb you?
No, come in. I am going out anyway
I was going to ask if we should play chess
I'm ready
I don't feel sleepy at all..
maybe we should stay up?
oh my beautiful sister..
you never had toys when you were little
and now you buy it when you're a grown up?
I didn't buy it..
it's a present from Murat hoca
your bed is ready Gülnaz
oh thank you Mrs. Saime but
I thought I would share the bed with Hasret tonight
Ok as you wish
is aunt Kadriye asleep?
she's in the bathtub probably
Mrs. Saime I can't find the bubbles!!!!
I think she has opened the jakuzi let me go and check
good night
I can't believe her
so tell me
tell you what?
start from the teddy and tell me
also tell me about the new girl
it's your turn
you like setting traps for people
this is the rule of the game
when you're around we talk and I forget for a bit
my darling sister
But I am actually very upset
I was jealous of Bahar and now there is Jeren
And this time it is for real
They really are lovers.. You saw them yourself
And on the other hand Levent is so nice
I mean
I can't tell him anything
He is being so kind and understanding
don't cry girl
but the way he stares at me makes me feel so upset
it feels like I'm carrying a ton of load on my back
talk to Levent.. Call off the engagement
how can I tell him.. you know how hurt he will feel
I should never have put that ring on
don’t cry
It was such a big fault
don't cry
But I was so mad with Murat
my darling sister
I didn't know what I was doing
And now my whole life is a mess a huge knot
it's ok
what should I do sister?
my darling sister we'll find a solution
I never wanted all this to happen
oh ok. Stop crying.. I will faint if you cry like this
I did not want this to happen
so how long will you think?
I am trying to find a way out
you only have 5 more moves maximum to make
so I lost is that it?
well I am sorry
I still want to try out my luck
I wish you can make such confident decisions in your real life
now you are just trying to get me angry
one day you go to france change your whole life
next day you miss Hasret so much you come back
you stop music and then you go to school to teach music
you say life is like chess
Your life is more like poker
We do not know what will happen next?
you're always such a sour loser
anytime you feel loosing you pick a quarrel
I am not
I found a chance to tell you the things I wanted to say
So play..
look girl and listen to me
that girl what was her name?
Jeren or what??
don't remind me of her
No.. I wanted to say
this girl is worth nothing when compared to you
I'm saying the truth..
she's so ugly
what is this?
Where did Murat hoca find her, I don't understand?
But you.. you're like a princess
OMG she's asking!! of course girl
Look at her, and look at yourself
If you stand beside her and Murat sees you both
I sware to God he'll say “what a mistake I have done”
you only say these things to cheer me up
I can't believe you
Come on get up let me show you..
Look at yourself.. Look at how beautiful you are..
so tell me now will it be Hasret or Jeren
Murat hoca chose her
so she must have something I don’t
OMG what "someting" girl?
just cause she speaks 2 words of French
this doesn't mean she is better than you
You can learn French if you want to. So what?
Ok? So are we done? Won’t you smile?
Come one laugh.. Come one laugh..
laugh.. laugh.. like ha ha ha…
laugh.. laugh..
there you go..
I can't stand it when you cry
you'll be a great mayor
You will go and solve all the problems in the neighborhood
no way girl.. what mayor??
I only entered the elections to spite Cobra
I don't like these stuff
but he told me nothing would become of me
All I want is to give birth to my babies safely
That’s all I want at the moment
your tummy is a bit swollen
no not yet girl
let me see
see it is getting bigger
were you serious about what you said to me?
admit Murat, at the beginning of this relationship
you made many mistakes
so this is all my fault?
of course not all your fault
But you upset each other a lot
Everything started off very well apparently
like a dream and then it all turned into a nightmare
Look I'm your friend
and I know you love Hasret., but you've to talk to her
I can't
then keep on playing childish games at the hospital.. at the restaurant
you keep forgetting something
Hasret is engaged to Levent
but she doesn't love him
she loves you can't you see that are you blind?
I'm not as sure as you
so you will wait for her to take the initiative
look Jeren
you know me well. I'm a hard person to be with it
I tire Hasret as much as myself, even more
but Levent gives her peace and serenity
you're driving me crazy Murat
your market has been closed since yesterday
so what let it stay closed for a couple of days
2 days?
We came all this way, we're not leaving yet
I wanna have another bath after breakfast
oh this woman is going to kill me
Good morning
I'm going to school.. I'll grab something to eat there
see you later
I talked to her last night
the girl doesn't think of anything else.. her mind is there
you should have a bath too it will be good for you
I talked to my mother yesterday evening
she sent you her best regards
Oh, thanks. How is she?
She is fine.. Travelling to Malasia with her friends
Now I get jealous
Me too
Murat told me you're gonna start teaching
I'm starting today
So you're staying in Istanbul
It seems so for now
But I don't want to make any final decisions
We will see where life will take us to
Maybe you'll stay for two days and get back
Two-day activities are of your specialty
shes so angry because she lost the chess game
I'll show you next time
what do you want Cobra?
I came to make an agreement with you, not to fight
Why should make an agreement with you?
Because of this
Gulnaz 145, Cobra 83, Nizam 64
You closed my restaurant, played with my bread
but I came to embrace you
What? Why should I embrace you?
Look Nizam
look brother, either we should join our forces
or Gulnaz will bury us in the elections
The results are obvious
Let it be...
Let us agree
You take my side
and you'll be the mayor's assistant
According to the survey you're behind me
You should support me and then become the assistant
you be my right hand and we'll get the power together
People desire innovation, voters demand for Cobra
Either you support me, or bye-bye
I give you time till tomorrow
though that is too much for you.. Think properly
I'll take this
thank you Hasret
- I'm eager to listen to it - superb!
I hope you like it
is there anyone who did not take one?
I haven't got one
I thought I gave you one
I wanna have another one
I'm waiting for your comments
let's put the CD's away now
There are more important things to look into
Can you hand these out Nevra
of course sir
You look so beautiful Nakiye
Let's imagine I met with my secret admirer
Do you think he will like me?
Hasn't he already liked you?
yes.. true..
Good luck
Nesrin hanim
I'm going out with your permission
Ok, Nakiye, you can go
A Nakiye..
I don't want it to be like the green-grocery adventure. OK?
Ok. Nesrin hanim.. Thanks Jeren!
see you later
come sit here Jeren
are you still painting
yes I am but
not much since I moved into this house
actually there is a very good exhibition today
It is one of the hardest compositions
So, that is all for today. See you
I appreciate you Hasret
you're famous, you've an album
but you still come to the lessons.. Not everyone does this
are you serious?
of course I'm serious
You were always ambitious. And I like that about you
aren’t you going to your office?
No. I'm going to an exhibition with Jeren
and I don't want to be late
You can come if you want? But you will be bored
No why would I get bored.. I love pictures
so you're coming then
yes.. I'm coming
- Bahar - yes
- we're leaving - Ok Mr. Murat
Here this is Hasret's CD.. You can keep it
come on..
here you go
What are you doing here?
That is OK, Jafer. Let him
I've thought on your suggestion Cobra
is it yes?
We'll join our forces and erase Gulnaz
So who will be the candidate?
we'll decide it on the basis of the surveys after we join
Bravo Nizam, that is right decision
come with me
Dear people of my neighborhood
I have an important announcement
Now look, what good is my hand for by itself?
Nothing it just wave
but now it can clap by the support of the other hand
so as the old saying "it takes two hands to clap"
What's going on?
we'll do the same in our neighborhood
Hardworking hands will join their forces to serve you
What are they doing?
Before you is the perfect Union.. the grandiose and greatest one
Jafer, what is going on here? What's up with Cobra
They're joining against you Gulnaz
But why?
Cobra made a survey
you have gained more votes
sinces he can't defeat you on his own
he is making an alliance with Nizam
the pig..
I'll show him
01245.. I found it.. 01245
I'll die of excitement
can I get the owner's name of box 01245?
Sorry, we don't give such information
What a pity, then I'll be waiting here
Aaa something.. I..
I have something to do here
I'll be waiting for a friend.. we have some post office business
I think this is nice
I think so too
why are you walking like that?
like what?
No. It's the way I usually walk
Murat do you remember
your mom's paintings that...
yes I do
who ruined this painting? who ruined this nice painting?
someone tells me who did it? who has the audacity to do it?
I did it
you did it? why?
it was an accident
I was looking at a bottle
it fell on the painting
I tried to wipe it but it got worse
I tried to fix it because I new how important to you it is
but it got even more awful
You are right in everything you say
actually I owe her a painting.. I had ruined hers
what are you talking about?
oh just a memory between me and Murat
you seem happy together. Shall I leave you two alone?
No. No.. stay
Are you going?
yes. Levent was going to call.. I've to record the rest of the clip
Yes. You can watch the clip on TV soon
I don't listen to Turkish music and I don't watch TV
I watch movies on dvd.. Shall we watch a movie tonight?
yes we can
Oh you are into your role now
I just wanted it to be realistic
It was a lovely exhibition
so where will we go now
I have to go to the course
Sorry but I have to leave you now
I will drop you off if you want
so we can be together a little longer
where are you headed?
In Etiler
Oh I'm going that way
I will drop you off, we can chat in the car
you decide
Ok let's go together
she won't kill me right?
well I'm not sure.. I would advise you to be careful
aren't you coming?
I'm coming
what happened you seem tense
no I am fine
Will I reach the course in time
I am not sure.. This is Istanbul anything can happen
I would be happy if you listen to my album
oh thanks
You look very beautiful in this picture
if you put lots of make up on you would look pretty too
Oh don't be scared
very nice photos
I Extend my thanks and appreciation to Murat for his valuable contribution
Are you two close?
we're very close
How is it going on?
everything is ready, we're waiting for Hasret hanim
She is coming soon
Thank you.. See you
See you
We can go Koray
of course mam
don't worry I'm in the course building save and sound
Ok.. did anything happen?
She gave me her album and tried to show off
and she loved it when I read her thank you note
and she said we are very close with Murat
ok. We will talk again at home.
Ok. See you.. bye
Can I know who's the owner of box 01245?
Sorry, we don't give such an information
You too?
I'm not talking to you
I'm sorry mam
It's ok
How handsome, God bless him
Can it be him?
I guess it's him.. him.. him..
No, he isn't
I actually didn't want the first clip to be done hastily
but there is a void in the market
that's why I wanted to finish the clip this week
What are you thinking?
Nothing. I just drifted off
are you ready for the recording?
Yes I am. Don't worry
OK. let me see what the director is planning
shall we have a French song in the next album?
French? Ok. But Where did you get that idea from?
I just thought of it
Ok. But you will have to take some French lessons
don't wait for me Koray I'll call you
Ok Ms. Hasret
what will you do today?
I am going to the course
I'll pick you up after the course
see you later
bye bye
Come.. Come
We couldn't have a talk.. What happened?
Nothing important
I went to the post office
they didn't tell me anything
No one came there.. and nothing new
Sorry, you went there because of me
No. I tried at least
But I've made a decision, I'll write that letter today
I would help you if I didn't have to go out
that would be wonderful
we'll see it together tonight, is that OK?
Of course it is.. Great.. Thank you
have you made up your mind Ms Hasret?
I'm not sure if I'm ready to learn a new language
you can attend one lesson see how it goes and decide later
is it possible?
yes a new lesson will start in a few minutes
ok. then
Let me show you to the classroom
the teacher will be in shortly
oh it's that girl.. It is her
this seat is free
is Jeren in this classroom?
there is no student with that name
- Good morning - Good morning Miss
what are you doing here?
oh I wanted to take some French lessons
you never told me you intended to
But you are lucky. I will help you a lot
You are in my class
I am in your class!
Sir, have you heard my sisters album?
Not yet.. You?
I have
I think you don't like it at all
You know our styles are different. But I pity her
my sister has a nice voice
But the album is bad, so what can she do?
The arrangements are horrible.. I felt sorry
She has worked hard on it
Let us see, maybe she will make it up in her second album
I'm leaving
So, the lesson is over?
No, you continue
I like this bit. We should use that bit
of course
What is that sevgi?
it's ordered by Hasret
ok. Leave it on the table
guess what happened?
what happened?
Hasret started French lessons and she's a student in my class
oh? I didn't know you were interested in French? This is new
no I always liked French
but I never had time to attend a lesson
I intend to sing a French song in my second album
really? great
thank you
well have a good day both of you
have a good day
so what do you say?
I say we have to be careful when we speak French near her
OK? Did you get it?
We did
So, what will you say to Cobra?
you're leading according to the survey results
Bravo, now go..
Now we will see Cobra what is what
Come on children
So what are the results?
Cobra will win according to the results
We asked everyone and all said Cobra
Cobra will win the elections on his own
Bravo guys
Get well soon, Nizam
get well soon? Aren't we partners?
No, we're not
You heard what the children said. The people want only me
I will be in power on my own
I don't need you any longer, see you later. Thanks
I'm a single candidate again.. So I'm becoming a Mayor
So, you will see it now, Cobra
so you enrolled
but you said you hadn't decided yet
well I decided when I was there
Hasret what is going on?
you know Jeren?
She's the teacher of my class apparently
you know I'm scared of Hasret
she came to the restaurant yesterday
and now she comes to the course
Good thing we're not skydiving or she would jump after us
Oh sorry. I'm not making fun of her really
Let's close this subject Jeren
I just understood how much you appreciate her
Hasret is very important for me
I wish you could tell her this at least once
maybe some day..
why did you enroll then
if you were not comfortable with Jeren
I couldn't
I was in the class when I Learned
if I left the lesson Murat would think I chickened out
You said we were going to watch parts of the clip
we are
the people found the correct candidate finally
I'm in the power on my own
Don't rely on the survey results that much. How can you?
That is OK. The citizens have made their decisions already
I'm the only one worth to become a Mayor in this country
Gulnaz, what are you going to do?
It seems Cobra will win indeed
you can't be that sure
afer, what are you doing there, in the losers' club?
Come here, to winners' club
I'm supporting Gulnaz. And I can't change my position
Thank you
the entire world is changing, do you wanna remain unchanged?
It looks ok
this is just 50% of the clip.. We'll change the colours
Your package is here
Ah.. It came?
What is in it?
I owed someone something
Will you come with me?
come in
what are you doing?
I'm writing Nakiye's letter
Ok, take a break.. I want you to listen to a very nice song..
It'll be a surprise for Nakiye
I don't want her to see it beforehand
Dear 01245
as I don't know your name
I decided to address you like this
Offf. They do not let me finish a letter
who is it Nakiye?
It is us
such a nice surprise
sorry we came without phoning you
no it's ok.. Welcome
Ethem.. Dad
Nakiye can you inform Murat?
right away
Mr. Murat
come Nakiye
Sorry I interrupted your song
what happened?
Levent and Hasret are downstairs. I just came to tell you
well the clip will be finished in a couple of days
oh good we can watch it on TV
of course you will watch it
here they are.. what were you guys doing upstairs
listening to music
hello.. thank you
Hello Hasret
Hello Hasret
how nice, we saw each other twice today
when did you see each other before?
in the French lessons
O Oh!
Hasret has started French lessons she is in my class
are you learning French?
yes, I though a foreign language is important for my profession
you can maybe sing a French song in your next lesson
that is my intention
do you stay here?
yes. Murat didn't want me to stay in a hotel
would you like anything to eat?
no we are not staying long, right Hasret?
yes. Nakish can we have the package
we certainly can
what package is this?
I owed you something. I bought you a present
Thank you dear
you're welcome
Once I ruined a painting of yours
This can't replace it, but I hope you like it
this is beautiful
Thank you very much
I'm glad you liked it
I wouldn't imagine you would buy me such a gift
should we get going
you just came
why the rush? We were going to drink something
maybe some other time.. I am very tired today
Hello Koray?
Really? Ok, you don't need to wait for us
Go at once. We will take a cab. You solve your matter
Koray's brother is ill, and he needed a car, so I sent him
Nakiye, will you call a cab for us please?
Of course
I'll drop you off
No don't bother yourself at this late time
I won't be bothered. I'll drop you off
Would you like to come too?
let's go then
good evening
very nice painting
I'm sure she has an ulterior motive to bring me a present
good night to you two
good night
you came all this way I won't let you go without a cup of coffee
yes you must come in
ok. We can have a cup of coffee
Ok let's go in then
oh Murat look this is beautiful
Where did you buy it?
It is a gift
I will prepare the coffee
I'll help mom
Damn it!
It's ok. I will sort it out
You go wash you face.. you don't look well
have you listened to the album?
I didn't have a chance yet
oh thank you
you're welcome
we troubled you
not at all
you're welcome
Oh you brought a record
I thought a little music would be nice
who's record is it?
Those eyes are
even more distant to me than before
This love in my heart
is an ongoing pain
the sorrow of my soul
filled my eyes with tears
I cry in sorrow
I do not know what happened to me
My best friend
is the night that hugs my soul
Look at who I have been committed to