Diary of a Chorus Girl - I'm A Dancer, Catch Me If You Can

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Robin Williams is over my shoulder.
MALE SPEAKER: I see him.
It's the genie.
It's Aladdin.
ALEX ELLIS: It's Mrs. Doubtfire.
MALE SPEAKER: It's Peter Pan.

ALEX ELLIS: What is my life?
ALEX ELLIS: Fitting in was, I mean, it's crazy.
Like my first week of rehearsal, I definitely cried.
I wasn't sure where I was.
I had felt like I'd finally made it.
And then I was like, who am I?
How does this work?
But you learn as you go.
And you ask questions.
And everyone's really, really helpful.
FEMALE SPEAKER: I have a question.
When we do this, since we're turning right, do you want us
to be outside of our number, to land on our number, or
should we just-- like that.
MALE SPEAKER: You have to turn back.
The girls have to go boom-boom, like you bom-bom,
bom, um-bup-bup-bup, ba-da, down.
You have to turn around your number.
ALEX ELLIS: It's Saturday, so tomorrow is a day off.
Yesterday, rehearsal was kind of hard because we were all on
a huge high from the press release.
And then we all just kind of crashed yesterday.
And we're trying to figure out the second act.
And it's a little tricky.
And I think they're trying to rewrite some stuff.
And yesterday the tension was a little weird, but
today's a new day.
MALE SPEAKER: (SINGING) He's opened up his own coffee shop,
but in Queens.
Oh, what is life?
We're almost coffee.
Just make coffee and beans.
ALEX ELLIS: This is a really challenging track--
what you have in a show is called your track.
So my track is very--
it's challenging.
Jerry Mitchell has been a huge support and
has believed in me.
And I don't fancy myself as a dancer first.
I've luckily, in the last few shows, been able to wear
Converse and saddle shoes.
But this is the first time in a really long time that I'm
wearing 3 and 1/2 inch, 4-inch character
shoes, and I'm dancing.
I think I'm doing well.
I'm getting the hang of it.
But my feet and my body, I definitely have PT every week
and get massages.
MALE SPEAKER: (SINGING) What the fools don't know, the
fools don't know, the fools don't know, keep us alive.

MALE SPEAKER: Sharp, sharp.
It's all got--
And the head's got to turn at the same time, when you shake
the finger, right?
We were keeping it straight here, weren't we?
So this is bump, bump, bump, bump.
Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, bump, bump, bump, bump, nose--
Yeah, you turn your head on the nose.
ALEX ELLIS: We're starting to just clean everything and do
work on all the transitions and segues into numbers, and
the finale and start to run the show.
I think it's going well.
Yesterday, the second act really got turned up a notch.
And It's just amazing to watch these people act.
Norbert is--
I'm the biggest fan.
Everything that comes out his mouth, I'm like--
I'm excited.
It's 60 degrees outside.
Everyone's in a really good mood, because we really needed
a warm day.
So we'll see what happens.
MALE SPEAKER: You spot the hole, and you drag that toe.
You've got to drag that toe behind you.
It's not a big turn, as long as we're all in the same
position and doing the same thing.
So you're here.
Ba-dup, ba-dup, ba.
I'm sorry.
It's not even like a turn.
You just leave that arm up in the air because it'll help
balance you-- ba-dup, ba-dup, ba-- you know what I mean?
ALEX ELLIS: We ran the show for the first time today.
And it went really well.
I'm just feeling blah.
It was like 60 degrees yesterday,
and now it's snowing.
But the show went good.
Weird day.
ALEX ELLIS: So right now we're cleaning Family Tree, slash,
getting a little slap happy because it's almost
the end of the day.
But we're having a good day.
Yesterday was a little hard.
But today is much better.
And we're cleaning.
And everyone's in a good mood.
And that's all I have to say about that.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Stay present, stay focused.
ALEX ELLIS: Stay focused.
Focus my ass.

ALEX ELLIS: That is the face of happiness.
Walking out for the day.
Sweet release.