If You See Something, Say Something

Uploaded by usgsa on 15.12.2010

ANNOUNCER: Employees at the more than 9,000 properties that GSA
owns or leases around the country are now part of a nationwide
anti-terrorism campaign.
JOHNSON: I am pleased that in a number of diverse projects, we have
been able to partner so effectively with the Department of Homeland
Security to help our citizens safety and to keep our nation secure.
ANNOUNCER : The "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign is
part of the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to raise
security awareness at various venues across the US.
NAPOLITANO: So, over the past five months, we have expanded the
"If You See Something, Say Something" campaign to transportation
systems, you may have heard my voice on the DC metro. We've
expanded it to passenger rail, to mass transit, to general aviation,
and we've also expanded it to sports arenas, to law enforcement
fusion centers, to shopping malls. And as you know, yesterday,
we expanded it to Wal-Mart, our nation's largest retailer.
ANNOUNCER: On December eighth, the campaign was expanded again
to include government buildings. Posters will be placed in all
GSA buildings as a visual reminder for anyone to report
suspicious activities.
PATTERSON: Our "See Something, Say Something" posters are made
specifically for occupants of these facilities, They display
our emergency number, as you can see displayed,
so that they are clearly visible to everyone.
ANNOUNCER: The "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign
continues a long standing relationship between GSA and the
Federal Protective Service, which is charged with security
in federal buildings.
PECK: We have continued to partner with them, to make sure that
federal buildings remain safe and secure for federal employees,
yet welcoming to the thousands of visitors who come to federal
buildings everyday to get the services they need
from their federal government.
ANNOUNCER: Officials agree everyone shares a responsibility
to keep these important facilities safe and secure.