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Yeah, that's great. Excellent.
Beautiful. Much better.
Mel, you have a visitor.
How are you holding up?
Come here.
Want some espresso?
Sure. Thanks.
You know it’s been so hectic around here ever since you’ve started, I haven’t really been able to ask you, about you.
Listen, I’m really sorry about what happened…
Ancient History.
Now, what does the future hold for Jan?
What does Jan want?
Well, I guess I want to do what you do.
No. I love your work. I hope I have the opportunity to be brave the way you’ve been.
Brave? There are scars all over my body. That’s how you get to wherever the hell I am.
You bleed, profusely and often.
Do you have a lot of blood to give, Jan?
That’s a first.
Asking me for my blood? How vampiric.
Be brave Jan.
Give often. Give freely. Give red.
So, what do you think you know about me?
Oh, mainly studying your work and reading.
I’m not nice. It’s not that I don’t want to be nice, I tried it a few times but it doesn’t work and you know why? Because I’m not nice. I’m effective.
As a matter of fact, whenever I try to be nice, I end up being less effective and the select few who like me, like me because I get things done because I’m effective.
I’m paid to be that way. Not paid to be sweet. You seem sweet. Are you sweet Jan?
Well I hope I’m effective too.
I asked you a question.
No. I’m not sweet.
Who knows, maybe we’ll get along.
Listen, I really need to explain what happened…
I’m not repeating myself. It’s ancient history. Ok?
But you’re angry with me. Of course I’m angry with you.
You betrayed my trust. You did something you should’ve been fired for. But you still work for me.
And what’s going to happen with the photos of Andie?
Oh well that, lawyers called the representation for the book, and Andie recanted, so there’s no question of authorship.
What? You wanted credit? Look who’s angry now. Very angry right?
You see, what you forgot to tell me about Jan is how incredibly ambitious she is and if it is so, it is a grievous fault and grievously will she suffer for it.
You’re quiet. Nothing to say? Well, the computer awaits your precocious technical expertise.
I’ll need them tonight and word to the wise don’t pull that crap again.
This is a small town and everyone knows everyone and trust me, Mel enjoys getting even as much as she enjoys breathing.
I’m telling you this as a friend.
Yeah that’s great. Nice. Alright, here we go.
Looks good right? Looks great.
You really are a born predator, aren’t you Mel?
Gery. Don’t embarrass yourself, please.
I’m not here for me sweetheart.
Well, that’s a first.
Go home. I think you need to clear something up, don’t you?
Chase, clear the set.
You didn’t take the photo Mel.
So the knight dommes his shining white armor. Is it perhaps another damsel in distress?
The credit.
Mind your own business for once.
Andie was in tears by the time the lawyers were finished with her.
Oh I don’t care, she should be more careful. Discreet. 63 00:05:53,01--> 00:05:54,01 What’s the matter with you ?
Mel, Mel.
Hey! Take your hands off me Gery. Oh, don’t give me that!
Are you going to misappropriate your assistant’s work? I’m fine, I’m fine.
It’s a point of honor.
Mel. Gery. Let go of me.
What, you’re going to mace me?
Maybe I will. Go ahead and do it. Do it, do it, go on. Let go over her. Stop.
Now, look what you’ve done.
Thank goodness I got you those glasses ey?
Sorry? Are you alright? �