League of Legends - Summoner Academy Ep 02 : Runes and Masteries

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Today is episode number 2: setting up and choosing default rune pages and masteries
We'll be going over some all purpose runes and masteries pages in order to keep you from wasting thousands of influence points
on useless runes. That will make you kick yourself later from buying them
Most you're gonna go through tricks to get you through that a lot faster
I would do have to say that I wish I had this tutorial when I was first beginning the game because
I was just so dumb with buying runes I bought all the wrong types of runes I literally dont use any of the runes that I bought
when I first began and I'm still at this point even know I've been playing since beta
and I'm still buying runes that I missed out on
So hopefully this guide will help you out to get your character set up to most efficient level as possible
Also with the least amount of influence points spent and or should I say wasted
Lets go ahead and starting the video showing you which runes that you need to set up
The first thing that you need to know is that is a complete waste of influence points
to buy any non tier 3 runes. Don't even bother with runes until you' re past summoner level 20
Trust me on this one, it just isnt worth it
Now you begin with 3 pages you can set up I believe and those three pages we re gonna be setting up today
are attack damage page, the ability power page and a jungle/tank page which can be kind of interchangeble
As far as which one you actually want to begin building first
I'll say just you to decide which type of champion that you like to play the most and start there
So if you like playing champions like Ashe or Caitlyn, you ll go through an attack damage page,
if you like Annie and Sion and things like that, then you go for the ability power page,
but if you play something like Warwick or Olaf or any of these junglers, then we ll go ahead and setup a jungle page
In my opinion an attack damage page will be the best to begin with
as it works through the most champions and the runes you're gonna get
are interchangeble with the jungle page also. These runes setup focuses on big lane dominance early game
by doing as much damage as possible and also reducing the incoming damage to yourself.
Ok so the runes that I get are all Armor Penetration red runes, and then I get 1 Armor Penetration quintessence,
2 flat Attack Damage quintessences, and then I'll go for full yellow of Armor,
and then on your blues you can get whatever you like here, but what I've come to find is that the magic resist is the most
beneficial for me, expecially going into late game. So what I'll do is
I'll go for 3 flat Magic Resist blues and for the rest I'll just go Magic Resist at level 18.
So let me quickly explain why these pages are best for most champions.
Now, except for melee three different champions in the game, the highest amount of armor
that any champion is gonna have as base stack is gonna be around 18 or below. So for istance , ashe starts off with 13 armor.
What armor penetration does is that actually allows you to a full amount of damage to an enemy champion.
Now on low amounts of armor, armor pen is actually more and more effective.
Of course once they get to very high amounts of armor then your armor penetration is not that
effective but again this is for early game and most people are gonna have really low amounts of armor, so with the same idea on mind,
you also get your own 13 flat armor to kinda counteract other people's 15 Armor Pen that most people actually get
And then as far as the Attack Damage quintessences that just gives you a little bit of extra as well
Expecially on abilities that will scale with attack damage, such as Ashe's "W" spell
The reason I only have 3 of the flat Magic Resist runes, further then all flat for the early game, is that most champions
actually will begin with 30 magic resist and the 4 Magic Resist you can get with the flat runes is gonna give you
half of what any Magic Pen runes anybody is gonna get. Well have and then the Magic Resist per level
is more just for the late game actually where most people dont like to buy a lot of magic resist you can go for more armor if you like,
either way is just kind of good runes choice for this blue runes, since there's not a lot
of options and in first place just to give you a quick example, check out how
in this clip here I'm using the page that I just told you about with 21/0/9 setup and the enemy Ashe has actually no runes whatsoever,
Notice how the enemy Ashe actually hits me for considerably less damage than I'm hitting her for. One auto-attack Crit,
plus a regular attack and then a volley ability, for me it does 324 damage to the enemy Ashe,
whereas her combination of Crit+regular attack+ Volley does only 253 damage
That's 71 damage difference with such a small combination. So in an actual laning phase, I'll be doing much much more damage
to her over the long run, or as would be trading hits back forth and poking and eventually come out ahead.
Also I can take a couple of creeps hits and show how I take half of that damage, due to the fact
of that I'll be having a little bit of extra armor than the enemy Ashe
So let go to the next one, for your ability power page, which you wanna go on this one is Magic Penetration for your red runes,
and then on you quintessences I'll go for Flat ability power which it goes up to 15
On your yellows I'll do mana regen x 5 at level 18, and on blues will do cooldown percentage at level 18
And to explain this page what I' ll say is that: again, it is an early game page,
so you' ve got your magic penetration to go through a good decent amount of magic resist
most champion actually have 30 magic resist so it ll be kind difficult to get to that
penetration amount until you get your sorcerer boots later on, but that 's another story all together.
Now the extra 15 ability power is gonna be good for your abilities, most abilities for champions
have decent scaling so that' ll help out quite a bit and then
of course with any kind of abilities spamming you're gonna want to have a little bit of mana regen so
I'll pop those into the yellows, and for your blues,
there is a little bit of debate on whether the cooldown percentage flat amount or
percentage at 18 is better and I'll say.. based on my experience, the cooldown percentage at level 18
is definetely the best due to the fact that you dont wanna
really be spamming your spells a whole lot early game since you dont have enough mana to do so
and the cooldown percentage at level 18 runes will actually even out at level 11; also they're about half as cheap as the flat ones,
so i would say for sure go for the cooldown percentage at level 18
now finally for the all purpose jungler page, this is gonna be a little similar to the attack damage one,
however instead of the armor pen red runes, u re actually gonna get attack speed red runes and then
you're gonna get full armor penetration quintessences, and you'll go for the armor once again the flat armor on your yellows,
and then for your blue runes, we'll just do the same as the doing the same as the yellow page with the three flat magic resist blue runes,
and then magic resist at level 18, the reason that we'll use this page is that with most junglers
your full damage to the creeps is mostly relied on auto attack damage, so of course,
you wanna attack as much as possible, the armor runes are
just gonna give you a little of extra survivability on those early levels when the creeps
are hitting you for quite a bit, you want to absorb as much as possible.
Final thing I'll leave you with runes, is that when you're actually setting a rune page,
rather then going there and actually dragging each rune into the page
all you have to do is right-click on the rune, from the left side and it'll automatically place the rune in the first free rune slot.
So hopefully that'll helps you with that.
Finally let's jump into a little bit of masteries pages setup.
This actually doesnt require much explanation but the cool thing is that now you can set up
multiple masteries pages and rename them to your liking. So you don't have worry about the missing out
on putting in your masteries when you re like
into last minutes to a game So let's go ahead and just look at the standard masteries setting for most champions.
First of all you ve got a 9/0/21. This is gonna be your general setup for most caster champions.
What it does it allows you to give the cooldown reduction as well as the magic penetration
from the Archaic Knowledge and Sorcery masteries and then you're gonna
go down for the reduced cooldowns not only with your Intelligence mastery but also Presence of the Master
which gives you reduced summoner abilities cooldowns.
And so overall that's gonna be the best mastery page for actually most champions in the game.
The only thing you ll be swapping out here is possibly the ghost or the flash, possibly a Mystical Vision if you're gonna go for a support champion
And so that's really the main thing you need to look at from my page here that I've got
Another common setup that you can do with champions that are mostly attack damage or damage based, which is gonna give you the best output possible
is to go for 21/0/9 build. I actually like to vary this a little bit. You'll have to think about which champion you're playing
but a lot of attack damage champions actually dont do very much magic damage,
so I'll skip the Archaic Knowledge mastery which gives you that 15% magic resist and set a couple of points to Alacrity,
Alacrity is not necessarly that great mastery because it only gives you a little of attack speed for few masteries points,
however the main thing you wanna get is the Armor Penetration and the Attack Damage and of course The Critical Strike Damage Increase.
And then I like to mention this on my last masteries page setup, there is definetely a lot of debate
on whether if Good Hands or Perseverance is a better mastery
choice. Based on the actual number that perseverance gives you which is not a lot, it's definetely a lot better to go for the Good Hands,
because wheter you like it or not you're going to die in a game and 10% reduction on the time spent dead is a huge,
huge amount and it could be the difference between
you're actually losing the game or winning when you really, really need the couple of secs between the time
you just died and when you can come back and defend the inhibitor
And finally for most of my jungle setups, I actually like to do a little bit of a mix on the defense masteries.
What I'll do is go for a 13/3/14 type of build , which allows me to get the armor penetration to attack the creeps a little bit harder,
I'll have the alacrity for the increased attack speed and a little bit of cooldown reduction and then I'll have the extra 6 armor from Hardiness,
in the defense tree and of course going down into the utility tree abilities I'll pick the point into Flash,
and the important increase of the duration of your neutral monsters buff by 30%, the huge thing for those jungle champions.
Another thing that people actually didnt realize is: when entering a masteries page, you can use this scroll wheel, to remove or to add extra ability points,
rather then the right clicking. So hopefully that'll actually help you out in that regards but anyhow:
hope you guys did enjoy the second episode of Summoner Academy
I know it wasnt very gameplay related, however I do know that when I first started the game, this was a tutorial that I really wish I had
because I made a whole lot of mistakes with my runes and masteries and most likely you've learned at least one or two things here today,
and you can move that into your list of things that you havent to worry about anymore.
This is ColbyCheese, thanks for watching and be sure to stay tuned next week when we go over different lane topics, and I'll definetely have a lot
to talk about in that episode, so be sure to subscribe and put a comment down below, let me know what you thought about this episode,
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